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Photo: Sunrise birds at Ocean Beach

October 2, 2014. Photo by Vince M.

Getting their fill of Vitamin D…

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Photo: The day 100 Ferraris drove by my house

Photo by @anton1s

Around 9:30 this morning, reader Antonis P. tweeted that his “quiet office morning” was disrupted by the beautiful noise of over 100 sports cars driving by under his window on Fulton near 31st Avenue.

But these weren’t just any sports cars – they were Ferraris. As in I have a couple of hundred thousand dollars to spend on a sports car, Ferraris (including an Enzo model worth $2.5million + one Batmobile Lamborghini).

We’re not sure where these Italian racers were headed, but they had a police escort. Vroom vroom!

UPDATE: As usual it took about a nanosecond for someone to tell us what this was for, lol. It was Fog rally 2014, “50 Ferraris embarking on an epic, media intensive journey, the rally raises funds and awareness in the pressing issues of youth advocacy and public health via Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation (FOCF).” They drive from San Francisco down to Santa Barbara.

Ok, so it wasn’t 100 but 50 is still a lot of Italian vroom at one time.

Sarah B.

Photo by David H.

Photo by David H.

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Photos: 3 Mules pass through the Richmond District

Photo by Geoff C.

Activist John Sears passed through the neighborhood on Sunday with his pack of mules. Normally he travels with 3 mules (Little Girl, Lady and Pepper), but this time he had just two. One is currently lame and unable to travel. They were seen grazing on the 14th Avenue side of the Park Presidio greenbelt.

Sears, who likes to be known simply as “Mule”, is 66 years old and has been traveling with his pack for the past three decades. They’ve made their way through sixteen western states, according to their website.

The group has a bit of a cult following including 28,000+ fans on Facebook. The purpose of their old school travel is to call attention to the increasing trend of urban sprawl.

Last year while passing through San Diego, Sears told a local news station, “There must be a balance between the man-made world and the natural world,” he said. “We can’t live in this unbalanced state and we all know it.”

The mules also saw the sites on this trip, making stops in the Marina, the Ferry Building and Pier 39 – see pics here.

Sears and the two mules got a ride across the Bay Bridge on Saturday night into the city. Last year, Sears headed north so he may be working on arranging a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge as well. By law he is not allowed to walk the mules across the bridge.

A new documentary. “Mule: Living on the Outside” is in the works about the 3 Mules. Watch the trailer below and find out more at 3MulesMovie.com.

Safe travels to John and his mules.

Sarah B.

Photo by Geoff C.

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Photo: Fog + muggy + neon = a Thursday night in the Richmond

Photo by Jason S.

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Hundreds come out for 2nd annual Jog in the Fog 5k fun run

A sprint to the finish. Jerry Flanagan (L) nosed over first for the win in 24:21

It was a photo finish at Sunday’s Richmond District Jog in the Fog 5k as top finishers Jerry Flanagan and Jamie Tran sprinted to the finish line in the USS SF Memorial Parking lot at Lands End, with Flanagan just nosing over the line first with a time of 24:21.

Over 400 people came out for the race’s second running, including families, tourists from Mexico and Brazil, some first time 5k’ers and plenty of running veterans.

Shortly after Flanagan crossed, the top boy, Andrew Blelloch crossed in an impressive 25:42 (if anyone knows how to get in touch with Andrew, please contact us – we have prizes for him!).

Top woman finisher Liz Hubertz was close on his heels, crossing past the finish columns supplied by Sparky’s Balloons at 27:32. Top girl Vanessa Miller finished with a time of 28:38, and all finishers received a trophy from All American Bowling & Trophy on Cabrillo, a gift card from Green Apple Books, and for the adults, a gift bag from Senspa. All young finishers also received finisher wristbands from the Richmond District YMCA.

Top man Jerry Flanagan (24:21) and top woman Liz Hubertz (27:32) with their race booty

Top girl Vanessa Miller (28:38) and top boy Andrew Blelloch (25:42)

The weather was perfect this year, with high clouds and overcast allowing racers to enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge along the Land’s End portion of the course. A group of dolphins even played in the water below as racers rounded the corner to the finish in the USS SF Memorial Parking lot at Land’s End, completing the 3.4 mile course – after tackling a final set of stairs.

Waiting at the finish were beverages from Purity Organic, and tasty granola samples from race sponsor Angelina’s Deli & Cafe. Proceeds from Sunday’s race benefited the Richmond District Neighborhood Center, a non-profit that provides free and low-cost resources, support, and activities to children, teens, adults and seniors in the neighborhood.

We want to thank everyone who came out to support the race and the RDNC this year, and give special thanks to our sponsors and partners who make it all possible. And to our enthusiastic volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you!

If you participated in Jog in the Fog, we’ll let you know when finish line photos are available online (for free download).

Way to go foggy joggers – we’ll see you in 2015!

Sarah B.

Racers queue up at the start line in Mountain Lake Park

T-shirt pick up at the finish area

Enjoying the views from the finish area at Land’s End

A Jog in the Fog volunteer with a special bundle

Sponsor Angelina’s Cafe & Deli sampling their granola at the finish line

A spirited finisher! (this is an animated gif)

Our most pregnant finisher – 9 months and due next week!

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“San Francisco’s Bitchin, Wish You Were Here”

The Geary Parkway Motel, 2009. Photo by Thomas Hawk

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Video: Dude, why is my car on its side?

Photo by @ericsteuer

Early Saturday morning, reader Eric S. heard a loud noise outside his house on 15th Avenue near Clement around 5:30am.

“The crash woke me up, which made me mad because I was dreaming of some seriously awesome s**t,” Eric wrote.

A woman was driving her station wagon down the street when she hit a parked car and managed to flip her vehicle on its side.

SFPD and a tow truck came, eventually putting the wagon back on its feet, which you can watch in the video below. FF to the :48 mark for the big drop.

Between this and the 6.0 quake at 3:20am on Sunday morning, Eric had some seriously fitful sleep this weekend. Hang in there, dude.

Sarah B.

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Photos: The parrots of… the Richmond District?

Photo by Tom Freeman

San Francisco is well known for its parrots of Telegraph Hill. They’re a regular stop for tourists visiting the city.

But the flock has gotten larger over the years – and let’s face it, savvier. They cover a lot of territory across the city, and it’s not unusual to hear a screeching pack fly overhead in a myriad of neighborhoods.

Reader (and Richmond District historian) John Freeman was delighted to encounter some of the parrots on the 600 block of 11th Avenue last week.

“I was shocked to see them in our neighborhood. There is a bush in front of a neighbor’s house that attracted them. We came home to see the bush covered with about 12 green parrots, plucking berries off the branches,” John told us. “I’ve lived over 70 years in the Richmond District and this is the FIRST time I have ever seen parrots on our turf.”

John’s grandson was able to snap a couple of pictures before they all flew on to their next feeding spot.

We had another parrot flock spotting at Balboa and 27th a couple of years ago. Do you run into the parrots in the Richmond? Leave a comment to let us know.

Sarah B.

Photo by Tom Freeman

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