New French immersion preschool taking over storefront at 125 Clement

125 Clement, the future home of Color Me French preschool.

A new preschool called Color Me French is moving into 125 Clement, the former home of an art school and gallery.

Construction is underway on the new school, whose mission is to “immerse children in French language and culture, and develop their verbal, motor, social and critical thinking skills through a developmentally appropriate, arts-integrated curriculum.”

They appear to be in the final phases of outfitting the school. We saw tiny chairs and tables near the front of the space, which is long and narrow. It also has outdoor space in a backyard.

According to the school’s website, there is a maximum of 20 children in the school, with a teacher to student ratio of 6:1. They accept children from 2 years old, whether or not they are toilet-trained.

The school’s curriculum has an emphasis on arts and crafts, as well as literacy training and the French language. Cost to attend is $115 per day.

The construction site has a chalkboard facade out front at the moment (and chalk in nearby containers), which has resulted in some fun graffiti over the past few months. “Teach Me French” was one we saw embedded in the Pollock-style facade, along with some terse words for our current President.

Bienvenue dans le quartier!

Sarah B.

The interior of the preschool, still under construction

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