Local links: It’s hot!, Aziza to become Amara, new Treasures on Clement, Tee Off is back, Cinderella gets legacy’d

#love at Ocean Beach

Here are some local links to get you through the week. Enjoy!

  • Man, it’s hot out there today! Temps are projected to be in the 90’s. Rossi Pool on Arguello is our official neighborhood “Cooling Center” so stop in there if you need some relief. See a map of SF Cooling Centers
  • Aziza as we know it is done. But don’t despair! Owner Mourad Lahlou has decided to open a new concept in the space at 5800 Geary which has been closed for renovations for many months. The new restaurant will be called Amara and according to SFGate, “will be a Moroccan-Mexican restaurant steeped in the same pioneering attitude as its predecessor”. Louis Maldonado, Lahlou’s close friend and longtime chef de cuisine at Aziza, will be leading the kitchen. Examples of potential menu items: smoked lamb riblets with achiote, tabbouleh and serranos, or roasted and raw Little Gem lettuces with tahini, chipotle and sunflower seeds. Larger dishes, served with flatbread, might include marinated beef skewers with root vegetable escabeche, arugula, lime and harissa glaze. They’re hoping to open late 2017, early 2018.
  • A new store called Treasure Hunters Club will be opening at 147 Clement on October 1. It’s a pop-up gift store with a mix of vintage and “carefully curated goodies” according to owner Sunny Chanel. The store was born after Chanel’s father passed and she began culling through his collectibles, including “hundreds of lunchboxes from the Beatles to Batman, thousands of books on topics from film to philosophy, magazines, games, quilts, records, dolls, toys, curiosities and ephemera, and so much more”. Every month the store will change theme – Spooky in October, Old-Timey in November, and Sci-Fi in December so far. Check out http://treasurehuntersclub.store to learn more.
  • The Tee-Off Bar and Grill‘s (3129 Clement) kitchen is back open again after a fire shut them down. They’ve also remodeled their patio so it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy a drink and a bite during this summer weather.
  • Long live Piroshki! Cinderella Russian Bakery & Cafe (436 Balboa), beloved for their tender pastries, savory meat pies and a broad selection of delicious Russian entreés, soups and specialties received Legacy Business status from the city of San Francisco in August. If needed, the bakery will be eligible for assistance from the Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund, which provides grants to both Legacy Business owners and property owners who agree to lease extensions with Legacy Business tenants.


  1. 1) Saddened to report: Tee-Off is sadly still terrible. I had the worst bloody mary of my life last week and the food is now only incrementally better than TV dinners. Shame, cause they used to be a great spot.

    2) As for “Moroccan-Mexican” that sounds pretentious as all hell, but I am always willing to give it a shot.

    3) Cinderella is a true gem. Down to earth, reasonably priced and the beef Gorgonzola piroshki is tops. Kudos!

  2. I’m hoping against hope someone will re-invent “Mz Brown’s Feed Bag” in Richmond. Everything not Asian is too, too precious. Yupiee and overpriced

  3. Seahazbeen is kinda nuts.

    1. There’s a reason you’ve been kicked out.
    2. The real pretentiousness here is the idea that you’re a food critic whatsoever.
    3. Your endorsement is equally worthless.

  4. Wow, sounds like 5800 Geary could now be doubly nostalgic; maybe Lahlou should go all the way and come up with a “Moroccan-Mexican name” like, oh I don’t know… El Sombiza maybe ?

  5. I still miss Q grill and notice nothing seems to be replacing it. Good steak & glass of wine and reasonably priced to.

  6. I heard that that the building that Green Apple Books occupies, 506 Clement, has been sold by the original owner. Have you guys heard anything about this?

  7. oh man. the Mrs. and I were just walking by “Le Q” and lamenting its demise. We used to go there a lot. You said it. Good steak and a glass of wine…

  8. graffiti’ing our national parks should be severely punished – please don’t glorify this

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