#FewerPotholes repair effort kicks off in the Richmond District

Supervisor Sandra Fewer and Mayor Ed Lee help fill in a pothole as #FewerPotholes kicked off in the Richmond District last Friday

Last month, we asked you all to submit reports of your peskiest potholes in the neighborhood as part of the #FewerPotholes campaign. The project was created by District 1 Supervisor Sandra Fewer who convinced DPW to commit a dedicated crew to the Richmond District to repair potholes reported by residents.

Despite some unhelpful submissions (“the whole block needs repaving!” “crossover drive is a mess!” “Repave ALL of Geary now, dammit!”), we did receive over 60 helpful and specific reports of potholes that DPW will work to fix during the month of June. Thanks to everyone who submitted their reports.

The #FewerPotholes repair effort kicked off last Friday with Mayor Ed Lee, Supervisor Fewer and Public Works Deputy Director Larry Stringer donning hard hats and picking up shovels to fill in the first pothole on 27th Avenue between Geary and Clement.

“I’ve heard for months that the state of our roads and the number of potholes were of concern to residents in my neighborhood,” said Supervisor Fewer.

“And as I am often on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, I have experienced every pothole firsthand. I am so appreciative for the partnership with Public Works and the support of Mayor Lee in addressing the state of our roads in District 1 and across the city. This is not only about smoother rides for drivers and those on public transit, but these repairs will also make it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.”

Pothole repairs will continue throughout June in the neighborhood. In addition to his support for #FewerPotholes, Mayor Lee recently announced the city’s commitment to road repaving, highlighting the repaving of Fulton Street and Crossover Drive, both in the Richmond District.

Have more potholes to report? Be sure to use 311 to let the city know. You can call 311 or use their handy mobile app which lets you mark the location accurately and even upload a photo.

Sarah B.

L to R: Public Works Deputy Director Larry Stringer, Mayor Ed Lee, and Supervisor Sandra Fewer on 27th Avenue last Friday fixing potholes

The DPW crew that will work on fixing potholes in the Richmond District during the month of June



  1. Thanks Sandra. This is progress. Now could you get the sidewalks on the greenbelt side of 14th Ave. fixed? At this point it’s a giant safety hazard. If a sidewalk in front of a private home or business were in that condition the City would “white dot” it and make the owner replace the squares.

  2. Aha! I was wondering why there are suddenly so many patches of soft asphalt everywhere. This is a great start. Arguello seems to have lots of spray-paint-circled potholes just between Clement and Geary alone.

  3. stop with the bandaids. repave the entire city. its a disgrace

  4. Good to hear they are working the potholes in the Richmond.

  5. Filling potholes and then building humps all over the Richmond …. ups and downs. If they’d figure out how to put the concrete substructure back first and then the asphalt on top you would have the sink of the soft material down into the sand below.

  6. Thanks for the feedback about potholes and repaving everyone.

    Greg – which block(s) along the greenbelt side of 14th Avenue have issues? If you could let me know the location(s) or happen to have a photo, I can follow up. Feel free to email me at sandra.fewer@sfgov.org

  7. How about the other districts?
    What is Malia Cohen doing???


  8. Paving potholes is like putting a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound.
    We don’t need more taxes or bond funding, what we need is better administration of the tax monies already appropriated for infrastructure. After all, money doesn’t really seem to be the problem…the City seems to have plenty of asphalt…they keep piling it up into speed humps instead of paving roads with it.

    PS The “unhelpful” comment to pave Crossover turned out to be spot on.

  9. Park Presidio Boulevard is chronically neglected. Is it because of City, State, and Federal jurisdiction confusion? It would take an entire day to document the ankle-twisting potholes even in the walkways along this primary North / South boulevard. What can you do to make sure these potholes are not only filled, but that the Park Presidio Boulevard crosswalks are working properly? Some of them are miss-timed. Some don’t work. Between the potholes and the mis-timed cross-walks, they are unsafe. There should be no buttons — always giving the pedestrian right of way.

    ALL the tour busses use PPB as do the Tech busses and lots of trucks carrying things like harvested trees. The boulevard is a parking lot every weekend. This completely trashes the road. Where is the help please?

    The center median is a disgrace to our beautiful City. What can be done about getting

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