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Local Links: Mescolanza / Luna Rossa shuffle, Oscars at Balboa, Fulton speeds reduced

Photo by Eugene Kim

Happy Friday, Richmond District! Here are some local links to ease you into the weekend…

  • Mescolanza recently closed which saddened some fans, but a new, nearly identical concept called Luna Rossa opened in its place. It’s no accident – the owners of Luna Rossa were the original owners of Mescolanza back in the day and sold the lease, and the restaurant’s name, to an employee. But now they’re back, and after displacing their tenant, Mescolanza, have opened Luna Rossa. Reader Boots says the same Mescolanza server is even working there, and the menu is nearly identical. Boots also said word on the street is that the Mescolanza chef is planning to reopen near 2nd and Geary in the future.
  • And the Oscar goes to…The Balboa! They’ll be hosting an Oscar viewing party on Sunday starting at 4pm. Host Reed Kirk-Rahlmann will be on hand with his irreverent Awards Party mudslinging which begins at 7pm as the ceremony commences. Tickets are available online or at the Balboa box office (it usually sells out so get ‘em quick).
  • Mind your accelerator when you’re driving on Fulton as the speed limits were recently reduced. Reader Steve informs that new speed signs have been posted: “30mph westbound from Stanyan to 36th (down from 35), 25 from 36th to 38th (in front of the Senior Center), then 35 from 38th to the beach; eastbound it’s 35 from the beach to 38th, 25 from 38th to 36th, back up to 35 again from 36th to 25th, then 30 from 25th to Stanyan.”
  • The Jiu Jitsu Academy (710 La Playa) is offering a free self-defense class for women on Monday, February 23rd. To register, email Info@csjiujitsu.com.
  • Pretty alert! Check out the video below for some stunning night views over San Francisco in super super hi definition.

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Local Links: Sand art Sunday, CSA boxes, restaurant shuffles & more

Here are some local links to get you through your Wednesday…

  • Want to catch sand art in action? Head out to Ocean Beach on Sunday at 12noon to see Andres Amador at work. He usually wraps up the piece in about 2 hours.
  • Foggy Notion is now a pickup spot for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes from Say Hay Farms’, a 20-acre farm in Yolo County, California that raises certified-organic vegetables, melons, and eggs. Subscriptions start at just 4-weeks and as little as $16/week and can be picked up on Wednesdays from Foggy Notion (256 6th Avenue) between 3 – 6pm. More info
  • Parking alert: The metered lot on 8th Avenue between Clement and Geary will be closed for repaving from February 16 until March 14th.
  • The Chronicle recently highlighted some historic, long-running brands from San Francisco and we had a couple on the list. Its-It ice cream sandwiches started at Playland in 1928, and Boudin Bakery is still using the mother yeast from created by Isadore Boudin in 1849. The yeast was saved in the 1906 quake and the bakery moved from downtown to its current 10th Avenue location.
  • The start of the year restaurant shuffles continue… Reader Sarah tells us that Japanese restaurant Kaminari at 7th and Balboa is closing. And Francisco reports that the former Ju-Ku location at 19th Avenue and Clement is being taken over by a restaurant called The Flame (Hot Pot), with an opening date of March 1.
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Payton forced to hang up his apron after episode 2 of Kids Baking Championship

Payton (R) faces elimiation in episode 2

Well no one ever said baking was easy. Factor in television cameras in your face and tight timelines, and the pressure gets really intense. Oh and did we mention this is happening to a 10-year old?

Richmond District resident Payton Pelaez just barely avoided elimination in the first episode of Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship.

But on last night’s second episode, his luck ran out.

The contestants were told they would be making “dessert imposters”, e.g. desserts that look like other foods like sushi, pizza, garlic bread etc. Payton drew pizza as his dish which made him happy since he had experience with dessert pizzas before.

He topped a snickerdoodle “crust” with marshmallows, gummy bears, peanut butter cups and fondant which went over well with the judges.

But a mid-challenge twist threw him for a loop when he had to make an additional side-dish: garlic-bread. It came out looking like egg rolls, which landed him in the bottom two. At the end of the episode, he was voted off the competition.

