Another package thief caught on video; this one has a lookout

Reader Propathon C. sent us this surveillance video that captures a thief stealing packages off the front porch of a residence on 8th Avenue near California Street. The theft took place on Wednesday night.

Unlike previous videos we’ve seen of package theft, this one is a two-person job. As the thief scoops up several packages (while trying not to drop a skateboard), another woman and two dogs keep an eye on the sidewalk. The accomplice even warns her partner in crime about the home’s surveillance camera perched overhead, saying “Do not look up”.

If you recognize these suspects or have information about the theft, please contact the Richmond District SFPD station at (415) 553-0123. For tips on how avoid being the victim of package theft, check out this earlier story.

Sarah B.


  1. Take a good look at those two dogs and be on the lookout when the owners walk them around the Inner Richmond on the streets or at Rossi Park.

  2. Pretty sure these are the two tweaker transients that live in the greenery on Park Presidio by California street. Dogs and clothes look familiar. They are easy to find.

  3. Why is the post office leaving packages on doorsteps like this anyway? It’s only inviting these types of people to take them…

  4. DWM: Agreed. On-Trac is known to screw with people’s packages.

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