Rossi Pool Recreation Center to undergo $8.2 Million renovation

A conceptual rendering of the revised exterior of Rossi Pool, as viewed from Arguello.

Last Tuesday, a public meeting was held to present the final concept for an upcoming $8.2 million renovation to Rossi Pool, located on Arguello and Anza. The building was constructed in 1956 by architect H.C. Baumann, who was also the designer behind many San Francisco apartment buildings.

Proposed improvements include:

– Seismic Structural Upgrades
– Indoor air quality improvements, new mechanical enclosure and air handling system
– Energy efficiency improvements, new windows & heating system
– ADA accessibility upgrades
– Replacement of the existing pool pumps and mechanical equipment
– New layout and full renovation of locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms
– Addition of an all-gender bathroom/changing room
– Addition of a classroom/multi-purpose room

The existing pool will remain and maintain its current length (100 feet, 30.5 meters). The project will also be sensitive to the history of the building, with most of the building’s to remain unchanged.

The $8.2 million budget for the project comes from the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, with $5 million going toward construction, and $2.7M for “soft costs” such as project management, architectural work, permits and art enrichment.

The renovation is expected to take 14 months, and will likely not begin until 2019 after the Garfield Pool Construction is finished. Rossi Pool will be closed during the duration of the renovation.

According to Rec & Park project manager Levi Conover, the final concept design (download) will go before the Recreation & Park Commission in July for approval to move forward with design development.

For more information, visit the project website. Comments and questions can also be submitted to Levi Conover, Project Manager at 415-581-2572 or levi.conover@sfgov.org.

Sarah B.

The new, proposed floor plan for the Rossi Pool Recreation Center


  1. how about having public bathrooms that are accessible from the outside. Going across the street to the annex is a real pain in the butt for parents. it’s a big miss to not add external bathrooms. Don’t need to be connected to inside. just add to outside of building. It’s not that special of a building that it needs to be preserved. There’s a lot of SF architecture that is unremarkable. The rossi pool building is certainly unremarkable. unless you’re looking for a bathroom and are turned away by the pool staff…then you can think of a few remarks….

  2. I don’t see disability access on this plan for remodel of a PUBLIC pool !
    Not all people or seniors can utilize ladder like access to and from the pool.
    Why wasn’t it included?

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