Photos: Large tree on outer Clement calls it quits, crushes two cars

The tree that came down on Clement near 38th Avenue crushed two cars. Photo by @bonanos

Reader @Bonanos tweeted us these pics of a large pine tree on Clement near 38th Avenue that took a nosedive Wednesday afternoon.

From the photos, it appears that a parked car was smashed as well as one in the roadway. Hopefully no one in the passing car was injured.

The tree was located on the north side of Clement Street that borders the Lincoln Park Golf Course. A crew was on the scene quickly to clear the tree away.

Sarah B.

Photo by @bonanos

A crew works to remove the downed tree. Photo by @bonanos

Photo by @bonanos


  1. One of these days it’ll be more than just a couple cars. These Monterey pines are at the end of their life span and need serious management and, in many cases, removal.

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