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City’s smallest “Sand Park” opens on Balboa (Shhh…don’t tell Rec & Park!)

Reader Derek sent us in these photos of a new, truly mini park on Balboa between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

The handcrafted “Balboa Sand Park” is constructed around an old tree stump, and is decorated with features including a funnel, hula hoop, small platforms, and tree parts.

You could almost put on a small animal show in the park, coaxing your trained kitten from platform to platform. But we’re guessing the idea is to put some sand in the top funnel and watch it work its way down the tree.

But be careful who you tell about the new park for as Derek wrote, “Just hope it doesn’t go the way of the Pole Gardens and Tiny Door.”

Let’s just call it the Balboa SECRET Sand Park, shall we? ;)

UPDATE 7/1/13: A second “secret park”, entitled “Pokey Park”, has popped up on Cabrillo between 5th & 6th Avenue. Thanks to reader Justin for sending in the pic!

Sarah B.

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Photos: Coyote pups are back in Golden Gate Park

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

Local nature photographer David Cruz came upon some coyotes in Golden Gate Park last week, with pups.

He even captured a funny shot of one adult coyote crossing the road just in front of a “WARNING: COYOTES IN AREA” sign. I wonder if the coyote planned that shot for a good laugh? ;)

Sarah B.

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

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“You lookin’ at me?” Behold the mighty bison of Golden Gate Park

Photo by dendowling

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Giant eucalyptus tree falls on Park Presidio near Geary

Photo by Talia J.

Early Friday evening, around 6:10pm, a giant eucalyptus tree fell into the southbound lane of Park Presidio between Geary and Anza.

Reader Talia J. (@Mycrobecatnip) snapped this pic, and said “Fortunately no cars hit”.

Which is really an understatement since it was during the commute hour. What a thoughtful tree.

Sarah B.

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Photo: Cabrillo Street, 1976

Photo by Dizzy Atmosphere

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Photos: Night falls on Sutro Baths

Photo by steven shpall

Reader Ben L. sent us a link to a meetup group called the “East Bay Night Time Photography Fanatics”. Their meetup last week was at Sutro Baths Ruins. We’ve included a few of the photos here, but visit their meetup page to see even more.

Sarah B.

Photo by Mohammad Abri

Photo by Jean Fernandez

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Photo: Lights, camera, action at the Bazaar Cafe

Blog cub reporter David H. snapped this shot of a still-to-be-titled Chinese music video that was being shot at the Bazaar Cafe on Monday night.

So based on this photo, what do you think the plot is?

Sarah B.

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Photos: “There’s a moon over Sutro Baths…”

Tuesday morning brought us a beautiful full moon that lit up the Pacific just off Sutro Baths and the Cliff House. Here are a few pics showing its magnificence, and the great sky that emerged as the moon dropped and the sun came up in the east.

Sarah B.

The full moon alongside the wind turbine atop the Cliff House. Photo by Natures Lantern – David Cruz

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