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We have a winner in the pho challenge. Now he will hurl.

Remember the Pho Garden Challenge? It’s the contest at Clement Street’s Pho Garden Restaurant where the object is to get through what amounts to three bowls worth of Pho in an hour. They bring a MASSIVE bowl to your table filled with two pounds of noodles and two pounds of meat.

Flickr member Gho posted the photo below of his buddy who successfully completed the challenge, earning himself a free meal in the process (and, I imagine, a big ol’ bellyache). Really, the look on his face says it all.

Sarah B.

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Food news: Michelin-rated eateries, Hockey Haven, breakfast at Lou’s, new opening at 1801 Clement

A few food and beverage related items from this past week…

Richmond District restaurants rate with Michelin
Congratulations to Aziza (5800 Geary) who maintained their single star rating in the 2011 MICHELIN Guide San Francisco, Bay Area & Wine Country. Michelin’s maximum star rating is 3, and characterizes 1 star as “a very good restaurant in its category”.

Michelin also released a new list of Bib Gourmand picks, aka good eating on a budget. Congratulations are in order for three Clement Street restaurants that each represent different corners of the world – Chapeau! (French), Burma Superstar (Burmese) and Troya (Turkish and Mediterranean).

Irish coffee & steak dinners at the Hockey Haven
The SF Examiner had a brief Q&A with the bartender at Balboa Street’s Hockey Haven, a neighborhood sports bar across from the movie theater. Erin Massey has bartended at the “Ho-Ha” for 9 years where she says she sometimes feels more like a liquid therapist to the tight-knit community that frequents the only bar in the outer blocks of Balboa.

Massey gives high marks to the Haven’s Irish Coffee (“one of the best in town”), made with coffee from Simple Pleasures Cafe up the block. The bar also serves steak dinners on Monday nights during football season. “Jeff ‘The Chef,’ who is a cook at the Cliff House, has been doing it for 12 years. Recently we served our 10,000th steak.” Read the full article

Lou’s Cafe breakfast sandwich “fit for a world-champion appetite”
Lou’s Cafe opened up earlier this year at 5017 Geary near 15th Avenue and they have a reputation for tasty sandwiches and good coffee. SFWeekly spotlighted the cafe’s $4.49 breakfast sandwich with “ham, bacon (or both), scrambled eggs, American cheese, and hash browns, all on ciabatta” bread. The cafe opens at 8am but the sandwich is available all day.

Izakaya Ju-Ku coming to 1801 Clement
Eater SF reports that what was once Ristorante Tiziano will soon be occupied by Izakaya Ju-Ku. “An Eater tipster tells us friends and family soft-opening-like activity was happening earlier this week, so the formal opening should happen any day now.” No word on the cuisine or menu items yet. Keep an eye on it for us and if you see it open, let us know!

Sarah B.

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Bargain seafood at China First restaurant on Clement

Today’s Chronicle has a writeup in their “Bargain Bite” column about China First at 336 Clement.

Affordable seafood can be hard to find in San Francisco, so when I read that “fresh seafood is the go-to and most entrees top out at $7″ at China First, my stomach began growling.

I love love love dungeness crab which the reviewer saw plucked from a tank, and then returned “steaming and in pieces, showered with garlic, ginger, scallions and loads of salt.”

A whole crab with ginger and green onion goes for $20, which is the most expensive entree on the menu (and could easily feed two according to the article).

China First boasts a large menu whose first page is filled with everyday, all-day specials for $3.85, including black bean sauce spareribs, salted pepper squid and garlic with bok choy.

Read the full review at sfgate.com

China First is located at 336 Clement and is open daily from 11am until 11pm. Reservations are accepted (387-8370).

Have you eaten at China First? Leave your review in the comments.

Sarah B.

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“Cooking for Geeks” author at the Bazaar Cafe, Oct. 13

If your DVR is 2 parts cooking shows and 3 parts Mythbusters, then Wednesday night’s free event at the Bazaar Cafe is right up your alley.

As part of their continuing “How-To Night” series, the cafe welcomes Jeff Potter, the author of Cooking for Geeks, a compendium of food science, interviews, and experiments, with recipes to tie it all together. One reviewer described it as “…the best science-meets-the-kitchen book to come out. Ever.”

Jeff will be at the Bazaar to share his scientific cooking secrets, such as how to make homemade ice cream in 30 seconds (liquid nitrogen is involved; watch the video below!).

The free culinary science lesson begins at 7pm on Wednesday night at the Bazaar Cafe, 5927 California Street (near 22nd Avenue).

Sarah B.

