Local links: Barrel Head Brewhouse coming to Clement; Is there fog at the beach?; SFPD National Night Out Aug 1; Screenings of PBS doc series “American Epic” at IA

A snapshot from Fog.Today, showing fog cover over the coast as of 11:47am on 7/28/17.

Here are some local links to round out your week…

  • Supervisor Sandra Fewer spilled the beans at a recent PAR meeting that Barrel Head Brewhouse is taking over the former Pizza Orgasmica space at 823 Clement. The space is currently under construction but we don’t know when they will open. The brewery, which also offers a “Hoppy Hours” plus a brunch and dinner menu, has a location at 1785 Fulton. Other news that Fewer shared: a grocery chain is planning to move into the old Fresh N’ Easy at 32nd and Clement (but it’s not Trader Joes).
  • If you live in the Richmond District, you pretty much know when it’s foggy at the beach just by looking up; but not ALWAYS. A local resident has built a handy website to help settle the debate called “Fog Today” (http://fog.today). The site uses images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s geostationary Earth-observation satellite which makes it abundantly clear when there is a thick blanket over the coast, or skies are clear. The site updates every 5-10 minutes and lets you look at the previous 2 hours, or the loop of the previous day. So no more getting caught without your layers! [SFist] P.S. – And there’s always the original, ever-reliable OB-KC.com website which has a cam perched at Ocean Beach.
  • Starting this Sunday, the Internet Archive (300 Funston) is hosting free screenings of the PBS documentary series “American Epic“, which chronicles the first time the ordinary people of America were given the opportunity to make 78 records. “The recordings they made of all the ethnic groups of America democratized the nation and gave a voice to everyone. Country singers in the Appalachians, Blues guitarists in the Mississippi Delta, Gospel preachers across the south, Cajun fiddlers in Louisiana, Tejano groups from the Texas Mexico border, Native American drummers in Arizona, and Hawaiian musicians were all recorded.” The free screenings are this Sunday, July 30 and next Sunday, August 6 starting at 7pm. RSVP online

  • Next Tuesday night is National Night Out, which means our local SFPD station at 461 6th Avenue will open its doors for tours, meet & greets, family fun and games. Stop by the station between 4-7pm and meet our local SFPD officers (including police horses!), check out a SFFD fire truck, enjoy a magic show, and eat and drink with your neighbors. The event is free and takes place at the mini park on 7th Avenue just behind the station.


  1. Great news about Barrel Head taking over the former Orgasmica space! The existing location on Fulton is great, plus it will be really nice when the Clement location no longer resembles a homeless encampment outside.

  2. So a grocery chain is coming to the former Fresh ‘n Easy spot…perhaps this chain is an Aldi’s? Or are we going back old school and it’ll be a Safeway, back at it again? LOL.

  3. Thanks for all these updates! Great idea about fog!

  4. Great news about the new brewery. A perfect fit for the Pizza Orgasmica space.
    A grocery store where Fresh and Easy was sounds great.

  5. The landlord nailed plywood over the big doorway entrance to Pizza Orgasmica after a sad sack Asian bag lady had lived in there for months. She simply moved to the curbside…

  6. We thought The National Night Out at the Richmond was FIVE p.m. to 8, not starting at 4 p.m.??

  7. Any update on the grocery chain? It’s been over 2 months but haven’t noticed any changes at the site.

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