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MUNI service changes meeting 2/12; give feedback on commuter shuttle stops

Photo by Thomas Hawk

SFMTA is looking for feedback from the community on two transportation issues facing the city – changes in MUNI service lines including the 2, 28, 28L, and 38L lines, and which MUNI stops residents think would be best for the Silicon Valley commuter shuttles to use.

On Wednesday, February 12 from 6-8pm, the SFMTA will hold a public meeting at the Richmond District police station (461 6th Avenue) about proposed changes to the 2, 28, 28L, and 38L lines.

Muni is considering proposed service and route changes as part of the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP):

The proposed changes will modernize Muni and make it more efficient, reliable, safe and comfortable for its existing 700,000 daily passengers. Developed over several years of data collection, intensive planning and public outreach efforts, the TEP will restructure transit service on certain lines to improve efficiency and connectivity and implement transit priority changes on the most heavily used lines to give buses and trains more priority on our City streets.

The addition of a 5L Fulton line last Fall was part of the TEP. The SFMTA is proposing the following additional changes which will be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting:

2 Clement: Supplemental trolley coach service between downtown and Presidio Avenue to boost service lost by shutdown of 3 Jackson route. 2 Clement Service Variant proposes an alternative alignment that would use existing overhead wires for trolley coach service on the entire Sutter Street corridor. Instead of operating on Clement Street from Arguello Boulevard to Park Presidio Boulevard, the alignment would continue on California Street to Eighth Avenue south to Clement Street to Sixth Avenue. This service variant would include a terminal loop at Sansome Street in the Downtown area. See project document

38L Geary: Expand limited stop service to Sundays. Coordinate with Geary Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study currently underway, which aims to achieve significant travel time and reliability improvements. See project document

Changes are also being proposed to the 28 and 28L 19th Avenue routes, which run through the neighborhood on Park Presidio.

Late last month, the SFMTA Board approved an 18-month pilot program that will test sharing a limited number of Muni stops with commuter shuttles, many of which carry employees between the city and tech companies in the South Bay. Shuttles that pay for a permit and commit to complying with permit terms (following operating guidelines, sharing data, paying permit fees, etc.) will be authorized to use the shared stops.

The pilot program is set to start in July 2014 and the SFMTA is hosting an interactive map where residents can suggest locations for shared stops and provide information on conditions that they think should be considered in developing the network.

Click on an existing pointer in the map to add your feedback about a location, or create your own marker with feedback at additional stops.

The deadline to provide information via the interactive map is February 23. From that collected data, SFMTA engineers and planners will develop a proposed network as well as Muni operations and engineering needs.

Sarah B.

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SFMTA proposes restrictions on overnight RV parking along outer Clement

The SFMTA is proposing to prohibit overnight parking for oversized vehicles along outer Clement

At their upcoming hearing on January 31, the SFMTA will consider a proposal to restrict the parking of oversize vehicles on certain city streets. The city defines an oversize vehicle as more than 7 feet tall or 22 feet long, into which RV’s squarely fall.

Last June, the SFMTA voted to launch a pilot program to prohibit overnight RV parking in areas of the city, including along Fulton Street in the Richmond District.

The 3 month program, which instituted a $100 fine for violators was considered a success.

“Along La Playa Street and the Great Highway, for example, 21 oversize vehicles were known to park. But after three months of enforcing the new law, just two were counted in October,” the Examiner reported in November.

During the three-month pilot, 74 citations were issued, of which 19 were for mobile homes or buses. Fourteen were issued to vans, including three to the same van. Another 26 were issued to pickups or other trucks. No oversize vehicle was known to have been towed, according to the SFMTA.

In the agenda for the January 31 meeting, the SFMTA will propose an extension of the initial program, restricting parking between 12midnight and 6am for oversize vehicles on streets in several neighborhoods including the Sunset, Mission, Haight/Panhandle, Potrero Hill, Western Addition, and the Richmond.

In the Richmond, the additional targeted streets are Clement Street, north side, between 33rd Avenue and 45th Avenue and Clement Street, south side, between 36th Avenue and 38th Avenue. This stretch of Clement borders the Lincoln Park golf course and Veterans Hospital, and is a popular spot for oversize vehicles to park.

This type of restriction would likely appeal to residents in another part of the Richmond District known as the “greenbelt” along Park Presidio.

