Police Blotter – September 7, 2017

September 7th, 2017
Volume 1, Issue 23

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The San Francisco cool weather is back with the highs being 60’s and 70’s. The heat wave was a tough one; fortunately many made the best of it and took to the beaches and parks in San Francisco.

I have added two more bicycle and foot patrol areas of the Richmond district. These areas include Golden Gate Park, (Music Concourse Drive, John F Kennedy Drive, Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, Martin Luther King Jr Drive, and Nancy Pelosi Drive) and Ocean Beach/La Playa Street areas. The Officers’ start times are staggered and have opposite days off, in order to get the best coverage for these areas. The San Francisco Police Department has increased the use of foot/bike patrols in high crime areas.

The Officers assigned to the Golden Gate Park Foot Beat are Officers Kevin Ison and Ryan Mariano. Officers Ison and Mariano are very proactive at their job and are very friendly. If you see them, make sure to say hello. Officer Mariano and Ison have been with the Police Department in excess of 10 years each and have worked a plethora of assignments.

Officers Ryan Lui and Raphael Masangcay are assigned to the Ocean Beach/La Playa Street area. Both Officers enjoy riding bikes and walking on the beach. Officers Masangcay and Lui have been with the Police Department in excess of 5 years. Both Officers are approachable and want to help build on the relationship between the community and Police.

As always stay safe and if you see something, say something.

Your Captain,
Alexa O’Brien

The next Community Meeting will be held on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th 2017 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held in the Community Room located at Richmond Station– 461 6th Avenue.

Indecent Exposure to Juvenile Victim
41st Avenue & Anza Street
08/31/2017 4:00 pm
Richmond Station Patrol Officers were notified regarding a male suspect exposing himself to a juvenile victim. When Officers arrived, the suspect had already fled the scene. Fortunately the victim had recorded the suspect driving away from the area and clearly captured the suspects license plate. Officers quickly searched the area and main road-ways for the suspect and vehicle with negative results.

The Juvenile stated that they were walking in the area and had stopped in front of a house. When the Juvenile looked to the street they noticed a vehicle with a white male occupant stopped in the road way. The Juvenile stated that the male was exposing himself and told the Juvenile to get in the car and he would give them money. The Juvenile said no and quickly began recording the man and vehicle. The suspect then drove away from the area.

After the incident an unknown person posted the vehicle and description of the person on the NextDoor website.

On 09/02/2017 at 11:22 am, a concerned resident of the Richmond District called 9-1-1 and reported a vehicle parked near Clement Street and 10th Avenue that matched the description of the suspect and vehicle.

The suspect was located inside the vehicle and was taken to Richmond Station where he was issued a citation for 647.6(a)(1) PC (To annoy or molest any person under the age of 18). This incident did not meet the requirements for 207(a) PC (kidnapping or attempted kidnapping).

*All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Homeless Outreach Officers Provide Resources
John F Kennedy Drive & 47th Avenue
08/30/2017 4:38 am
Richmond Station Homeless Out-reach Officers Hodge and Camp-bell were handling homeless encampment issues inside of Golden Gate Park with Park Station Officers, Park Rangers, SF Park & Rec, and SF Homeless Outreach Team. These City agencies work in cooperation with each other in order to provide resources to homeless individuals in San Francisco.

On this date they encountered several homeless individuals in the wooded area of the Park, who asked for help. The individuals no longer wanted to be homeless and living in the Park. The main concern of the individuals was that they wanted to stay together and keep their dogs.

The SF HOT Team was able to provide the individuals shelter and they were able to keep their dogs.
This incident shows the cooperation between city agencies along with the relationships that Officers are building with the diverse population of San Francisco.

Shoplifting Turned into Robbery with a Knife
7th Avenue & Cabrillo
8/30/2017 6:43 am
On August 30th Officers were notified by an employee at the store that a known shoplifter was inside the store and concealing items on his person. The employee believed that the person was going to walk out of the store without paying and wanted him escorted out. Employees asked the suspect to return the merchandise and leave. The Suspect refused their request and attempted to walk out of the store with the merchandise. While still on the phone with police the employee attempted to retrieve the merchandise as the suspect tried leaving.

An off-duty Police Officer assigned to Richmond Station observed this incident and called 9-1-1 as well. The suspect then bran-dished a knife and started swinging it around in the direction of the employees. The employees backed away from the suspect, who then left. The off-duty Officer followed the suspect from a safe distance and relayed the information to Officers in the area.
Officers caught the suspect one block away and quickly arrested him for a felony robbery charge. The suspect was booked into County Jail for the robbery.

*All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Officers Hodge & Campbell

Officers Bryan Campbell (left) and Mark Hodge (right) are Homeless Outreach Officers in the Richmond District of San Francisco, mainly focusing on the Golden Gate Park area. Officers Hodge and Campbell have built positive relationships with the majority of homeless individuals in the community.

Officer Campbell has worked for the San Francisco PD for 10 years, with the last three being in the Richmond District. Prior to joining the SFPD, he worked as a Contra Costa Sheriff for 10 years.

Officer Campbell enjoys woodworking and building furniture in his off time. He also enjoys hiking, backpacking, playing the drums and piano, and relaxing with family.

Officer Hodge has been with the SFPD for 10 years and has worked with the homeless for the last 8 years, three in the Richmond District and five as the Market Street Foot Beat.

Officer Hodge worked as an Iron Worker for 12 years prior to joining SFPD ranks, helping build several high-rise buildings and bridges in the Bay Area.

Officer Hodge enjoys coaching youth softball and volunteering at schools in his off time.

Officers Hodge and Campbell exemplify the SFPD’s commitment to community outreach and making resources available to those in need.


  1. There was a wreck on Fulton between 6th and 8th Avenues on Wednesday morning — does anyone know any more about it?

  2. Thank you for the updates and excellent work protecting and serving our community!

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