Video: Sea Cliff treated to a surprise fireworks show on Saturday night

Video by June K.

On Saturday night, an impressive 10 minute fireworks display took place in the Sea Cliff / Baker Beach area.

A post on another community site solved the mystery of what it was for: George Sarlo, of the George Sarlo Foundation, turned 80 this weekend and the show was for his birthday celebration.

According to the post, the fireworks were shot from a barge between Baker Beach and China Beach.

Happy 80th, George.

Sarah B.


  1. Weakest apology ever.Not accepted!Big difference between rolling stop and reckless driving.

  2. This was disruptive- an assault on the entire district as well as an environmental mess. We thought North Korea was invading. 911 had no idea what was going on. There was no warning. And dogs were howling while car alarms set off all over district. Rumors swirled it was the CEO of sales force – sorry for the blame. Next time have a cake like everyone else.

  3. This was done before in the 60’s one time too. No one including the city was notified. Back then it was for Dick Bullis’s birthday and his wife had arranged for the fireworks show to be put on. It was not launched from a barge back then, but from the cliff next to the 17th hole of Lincoln Park golf course. The police came and I believe sited them for not having a permit from the city. I was just a teenager then but sure remember the ado when the fireworks started going off overhead.

  4. I live nearby where the fireworks were set off. At first for 5-6 seconds I was in total terror/shock thinking it was a North Korean attack. It really sounded like a military assault. Once I saw the fireworks I was cool with it but the initial blasts scared the sh** out of me.

  5. Yikes! I guess people can complain about anything. Never thought fireworks would be on that list.

    Next thing you know we’ll be fielding complaints from people that think corgis are too cute and cause too much of a distraction during CorgiCon.

    Living in the outer Sunset, we get a smattering of fireworks during almost any special event/date, especially new year’s and when the Giants win the world series. It’s just a thing out here, I enjoy it.

  6. What a fantastic reason for the fireworks! I missed them, but the rest of my family saw them. And while they scared the heck out of my kids, the reason for them gave them great joy.
    After my 8yr old heard the story, and they scared her to death at first (she thought it was WWIII) she said, “Aww that’s so sweet. I’m very happy he survived the holocaust because he helped so many people. He deserved that celebration.” I think she has an interesting perspective. And she’s right.

    We do see fireworks at Baker Beach occasionally from people without a permit, but nothing quite as impressive.

  7. i saw posts where people thought it was a a north korean attack? really your joking right. lets work this out. north korea somehow evades the most sophisticated defenses on the planet and sneaks up on baker beach of all places in america to attack the national park service headquarters. you need to watch pork chop hill again.

  8. I thought they were wonderful – what a treat to be able to look out my window and see fireworks! No fog, no worries about driving across town – I loved them!

  9. Its sad anyone would complain about this, guess I should be happy I’m not a miserable grump. Lighten up, it’s just fireworks.

  10. Maybe a (courtesy) heads up would have been helpful, so that people weren’t flooding 911 with calls or asking SFPD what was going on. It also would have prepared pet owners as well. Obviously, the people blowing off everybody’s concerns don’t own pets.

  11. I’m clear in Monterey Heights and was confused about what was going on for a long time, very loud, even here, and animals going crazy.

  12. wouldve been nice if the entire district had been invited. would also be nice if a holocaust refugee (the man did not have to go through the horror of the camps) would give some of his monies to those survivors who live in abject poverty, rather than fund things like research into psychedelics.
    my dad is turning 90 this year…i promise not to do fireworks on his birthday…maybe ill get some of those party poppers

  13. I was laughing while I enjoyed the fireworks from our front window because I knew people would be whining on Nextdoor. Think of the children! I have two, as well as two cats that have expressed no desire for PTSD therapy so far. When I heard the popping sounds, funnily enough, I assumed fireworks rather than thermonuclear war. They were pretty!

  14. If the old fella can’t see the candles on a birthday cake I guess they had to something that was bigger and brighter. He was probably hard of hearing as well which was another reason to use noisy fireworks.


  16. Here’s to George’s 81st! Looking forward to another spontaneous, spectacular event!!!

  17. Walt, make sure to buy enough party poppers for the whole district.

    Wait, or better still, don’t buy them and donate the money to a foundation for traumatized pets.

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