The blocks of Funston and 14th Avenue between Lake Street and Fulton is a popular spot for oversize vehicles to park for days at a time. It borders federal park land on one side, and city streets on the other. The dual jurisdiction often causes a debate about which entity is responsible for eradicating the oversize vehicles and homeless encampments that take root inside the greenbelt.

The January 31 meeting, which is open to the public, will take place at City Hall at 10am in Room 416 (Hearing Room 4).

Sarah B.

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Top 10 Richmond District stories of 2013

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and check out the most popular stories from this past year. From faery doors to farmer’s markets to sinkholes to human remains – our readers have a wide range of interests! It’s been our pleasure to cover it all.

Thanks for coming along for the ride in 2013! We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store…

Sarah B.

The original miniature faery door installed near the concourse in Golden Gate Park, filled with offerings from visitors. Photos by Erica Reh

1. The Mysterious Mini-Door in Golden Gate Park
This delightful story captured the hearts and imagination of readers not only in the neighborhood, but around the world. The story was full of whimsy, wishes and even shady politics when Rec & Park decided to remove the door without even serving the faeries an eviction notice. Undeterred, the father and son team behind its creation fashioned another bureaucrat-approved door that they installed in another spot in the park. The faeries even answer their mail from time to time…

2. De Place restaurant on Geary closes after only three weeks
After licking the wounds of Video Cafe closing, neighbors eagerly awaited the new restaurant that would open on the corner of 21st and Geary. It was under construction for months and when it finally opened with the underwhelming name of “De Place”, it sported tv screens, fountains, ample seating and a giant crawfish statue that greeted diners at the door. But after just three weeks, a sign on the door said they were closed, with the vague explanation of “we are not able to enlist the staffs than can assist us with our operation”. Things that make you go hmm.

3. Clement Street Farmer’s Market makes it debut
It took several years to come together but the Richmond District finally made it onto the Farmer’s Market map, debuting the Sunday market on Clement Street between 2nd and 4th Avenues on June 23. The market was an instant hit with shoppers and vendors, and has been approved to run weekly through June of 2014 (and will likely be extended after that).

4. Large HUGE sinkole opens up on Lake and 2nd Avenue
This story brought us one of our best photo ops of the year… Around 5:30pm on a weekday afternoon in May, the road gave way to a huge sinkhole on Lake Street and bungled up traffic for several hours, even attracting news helicopters overhead. The rupture of a 19 inch sewer drain was responsible for the fiasco.

5. Fresh & Easy to close all stores; what will happen to the Richmond District location?
In April, Fresh & Easy’s parent company, Tesco, announced they were planning to close all of the nearly 200 stores in the chain. The Richmond District location on 32nd Avenue and Clement hadn’t even been open two years. In September, we got the news that billionaire investor Ron Burkle was buying the Fresh & Easy chain and that only 50 of the stores would be shuttered – and the Richmon District location is not one of them. Phew!

6. Shooting at 29th & Geary
Thankfully, we don’t see a lot of violent crime in the neighborhood, so when gunshots rang out at 7pm on a Sunday night on Geary near 29th Avenue, it sent a ripple through the neighborhood. A few eyewitnesses left their comments about what happened, and to date, we haven’t heard any news of an arrest of more information about the crime.

7. Bicycle lane on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park cause for concern
We reprinted an article from the Richmond Review (because we agreed with it) about the new, questionable configuration of the bike lanes on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. Like most cycling stories, this set off a debate in the comments, which had both bikers and non-bikers taking both sides of the arguments. SFMTA, what say you?

8. What (or whom?) lies beneath the Legion of Honor?
Readers seemed to enjoy our Halloween photo special of human remains underneath the Legion of Honor Museum. They were discovered during the 1993 renovation and were photographed extensively by Richard Barnes. And yes, they’re still there.

Photo by Richard Barnes

9. Neighborhood’s first traffic circle installed at 23rd & Anza
Heads were being scratched after this roundabout was installed in January. It’s the only one in the Richmond District and it’s unusual/non-standard because it has stop signs on all sides, making it more decorative than calming. So it was hardly surprising when KRON TV’s Stanley Roberts provided video proof of how badly people navigated the circle. SFMTA is supposedly planning more for the neighborhood, ugh.

10. Haig’s Delicacies closing after 57 years
We do love our businesses here in the Richmond District, so many readers were saddened when Haig’s on Clement Street announced they were closing their doors after a half century. Beloved for the selection of spices and hard to find foods, commenters lamented the loss. A new spot (Local’s Cafe?) is under construction in the space, and it’s from one of the owners of Chomp & Swig. We’ll keep you posted.

