Person rescued by SFFD from Sutro Baths “bunker”

Photo by @sffdpio

After sunset tonight, the SFFD was on scene at Sutro Baths for a “bunker rescue”, according to a tweet sent out by @sffdpio at 7:51pm.

The photos show firefighters on top of a concrete structure with a square opening in the top. They are lit with a klieg light and have a couple of ladders nearby.

A later tweet said the adult had been rescued, and no injuries were reported.

UPDATE 10/16/17: John Martini, historian and former NPS Park Ranger who knows Sutro Baths like the back of his hand, hinted on twitter that this rescue was more involved than just putting a ladder down a hole. “Pretty sure the “victim” had crawled into the utility vault under the old diving board platform. Did SFFD have to bust thru the concrete?? [The] Opening is on the side and mostly submerged. You don’t accidentally fall through it.”

Sarah B.

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