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“The Future of Food” + Q&A with the Director at the 4-Star, Thursday

This Thursday, the 4-Star will host a screening of “The Future of Food”, a documentary about the controversial topic of genetically engineered food. The film has been around since 2004, “widely acknowledged for its role in educating voters and the subsequent success of passing Measure H in Mendocino County, California, one of the first local initiatives in the country to ban the planting of GMO crops.”

The Future of Food is the first documentary that takes a look into what happens when food science advances and corporations are permitted to patent life. The film sheds light on a topic that is still not well understood by most people around the world, namely genetically modified foods. The topics addressed are highly relevant today as the FDA considers approving genetically modified salmon and the USDA decided to begin issuing permits to GM sugar beet producers, allowing them to plant the crop as long as they do not flower.

The film’s director, producer and writer, Deborah Koons Garcia, will be at the screening for a special Q&A after the film. The screening begins at 7pm and is being presented by the San Francisco Health & Wellness Film Group. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online in advance, or at the theater on Thursday night.

Sarah B.

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Good news for health scores at Richmond District restaurants

Thanks to RichmondSFBlog reader Jim, I was alerted to a nifty new map created by Mission Local that displays scores for inspections completed in the last 12 months by the Health department of places that serve food, be it restaurants, schools or other public facilities.

You won’t find every eatery on the map that’s in the neighborhood, only those that were inspected within the last year. A food establishment can be routinely inspected, inspected due to a complaint, or due to change in ownership.

Of course I dove right into check out the eateries in 94118 and 94121. Here’s what I found out:

The good news is that 85% of the 218 food service establishments inspected earned a grade of 90 to 100; 26% earned perfect scores of 100. Another 12% rated in the 80-89 range, and the final 3% – only six restaurants – earned the lowest grade of 70-79 points:

Hui Lau Shan, 5217 Geary
Dragon River Restaurant, 5045 Geary
Panda Country Kitchen, 4737 Geary
Emperor Palace, 530 Balboa
Melisa’s Chinese, 450 Balboa
Star India Restaurant, 3721 Geary

Check out more restaurant inspections for 94118

Results were pretty similar further out in the avenues with 80% of inspected locations earning a grade of 90 to 100; 28% had perfect scores of 100. 16% rated in the 80-89 range, with 7 restaurants, or 4%, getting the lowest scores of 70 to 79 points:

Hunan Cafe #2, 4450 Cabrillo
Golden Chariot Bakery & Restaurant, 3308 Balboa
Mayflower Restaurant, 6253 Geary
Kirin, 6135 Geary
Golden River Restaurant, 5827 Geary
Gastronom Deli, 5801 Geary
New World Market, 5641 Geary

Check out more inspections results for 94121

More good news – no Richmond restaurants rate in the 10 worst in the city. The bottom honor goes to Louie’s Dim Sum of North Beach which earned a dismal 35. Ick – how bad does it have to be to earn THAT?

Our closest low scorers – Liverpool Lil’s at Lyon and Lombard earned a score of 55. And Oriental Seafood Restaurant in the Outer Sunset earned only a 50.

Check out the article and map at Mission Local to see more data.

Sarah B.

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Taste of Russia Festival at Holy Virgin Cathedral, Sunday

On Sunday, come out and enjoy the Taste of Russia Festival at the Holy Virgin Cathedral, 6210 Geary near 26th Avenue.

The festival features homemade, traditional Russian food, including Prioshki, Pelmeni, Beef Stroganoff, Golubtsi and an endless assortment of Russian desserts. Plus hourly entertainment (incl. Russian music, song & dance and cathedral choir), church tours, icon painting demos, arts, crafts, and gifts.

The festival runs from 11am to 6pm, admission is $5 per person. Free parking is available at the Presidio Jr. High School lot at 29th Avenue and Geary. For information call 668-5218.

Sarah B.

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Get your green on at the World Veg Festival, this weekend in GGP

Will you only eat something that never had parents? Are you thinking about saying bye-bye-bye to meat? Curious about the vegetarian lifestyle? Then you won’t want to miss the 11th annual World Veg Festival being held at the SF County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park this Saturday and Sunday.

The festival, organized by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, features informative lectures by the movers and shakers of the vegetarian world, creative vegetarian cooking demos, international cuisine to sample or buy, vegan friendly merchandise, Children’s Corner play area, Organic Athletes, Vegan Speed Dating, Raging Grannies and a variety of world entertainment. See the full festival schedule

They even got a proclamation from the SF Board of Supervisors last year courtesy of our own District 1 Supe Eric Mar. Check it out below.

The festival runs Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Come before 10:30am on either day and admission is free; it’s also free for students, seniors and kids all day long. For others, they suggest a donation of $7 at the door.

On both nights at 6:45pm, they also offer a vegan dinner (cooked or raw) for $25 per person.

Got a great vegetarian recipe or tip you want to share? Leave a comment to let us know.

Sarah B.

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