SFPD Richmond Station Newsletter – January 24, 2018

JANUARY 24, 2018

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Richmond District – A large amount of collisions (accidents) in the Richmond District are the result of unsafe driving and are preventable. Officers at Richmond Station are conducting traffic operations (stop signs, speeding, pedestrian in the crosswalk) to increase education and overall vehicle and pedestrian safety. We are working to make the district safer for all who live here, including drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

San Francisco has experienced an increase of rain in the past few weeks. Just a friendly reminder to slow down and be aware of the other cars on the road. Tip of the Week– If your windshield wipers are on make sure that your headlights are on as well.

February 20, 2018 | 6PM
Richmond Station, 461 6th Ave

Crime Map 01/15/2018 to 01/21/2018 (82 Incidents)

Assault, Aggravated, with Other Weapon
01/20/2018 1732 hrs
5300 Block of Geary Blvd.
On 01/12/2018 at 1732 hrs Officers responded to 14th Ave. & California St., regarding an aggravated assault. The victim stated he was sitting in his parked vehicle when he noticed a vehicle pull up and park behind him. The victim stated he saw an older white male exit the vehicle and go to the rear of the victim’s vehicle. The victim stated he exited his vehicle and noticed the male was attempting to remove his rear license plate. The victim took several pictures of the suspect as he was fleeing the scene. As the suspect pulled his vehicle away from
the curb, he revved his engine and attempted to hit the victim. The victim jumped out of the way of the fleeing vehicle, narrowly avoiding getting hit by the suspect. The suspect hit the back of the victim’s vehicle, damagingthe rear end. The suspect in this case was positively identified and through further investigation, it was determined he frequented the area of Geary and Park Presidio.

On 01/20/2018 Officers responded to the above listed area to search for the suspect with negative results. As Officers were leaving the area they observed a male that matched the suspects description walking on Geary Blvd. Officers stopped and detained the male, which they positively identified as the suspect. The suspect was subsequently booked into County Jail for several felony charges.

Robbery W/ Force
01/20/2018 2253 hrs
22ND Ave. & Clement St.
Officers were flagged down at the intersection of Geary & Park Presidio, regarding a robbery that had just occurred. The victim advised Officers he was on a bus and was being followed by two males. The victim stated he got off of the bus and noticed the two suspects were still following him. The two suspects followed the victim and cornered him at 22nd Ave. & Clement St.
The suspects threatened the victim and demanded the victims phone. In fear for his safety, the victim handed his Samsung phone to the two male suspects. The suspects fled S/B on 22nd Ave. towards Geary Blvd. Both suspects are still outstanding. The suspects were described as two black males, 18-25 yrs old. Both suspects are still outstanding in this case and the investigation is still ongoing.

Felony DUI; Driving on a Suspended License; Warrant Arrest
01/20/2018 0735 hrs
600 Block of 19th Ave.
Officers responded to a rollover accident at the intersection of 19th Ave. & Balboa St. Officers on scene determined there was one vehicle involved in the accident and it had hit five parked vehicles. Both the driver and the passenger of the vehicle involved in the accident were on-scene. The passenger in the vehicle had a complaint of pain to her right hip and right shoulder, and was transported to SFGH for further treatment. Per witness’ statements, the male at the scene was the driver of the roll-over vehicle. The male suspect admitted to using “crystal meth”
that morning and he had a distinct smell of alcohol emanating from his person. The male was taken to SFGH for treatment. A computer check of the male suspect revealed a felony want out of San Francisco and a misdemeanor warrant out of San Mateo County. The male suspect was booked for both warrants, as well as suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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  1. Please do something about the dangerous intersection on 20th avenue & Fulton!!! I am recovering from a broken pelvis and fibula after being hit in the crosswalk! Have complained for years since caring for my 90 year old mother and 2 grandchildren…it’s well know to be like trying to cross a freeway.

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