While Payton may not be continuing on Kids Baking Championship, we know someone with his passion for baking won’t be hanging up his apron anytime soon. You can keep up with him through his Chez Pay website, and even order up some of his creations for yourself.

Sarah B.

Payton shows his dessert pizza to the judges, Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli

Payton (L) narrowly misses elimination in episode 1

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Hermit’s Crab House opens on Clement – temporary pop-up?

Photo by Derek

Reader Derek sent us these pics of new eatery Hermit’s Crab House which opened very recently at 332 Clement near 5th Avenue in what used to be the home of Chow Win restaurant.

We haven’t been able to find any info on the menu or hours of operation. But their lone Yelp review from Dan B. references chili cheese fries and “grease, salt, gooey cheese, red meats”. But no mention of crab or seafood. Whatever the menu, sounds like you’ll want to keep your TUMS handy.

Some photos from the same reviewer include a shot of a sidewalk sandwich board that says “pop up now open”, so it’s unclear if Hermit’s is here to stay, or just a temporary tenant. Based on their high-end banner/sign, we’re thinking maybe this is not permanent…

UPDATE 2/8/15: The sign is gone and the business no longer appears to be in operation. So if you’re thinking about heading over, don’t bother.

Sarah B.

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Richmond District 10 year old competing in Food Network baking show

Tonight at 8pm, the Food Network will premiere a new show called Kids Baking Championship. The show is a competition in which hosts and judges Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli lead eight talented kid bakers through challenges designed to find the most impressive and creative young baker.

Yes, you read that right – KID bakers. If you think your Baked Alaska is da bomb or that you make a mean Mississippi Mud Pie, you might want to tune in and get a little schooling from these pint sized prodigies.

To add to the fun, Richmond District resident Payton Pelaez will be one of the eight kids competing for the title. Judging from his audition video (above), Payton looks to be a fierce competitor who is bursting with confidence and overflowing with passion for baking.

“Some kids like to play sports, some kids like to play video games…I really really like baking,” he tells the camera.

And you know he’s not kidding when he lists off some of his favorite things to bake: Vanilla cake with strawberry reduction, chocolate cake, cream puffs, eclairs, Mississippi Mud Pie (his favorite to make), cheesecake, apple crumble, and snickerdoodles.

Sounds pretty accomplished for a 10 year old baker, no? Payton also runs a dessert business that he calls Chez Pay.

“Everything is made by hand, made from scratch,” he says in his audition video. He also donates 20% of his proceeds to charity.

In each of the four Kids Baking Championships episodes, Payton and his fellow contestants – ranging in age from 10 to 13 – will be tested on their baking skills and originality, as they whip up desserts including creative cakes, cookies and pastries. They’re competing for a prize package that includes Food Network bakeware products, a profile in Food Network Magazine, an original cake featured at Charm City Cakes and a $10,000 grand prize.

Tune in to the Food Network tonight at 8pm to root Payton on in the competition! Tonight’s episode challenges the contestants to serve up two delicious signature items for a bake sale.

We wish Payton the best of luck and hope that when he grows up, he’ll open his first bakery right here in the Richmond District. ;)

Sarah B.

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Local links: Burmese Kitchen back, Red Lantern to open, GWHS’ views & more

Sunset at Ocean Beach, 1/26/15. Photo by @ob-kc

Happy Tuesday, everyone! While the east coast is getting the lion’s share of harsh weather, enjoy last night’s sunset above – and these local links:

