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Photo: McGruff the Crime Dog hanging with local artist Frank Kozik

Photo by @skozik13

Last night, the SFPD Richmond District station hosted a National Night Out event. One of the highlights each year is the appearance of McGruff the crime dog, in his full trenchcoat attire.

Sharon Kozik, wife of local artist Frank Kozik, tweeted the above photo to us from the event. She was excited about meeting the dog detective:

Frank Kozik is in the process of opening a design studio/store on Clement Street near 3rd Avenue, in the old Kumquat’s location. Gotta wonder if his encounter with the crime dog will inspire some new works…

Sarah B.

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Photo: Hella vellella jellies wash ashore on Ocean Beach

Photo by Carolina La Rotta Dratva via Ocean Beach Surf

Earlier this week, some blue jellies washed ashore at Ocean Beach. They’re called velella, also known as “sea raft, by-the-wind sailor, purple sail, or little sail”.

More about these blue creatures:

They are usually deep blue in colour, but their most obvious feature is a small stiff sail that catches the wind and propels them over the surface of the sea. Under certain wind conditions, they may be stranded by the thousand on beaches.

Like other Cnidaria, Velella velella are carnivorous. They catch their prey, generally plankton, by means of tentacles that hang down in the water. [Wikipedia]

Velella have been washing up on beaches along the California coast all summer, with reports from as far north as Oregon. Visitors to Baker Beach have also seen them this week.

Jim Watanabe, a lecturer at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, told the Chronicle that the valella “go where the wind goes”. This year’s wind patterns, he said, are likely the reason for the creatures washing up on shore.

The creatures live offshore, on the surface of the water, and have a small ridge or crest running across them that acts like a sail, Watanabe said.

One RichmondSFBlog commenter had another theory – that the felines living off the coast of Lands End may have something to do with it…

The last time we had a massive jelly invasion was in April 2012, when thousands came ashore on Ocean Beach.

Sarah B.

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Revealed: Felines of the Richmond District thanks to geotagged cat pic project

A new website called “I Know Where Your Cat Lives” sounds creepier than it really is. In fact it’s pretty entertaining.

Site founder Owen Mundy decided to make something from the millions of geotagged images that are uploaded to popular photo sharing sites like Instagram and Flickr, and are then given the keyword/hashtag “cat”.

The end result is a map of the world with fetching felines dotted throughout. Pics of cats lounging, cats cleaning themselves in the sun, playing with funny objects, nuzzled up next to their owners, or giving their typical “like I care” stare at the camera. The “random cat” button in the interface will steal minutes from your day.

Within San Francisco, the project managed to pinpoint quite a few cats in the Richmond District. Some of our own readers might find their furry companion on the map. There’s even one cute guy that apparently lives off the coast at Lands End. Swimming cat?

Mundy started the site as an experiment, choosing 1 million images at random to initially map. The geographical metadata within each image allows pinpointing to within 7.8 meters accuracy.

Now Mundy is trying to raise $2,500 via a Kickstarter campaign to help with server costs to expand the project (and handle its mounting traffic, this is serious cat porn, people).

So don’t be surprised if some kitty celebrities emerge after this kind of exposure, or if you start recognizing some of your feline neighbors as they pass on the street. If you want to get your cat in on the action, start shooting and taggin’!


Sarah B.

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Sun halo at Fulton & 41st Avenue

Photo by Larf

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Photo: California Street, 1908

Raised Frame Houses on California Street Between 17th and 18th Avenues | July 20, 1908. Courtesy of SFMTA Archives

The Western Neighborhoods Project sent this pic our way. It shows California Street near 17th Avenue in 1908, just two years after the big quake.

The structure in the foreground of the photo is an Earthquake Refugee Cottage or “earthquake shack” as they’re often called. Some residents re-purposed them into homes after they were used to house quake refugees between 1906 and 1908 at camps throughout the city. This one was probably moved from the Camp 25 (Camp Richmond) refugee camp that spanned Park Presidio (photo below).

Now if we could figure out if this is looking east or west, we’d post a “today” photo to compare it to… [Update: John Freeman confirmed the photo is looking east, so photo from today is posted below]

Sarah B.

The “today” shot looking east on California at 18th Avenue. Wonder if those are the
same utility poles that were there in the 1908 photo?

Camp 25 located along what is now Park Presidio Boulevard. Courtesy Bancroft Library.

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Neighborly salute to the Class of 2014 at 15th & Cabrillo

Photo by @SteveSnyderSF

A house on the corner of 15th & Cabrillo is known for dressing up its stone lions in seasonal attire. We saw it during Easter and now, they’ve dressed the Leos in graduation caps complete with tassels and small diplomas hanging from their paws.


Sarah B.

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Only in San Francisco: Naked photobomber at the Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers participant photos were posted yesterday and reader Fidel got quite a surprise when he went in to look at his gallery of pics.

Unbeknownst to him, he got photobombed by a nude runner in Golden Gate Park.

Yup, that pretty much epitomizes the Bay to Breakers.

Sarah B.

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Photo: Coyote spotting at Lands End

A coyote near the Lands End trail, May 19, 2014. Photo by @goldendenizen

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