Saturday: Free, large-scale live jazz performance of “Inuksuit” at Sutro Baths

This Saturday, the seagulls and sea lions (+ humans too!) will be treated to a free, large-scale jazz performance of John Luther AdamsInuksuit at Sutro Baths. Percussionist and composer Doug Perkins will direct the performance.

Described by The New York Times as “the ultimate environmental piece”, Inuksuit is a composition for up to 99 percussionists placed singly or in small groups throughout a large open-air space. The piece is named for the iconic human-shaped stone monuments erected by indigenous peoples of the Arctic to mark important locations.

More from the event website: Inuksuit is intended to create a harmonious marriage of music and geography that allows the audience to create their own experience as they move within the vast performance area. As listeners’ walk, the balance between various musicians located within the space changes, mixed with the natural sounds of the environment – a primary aspect of the concept the composer calls “sonic geography.”

Saturday’s free performance begins at 1pm at Sutro Baths.

Sarah B.

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