Two, 4-story apartment buildings proposed for current gas station lot at 4th & California

The proposed development for 4135 California Street

A new development has been proposed for the southeast corner of 4th avenue and California (4135 California), which is currently home to California Auto Service & Gas.

The project proposes demolition of the existing gas station and construction of two, four-story
buildings containing a total of seven dwelling units over a shared basement parking garage.

The building will have a modern look to it, with cement, metal and aluminum finishes, which should go well with the similarly modern building across the street.

The architect on the project is Moisan Architects. Their other work in San Francisco includes 1 Franklin and 1650 Broadway.

The public hearing about the project is next Wednesday, January 24th at City Hall (1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 408) at 9:30am. For more information on the project, or to submit questions or comments, contact Christopher May, SF Planning Dept. at 415-575-9087 or christopher.may@sfgov.org

Sarah B.


  1. It seems that something of that size could have more than 7 units, why so few apartments? It’s two, four story buildings!

  2. That’s a good question, and I’ve wondered the same thing about the new building across the street, which only has six units. I wonder if it’s a parking limitation: there are only so many parking spaces you can reasonably fit on the ground floor, and if every apartment is required to have one it restricts the number of apartments.

  3. The design is uninspired at best. Recent new buildings in the Richmond seem to have that same boring shape/design. The newish building near CVS (33rd & Clement) has the same basic look. Ditto goes for the building near 26th & Clement that’s going up. I assume these are some sort of template designs that take a few minutes to design.

  4. Do the owners of California Auto Service & Gas want to leave?…or are they being evicted?

  5. Always upsetting to realize this neighborhood is filled with NIMBY’s who want to increase the value of their property and not welcome newcomers by opposing all development.

  6. Henry, I don’t see anyone opposing this development in this thread or in the post. Mollie is suggesting more development, not less development. What are you referring to? Is there a post elsewhere where you see people opposing this development?

  7. im in favor of new development, but that building on the corner of california and 4th is a total eyesore and doesnt fit at all in the neighborhood. Please dont allow another monstrosity like that. Build bigger, have more units, but please more in line with neighborhood architecture.

  8. Worked with the architects back when they were Forum Design. Confident they’ll produce a great product.

    And change in architecture style is inevitable. May be they can incorporate flair of bay windows, and accents of victorians to keep people happy who don’t like change.

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