Get a free sidewalk tree planted in front of your Inner Richmond home, courtesy of FUF

Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) are offering San Francisco homeowners the chance to get a tree planted in front of their property for FREE.

The next planting program is for the Inner Richmond, and the deadline to request one is Wednesday, February 7. The inner Richmond territory for FUF spans from Arguello to Park Presidio, and Lake Street/Presidio Wall to Fulton.

FUF will come and remove any old trees you may have, or cut out a planting square from your sidewalk concrete. They’ll work with you to choose the tree species. And best of all, your tree will receive pruning visits from FUF and the City of San Francisco.

Some homeowners resist planting a tree because they don’t want the responsibility or liability if there is an issue with the tree. But the tree-planting program with FUF protects you against these types of issues.

Property owners who plant a FUF tree are not responsible for repairing sidewalk damage caused by the tree – the City of San Francisco takes that on. And, property owners are not liable for trip and fall lawsuits resulting from tree-related sidewalk damage (the City is also responsible for this).

So there’s never been a better time to request a tree to be planted in front of your home – no cost and risk-free!

If you live in the inner Richmond, sign up for a tree online by February 7. Once you’re approved, the planting will take place on March 17 in observance of Arbor Day and in honor of the late Mayor Ed Lee.

Let’s get some more green in the Richmond District!

Sarah B.


  1. Trees are great, but I wasn’t aware that homeowners own the public sidewalk in front of their homes too? It’s against the law (though not easy to get enforced) for people with driveways to park their car in front of their garage instead of inside for the same reason: they don’t own the sidewalk.

  2. this is hooey. 8 months ago the city ripped out the shrubbery that they had planted in front of my building and informed us that a tree will be planted in its stead and that we didnt have a choice or say in the matter
    still no tree….and still a very nice mess in front of the building
    the city still hasnt bothered trimming a single tree in the district…i dare anyone to prove otherwise.
    i have begged them to trim the trees fronting rossi park on arguello, because they have become a hazard and also block the light from street lights.
    last thursday night, my prius was broken into and they stole my battery…a cost of 8k to me….thanks to the fact that darkness helps out the bad guys
    wish i could sue.

  3. can my neighbors on 2nd ave bewteen california and clement please do this? there is not a single tree on the west side of 2nd ave on this block.

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