Tired of that pothole? Report it today and DPW will fix it in June as part of “Fewer Potholes Month”

We’ve all been there. You’re driving down a street in the Richmond District when, BAM, your wheel hits a pothole, rattling your vehicle and making you grit your teeth in frustration. Inevitably you ask, “Why can’t this city keep our roads in good shape?”.

Our new District 1 Supervisor Sandra Fewer wants to do something about it. She has declared June to be “Fewer Potholes Month” in the Richmond District and has convinced the Department of Public Works to commit a repair crew EXCLUSIVELY to the neighborhood for the month to repair all potholes reported by residents.

That’s where you come in – we need your pothole reports!

Fill out the form below (alternate link) for each pothole you want repaired. There’s no limit to the number of reports you can make. As long as you submit it by May 21, SFDPW will review the pothole report and make the repair.

A little clarification: a pothole is a defect in the street pavement, formally defined as “a depression or hollow in a road surface caused by wear or subsidence”. This winter, from October 2016 to March 2017, Public Works filled 13,429 potholes.

The “Fewer Potholes Month” campaign is seeking reports of potholes, not street repaving or sidewalk repairs. Please only use the form to report potholes that you find on the roadway within the Richmond District.

Ready to report your pothole? Fill out the form below (alternate link) before May 21, and then watch the repair happen in June.

Sarah B.

Fill out my online form.


  1. Is it bad form to report “All of Geary west of Park Presidio up to, say, 30th or thereabouts”, because that whole stretch of road needs to be completely repaved. Seriously, I know it will be a pain for drivers for a day, but they should just do a complete repaving. Don’t even bother with individual potholes, just frikkin repave it. It’s horrible.

  2. Same as J. You could take the 38 blindfolded and know when you’ve reached the Outer Richmond by when the bus turns into an old-timey wooden rollercoaster. (I will, however, try to make note of the worse areas and report via the form. Thank you, Sandra!)

  3. Who can we contact to cut down that obfuscating bush between Crossover Drive & Transverse Drive in Golden Gate Park at 22nd Ave? Oncoming traffic cannot see pedestrians waiting to cross the street and it’s harrowing.

  4. Fulton and Clement past 32nd are very nice since they were re-done. 34th Ave, which is also a bike route, is in very bad shape in parts.
    Also, I have seen multiple solo-wrecks of bicyclists at 34th and Clement, where they make the turn to or from the Legion of Honor. When the ground is wet, the rubberized paint that marks the cross walk causes the front tire to slip. Perhaps the City could look at a non-skid type paint for these uses…

  5. The sidewalk on the greenbelt side of 14th Ave, particularly the 300 block has never been repaired. Can you please do something about this. People are tripping and getting hurt.

  6. I read somewhere about someone spray painting penises over potholes so that the city considers them obscene and then fills in the potholes quickly. Hopefully there are some “activists” who read this……..

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