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Missing in Action: The speed hump at Clement & 36th

Speed hump? Really? Where?

We got a couple of emails recently about a mysterious disappearance in the outer Richmond.

There was a speed hump installed recently on Clement Street near the intersection of 36th Avenue. They even installed a warning sign on the north curb.

But suddenly, late last week, the speed hump vanished. Only the warning sign remains.

The SFMTA has been busy this year installing traffic calming in various spots around the neighborhood including Lake Street, the infamous (and neighborhood’s only) roundabout at 23rd Avenue and Anza, and out on Point Lobos Avenue.

Did they need the concrete from this hump for another project? Or did someone living nearby convince them it’s usefulness had expired? Or did a swampy sinkhole swallow it up?

It was a curious hump, on an uphill block – albeit on a long stretch of Clement Street that has no stop signs.

One reader wrote “it was huge – safe to cross it at 5 mph, no higher.” Maybe it was TOO big? Size does matter when it comes to humps.

If you’ve seen the hump wandering the neighborhood, let it know some residents have been asking about its well being. If we hear back from 311 on the matter, we’ll let you know.

UPDATE: The speed hump was removed because the initial installation was “out of spec” according to the SFMTA. As many of you have commented, the speed hump was too high. It will be replaced, but we were not given a firm date as to when. There are additional speed humps planned for that stretch of Clement as well.

Sarah B.

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Stolen car running red light leads to major accident at 10th Ave & Geary

Photo by jdonnellydc

At around 12:30pm on Wednesday, a major accident occurred at the intersection of Geary Boulevard and 10th Avenue. The Examiner reports that the crash was caused by a stolen car running the red light. The car was a blue, four door Honda.

At least four other cars were involved in the collision, including an upended Lexus SUV in front of the Mattress Discounters store.

All four drivers and one pedestrian were hospitalized but their condition is unknown. Police told onlookers that the street where the accident occurred would be closed for at least 4 hours.

Sarah B.

Photo by Derek

Photo by Derek

Photo by Derek

The stolen car. Photo by Derek

The stolen car. Photo by Derek

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Accident takes out streetlamp and water outlet at 14th Ave & Geary

Readers sent us pictures of a messy accident that occurred at 14th Avenue and Geary this morning.

We have not gotten details from the SFPD on the accident, but from the photos it appears a vehicle rammed into and took down a streetlamp in the median (with a no left turn sign attached) on Geary near the corner of 14th.

It appears the vehicle also collided with a water outlet in the median, releasing a flood into the roadway.

Reader Adriana reports that she was awoken at 5:30am by the crash, and that she observed “both passengers got out of the car just fine, the car however was completely destroyed”.

Thanks to readers Julie, Michael and Katy for the photos.

Sarah B.

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Traffic island being replaced at California/Cornwall & 7th Avenue

Photo by Roz A.

Reader Roz A. sent us the above photo today of work being done on the traffic island along California Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.

The island separates traffic between Cornwall and California Streets. Cornwall runs parallel to California from 7th Avenue up to Arguello Boulevard.

While she was there taking the photo, Roz witnessed an accident. She says the intersection is a difficult one and staff at Ashley’s Cafe on the northeast corner see about 2 accidents per week.

“It seems pretty negligent to not have some sort of stop or traffic calming. The fact that the stop sign is at 7th & Cornwall instead of at the island makes it confusing for drivers, I think. They have a tiny ped xing sign at the island on Cornwall & California, but i think it’s too low for drivers to see it,” Roz wrote in an email to us.

We’re not sure if the new traffic island will be any different or when it will be completed. But be on the lookout for construction crews, and keep your eyes peeled at that intersection!

Sarah B.

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Van vs. utility pole at 10th & California knocked out power on Saturday

Photo by @fishermp

Around 10:30am on Saturday morning, a white van collided with a utility pole on the southeast corner of the intersection. The collision knocked out power to several blocks in the immediate area, including the stop lights.

SFPD, SFFD and PG&E were on the scene for much of the day, shutting off two blocks of California Street from 9th Avenue to 11th Avenue to traffic. When we went by the scene at 3:45pm, police still had the streets closed off but by dusk, repairs were complete and streets were re-opened.

Some residents lost power immediately after the accident, particularly on the north side of California Street as far up as 12th Avenue. Power was restored around 1pm.

We have not heard what caused the van to crash, or if there were any injuries in the incident.

Sarah B.

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