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Video: Homebound seniors getting help from new RDNC food delivery program

The Richmond District Neighborhood Center is getting ready to kick off a pilot program for grocery delivery to homebound seniors in the Richmond District. The center says there are 16,000 seniors in the neighborhood, one quarter of which are unable to get to the grocery store on their own.

The RDNC uses their successful food pantry program to prepare the groceries, and then relies on volunteers to deliver them to seniors.

CBS News recently paid a visit to the center to profile the program, which you can watch in the video above.

To volunteer for the program, or to let the RDNC know about a Richmond District, homebound senior who could benefit from this program, contact Sarah Huck at sarah@rvbeacon.org or (415) 750-8554.

Sarah B.

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Fine craftsmanship in the printing of Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” at Arion Press

Local filmmaker and Richmond District resident James Kennard sent us this film he shot at Arion Press, the small printing company just inside the 14th Avenue Presidio gate that employs about ten people as printers, bookbinders, editors, and in other publishing roles.

For its 100th publication, Arion chose to create a handset deluxe limited edition of the text in the famed 1855 first edition of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.

Kennard’s film documents the making of the book which is nothing short of fascinating. The amount of craftsmanship, labor, detail and patience that went into the process is astounding. Publisher Andrew Hoyem narrates the film, showing you the most intimate moments of the book manufacturing process, which even includes Hoyem reading every page aloud to a proofreader that sits across from him.

Hoyem chose Leaves of Grass as Arion’s 100th publication as a tribute to his Arion Press predecessors Edwin and Robert Grabhorn, whose masterpiece was their 1930 edition of the Whitman poem.

“A holy book of the nation, along with the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence,” is how poet laureate Robert Hass describes Leaves of Grass. The appearance of this book of poems in the middle of the nineteenth century was revolutionary. No one had ever read poetry like this before. Ralph Waldo Emerson was so astonished and impressed that he wrote the thirty-five-year-old Whitman what must be the mash note of all time: “I greet you at the beginning of a great career, which yet must have had a long foreground somewhere, for such a start. I rubbed my eyes a little, to see if this sunbeam were no illusion; but the solid sense of the book is a sober certainty.” [Arion Press]

Kennard does a wonderful job of showing the minutia of the making of the book but also keeping you engrossed as the book comes to life, piece by piece, beginning with custom type being made in the press’ foundry.

The Arion Press edition of Leaves of Grass is limited to 275 copies with Arabic numerals for sale. The price is $1,250; contact Arion for more information (see the “Please Enquire” button at the bottom of this page).

Sarah B.

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Video: Drone’s eye view over Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach

It’s like someone made this video just for us… :) Nice views over Golden Gate Park including the Murphy Windmill, and some gorgeous shots of Ocean Beach at sunset with camp fires aglow.

Thanks to Rico for the tip.

Sarah B.

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Video: Stormy waters lead to multiple rescues at Ocean Beach Wed; two dead

UPDATE 9/26/14: The Chronicle reports that the son also died from the incident.

UPDATE 9/25/14: KTVU reports that the father who was pulled from the waves has been confirmed dead.

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Video: Chef Marcus Samuelsson shows off the Inner Richmond

Travel + Leisure sent Chef Marcus Samuelsson into the inner Richmond for an episode of his “B-Series” show, where he explores the lesser known areas of popular cities like San Francisco. In the video, Samuelsson stops at many of the great spots including the de Young tower, Green Apple Books, Schubert’s Bakery, Good Luck Dim Sum, Seedstore and more.

It’s a great little tour of our micro-hood! Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

Sarah B.

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Video: Seagull vs. Dungeness Crab

Ocean Beach, 9/21/14

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WNP History Minute: Army camps and race tracks in the early Richmond District

Did you know that the Richmond District was the stop-over point for troops on their way to the Philippines during the Spanish-American War? And that their camp was in the middle of a race track that was in the inner Richmond? Check out the latest history minute above from Western Neighborhoods Project to get the scoop!

Sarah B.

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Video: Green Apple takes on the ALS ice bucket challenge

Our friends at Green Apple Books were challenged by the Harvard Book Store to take the ALS ice bucket challenge. In typical fashion, the guys at Green Apple did it a little differently – and with the help of Mergatroid, the store’s mascot.

Sarah B.

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