  • Hoodline has a new article on the coyotes of Golden Gate Park with some nice photos. “Coyote-watchers are encouraged to visit the western end of Golden Gate park at dusk and in the early morning hours. They’re also frequently spotted near North Lake, Ocean Beach, Presidio Golf Course and Land’s End near dawn.”
  • It was curtains for Burmese Kitchen but they have found a new home in the neighborhood in the old To Hyang space (3815 Geary near 2nd Avenue). “Though not strictly vegetarian, Burmese Kitchen prominently bills itself as vegetarian-friendly and even has a decent amount of vegan options, with most dishes priced between $6.95-9.50. Hours will be daily from 5-10 p.m., with weekend lunch hours to be announced soon.” [Bold Italic]
  • In other food news, a new Asian fusion / sushi restaurant called Red Lantern is getting ready to open at Geary and 22nd Avenue. They’re finishing their build-out according to their Facebook page but no opening date or hints as to the menu yet. Thanks to @cassfung for the tip.
  • Not surprisingly, one online publication named the George Washington High School football stadium as one of the top 10 in the country thanks to its amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The field is also “accented by a beautiful 2,500 square foot frieze with panels that depict both ancient and modern sports in the Olympics. Quotations from Plato and other philosophers are also displayed.”
  • You might notice some painting and tiling happening on the front of the Busvan buildings on Clement Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues. The improvements aren’t for a new tenant, according to owner Michael B. “We felt that we needed to repaint them to keep them fresh and attractive for our current tenants. The added benefit of retaining their pleasantness is that doing so helps improve the overall look of the Clement portion of the inner Richmond, which is both a business value for Busvan and a personal value for our family,” Michael told us. The project also includes uncovering and restoring some of the original, cobalt blue and black facade tiles that are upwards of 90 years old. Looking good, Busvan!

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Local links: Are we pet-friendly?, food updates, free stuff at the Library & more

Photo from @BalboaTheatreSF

It’s already the second week of 2015, and we hope everyone is settling back in nicely. Here are some local links to start you off…

  • We’re not sure who sketched the above picture of the Balboa Theater, but we just liked it.
  • Ever wondered which San Francisco neighborhoods are the most welcoming to renters with pets? HotPads decided to map it out and the Richmond District finished near the bottom with only an average of 29.5% of rental listings allowing for pets. Landlords in the Sunset were slightly worse at 24.6%, and SOMA and Mission had the highest percentages.
  • Burma Superstar continues its expansion with a new location in the Mission at 211 Valencia near Duboce. The menu will have the usual BS favorites like samusa soup, tea-leaf salad, coconut chicken noodle soup, yellow bean curry, and more, plus a full liquor license. Hours are 5pm – 10pm daily; lunch service to come later.
  • In a sad twist of fate, To Hyang lost their lease at 3815 Geary last May. The space has been empty since then and after losing their lease in the Tenderloin, Burmese Kitchen will take over the Geary space this year. To Hyang is still looking for a new home. [EaterSF]
  • Clement Street art gallery and boutique Park Life will set up shop at this weekend’s FOG Art/Design Fair at Fort Mason Jan. 14 – 18. “We will be featuring a selection of Editions, Objects, Books, and Art by artists Tauba Auerbach, David Shrigley, foglogoPaul Wackers, Tucker Nichols, Robert Lazzarini, Jonas Wood, Todd Hido, and many others,” Park Life said on their website. If you’re at the show, be sure to pop by and say hi!
  • A Richmond District resident named Henry Leggett started a custom furniture design business called Design Trifecta. So far Henry has designed a standing desk for Regular Exercise, a pool cue storage rack for 540 Club, and some tables for Sidebar. Check out more of his work here.
  • Neighborhood artist Richard Rothman has a show at Supervisor Eric Mar’s office (City Hall, Room 244), exhibiting photographs of public murals from around the Richmond District and San Francisco. Stop by during business hours through March 2015 to view the exhibit.
  • Checked out the free events happening at the Richmond District Library lately? Photography, gardening & meditation classes, plus all kinds of programs for kids.
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Biz updates: Troya becomes Kitchen Istanbul; Jade Chocolates now open

Inside the new Jade Chocolates on Geary

In 2012, Troya opened its second location on Fillmore Street near California. Now, Troya is “leading a revamp of the Pacific Heights location, which is going to take a turn away from its current Turkish leanings towards more of a general Mediterranean bent,” according to EaterSF.

That means curtains for the Clement Street location, but it has already changed into Kitchen Istanbul. Kitchen Istanbul is being run by a a former Troya partner/manager, Emrah Kilicoglu, who’d been working there for the past two years. So even though it’s no longer called Troya, it sounds like the concept and cuisine will be really similar. Check out the website for more info and menus.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Jade Chocolates is now open at 4207 Geary near 6th Avenue. Owner Mindy Fong invites Kickstarter supporters to come in and pick up their rewards, and reminds us that “Monday is National Brownie Day. Come and get a sample of our Dragon’s Breath brownies.” They have one final inspection this morning and anticipate being open by 11am.

Sarah B.

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