*UPDATED* Saturday Nov 11: LEAP’s 35th annual Sandcastle Contest on Ocean Beach. Castles, Castles, Castles!

The 2014 winning sand sculpture from Rooftop Elementary School

UPDATE 10/20/17: The event has been rescheduled for November 11, 2017!

Saturday, November 11 is the always entertaining LEAP Sandcastle Contest at Ocean Beach. Elementary school students team up with architects, contracts and engineers to create sandcastle constructions around a theme. The funds raised by teams and sponsors make it possible for LEAP to continue to provide arts programs to Bay Area schools.

In honor of the 35th year of the competition, this year’s theme is a simple throwback: “Castles, Castles, Castles!”

The competition begins at 11am, but the best time to view the creations is around 2pm after the hard work is done and the judges begin evaluating. The sandcastles will be at the north end of Ocean Beach near Balboa Street.

Good luck to all the schools participating!

Sarah B.


  1. this event has been rescheduled for Nov 11! hope to see everyone out on the beach!

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