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Neighborly salute to the Class of 2014 at 15th & Cabrillo

Photo by @SteveSnyderSF

A house on the corner of 15th & Cabrillo is known for dressing up its stone lions in seasonal attire. We saw it during Easter and now, they’ve dressed the Leos in graduation caps complete with tassels and small diplomas hanging from their paws.


Sarah B.

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Only in San Francisco: Naked photobomber at the Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers participant photos were posted yesterday and reader Fidel got quite a surprise when he went in to look at his gallery of pics.

Unbeknownst to him, he got photobombed by a nude runner in Golden Gate Park.

Yup, that pretty much epitomizes the Bay to Breakers.

Sarah B.

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Photo: Coyote spotting at Lands End

A coyote near the Lands End trail, May 19, 2014. Photo by @goldendenizen

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Photo: Students “lay down” at Ocean Beach to support clean oceans

Photo by Kevin Lozaw via The California Coast

On Tuesday afternoon, over 800 students from San Francisco and Marin schools in grades 2 through 7 came together on Ocean Beach for a cleanup project.

Afterwards, the students laid down in formation to form a Western Grebe bird diving after a fish, with the word “Only One Ocean” above it, to highlight the need to protect the world’s oceans.

The Western Grebe was depicted because their populations have been in decline and are at risk of entanglement by discarded fishing line and abandoned fishing gear.

The cleanup and photo event was organized by Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Tiburon, and sponsored by the California Coastal Commission with support from the Whale Tail License Plate Fund. Five other similar cleanups are taking place up and down the California coast.

Thanks to reader Luna T. for the tip.

Sarah B.

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Photos: SUV goes wheels up at 2nd and Anza

Photo by Tom R.

A SUV driver careened into two parked cars and then flipped over at the intersection of Anza and 2nd avenue around 4 o’clock this afternoon. One witness said the SUV just missed hitting a third car.

SFFD was on the scene quickly to right the car. The driver was conscious but taken by ambulance for medical attention.

Rumor is that the driver was distracted, possibly due to texting while driving but this was not confirmed by police.

Stay safe out there, folks!

Sarah B.

Photo by @DavidGallagher

One of the clipped cars. Photo by Tom R.

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Spotted: Coyote crossing at 37th Avenue & Geary

Photo by Jennifer Anwaya

Reader Jennifer A. spotted a coyote on Monday night, but not in Golden Gate Park, the Presidio or Lincoln Park where they’re usually seen.

This one was crossing the street at Geary and 37th Avenue. Maybe he was on his way to the Balboa Theater to see Captain America?

Sarah B.

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Photo: Out for a swim with the folks

Stow Lake, April 21, 2014. Photo by Tina Verdoia

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Photos: Up close and personal with a fearless car burglar

The car burglar steals a bag out of the window he broke

Reader Brian sent us these photos of a car thief stealing bags from an SUV parked on Geary near 28th Avenue on Tuesday night.

The burglary took place in two parts – first breaking the window at 7:15pm and then leaving the scene. And then once confirming all was clear after police came by, the thieves returned around 8:30pm to take the loot. Even a nosy neighbor with a camera didn’t deter them.

Brian described the scene:

“We watched some guys break into a car yesterday outside our window. Called the cops after they broke the window, then they drove around a bit. Cops got there, took the info. Guys came back… First time I scared them off again, then the second time I took pictures and tried to scare them off again. Unfortunately they got one of the guy’s bags.”

San Franciscans know not to leave ANYTHING in plain view inside their car, right?! Hopefully rental car companies give the same warning to their customers.

Brian says he saw the band of thieves hanging around the neighborhood the day before, casing the area.

“They had been wandering around the neighborhood earlier yesterday, around 2PM, mostly hanging out across the street from Grocery Outlet. I’m sure they probably broke into several cars yesterday.”

If you have any information on who this saggy pants robber is, contact the SFPD at (415) 553-0123 (anonymous tips are ok too).

Sarah B.

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