Charity updates: Internet Archive receives $1M bitcoin donation; Western Neighborhoods Project to open new headquarters

The Internet Archive building, located at the corner of Clement and Funston

A couple of local nonprofits that are headquartered in the Richmond District shared some exciting news over the holidays.

The Internet Archive, located at Clement & Funston and the keeper of the internet’s history along with millions of digital books and assorted media, received a healthy donation of bitcoin this week.

The anonymous Pineapple Fund, whose mission is to donate $86 million in bitcoin to charity, gave $1 million of it to the Internet Archive. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that recently skyrocketed.

“We so admire this donor using Bitcoin as the currency of giving this season, and are honored to be the recipients of such a gift. Whoever you are, you are doing a world of good. Thank you,” wrote the IA on their blog.

1617 Balboa, the future home of the Western Neighborhoods Project

Another neighborhood charity, the Western Neighborhoods Project (outsidelands.org), announced last month that they will be moving into a new storefront headquarters in 2018.

The WNP’s mission is to preserve the history of the city’s western neighborhoods, and one of their latest projects has been to digitize a massive collection of historical photographs that were donated to their organization. Visit opensfhistory.org to check them out but be prepared to get sucked in!

After relocating from the Sunset to the Richmond District a few years ago, WNP will move once again into a new street-level space at 1617 Balboa sometime in 2018 (formerly the home of “Pace”).

“To have an open, accessible, and inviting home for history has long been our dream,” WNP wrote on their website. “But our monthly expenses will increase and we need new carpeting, lighting, signage, chairs…a screen? So while it is exciting to take this step, it is also a little scary.”

WNP is thankful for any donations, large or small, to help them get their new space opened which will be a great place to host their history events. Click here to donate to WNP

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