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Video: Territorial bird harasses pedestrians in Golden Gate Park

Reader Ben L. sent us this video that youtuber Mila Z. captured of very territorial bird in Golden Gate Park, shot in June.

As you’ll see in the video, the bird stealthily swoops down and attacks the heads of unsuspecting pedestrians as they stroll by on MLK Drive near the north Botanical Garden entrance near Stow Lake. (A victim left a comment on this story telling us she was attached twice while jogging by!)

Mila observed this behavior for awhile and deduced that this was just one rogue bird.

“Very few of nesting blackbirds actually attack people. There were dozens nests around, but only this one bird kept attacking people,” Mila wrote in the video comments.

She also wryly observed that “Some people behaved much crazier than the bird.”

The reason for the attacks? As you’ll see at the end of the video, the bird’s behavior was an attempt to protect its nest, which had two baby birds in it.

Sarah B.

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Video: San Francisco is fogtastic

A little zen for your Wednesday…

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Video: Coyote looking for a snack at Sutro Park

Reader Kevin A. captured this video of a coyote hunting for a snack at Sutro Park on Tuesday evening around 8:30pm.

“I actually witnessed it catching 3 gophers within a couple of minutes!” Kevin told us.

Maybe Rec & Park should employ this guy for pest control? ;)

Sarah B.

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Local links: Sisters in crime, a coyote lady, Green Apple, historic video & more

Photo by Tony Jameson

Happy Thursday to everyone! Here are some local updates to get you to Friday…

  • At Sunday Streets last weekend on the Great Highway, a group tried to break the Guinness World Record for the longest skate chain. They didn’t succeed but it made for some good photos :)
  • The two sisters that were arrested this week on allegations of operating a sex-trafficking ring in the Richmond District were released on $50,000 bail. They have been charged with seven counts of pimping, seven counts of pandering, one count of conspiracy to pimp and one count of conspiracy to pander after allegedly operating brothels at 385 Seventh Ave. and 4719 Geary Blvd. They are due to be arraigned on Friday. [SF Chronicle]
  • We see coyotes frequently in the Richmond District, and one San Francisco woman has taken it upon herself to study and photograph them. “I do it because I love coyotes and want to dispel myths about them,” Kessler said. “I want to help people understand how we can coexist peacefully with these beautiful animals.” She’s also produced videos to educate people on how to get along with coyotes.
  • The Tidy Shoppe at 4050 Geary is offering new makeup classes. The first one on June 26 from 7-9pm is focused on “smokey eyes” and features instruction from Cindy Chan. The cost is $40 and you bring your own makeup. Sign up via their Facebook page or call 668-4050.
  • Green Apple Books will open their second location on 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset on August 1. Get all the details here including a look at the logo for the new store.
  • Speaking of Green Apple, owner Pete Mulvihill met a new “pal” at a recent event in NYC:

  • We don’t think we’ll ever “get” this business, or understand how they even STAY in business, but they continue to attract media attention. A journalist for Vice magazine paid a visit to the face-slapping masseuses at 14th Avenue and Geary. “The routine was like a bit from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage—but considering I was in a place where beauty-conscious people pay big bucks to get slapped in the face, how could I expect anything else?” Definitely one of the more bizarre pieces we’ve read this year.
  • Prelinger Archives found some unseen footage of Ocean Beach and Playland from 1942-43. In it you can see the Lurline Pier stretching out into the ocean, which was the intake pipe for pumping saltwater to the old Lurline Baths and Olympic Club pools downtown.

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Video: Yet another reason not to camp in the Park Presidio greenbelt: coyotes

Reader Simon L. shot this video at 6am on Saturday morning of a coyote scrounging for scraps near the corner of Funston and Clement.

And yes, that is a homeless camper just a few feet away, completely oblivious.

Sarah B.

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Video: Paddleboarders meet up with whales off Ocean Beach

Mike L. sent us this video of him and a buddy paddleboarding from Fort Point to Ocean Beach recently. Along the way, they met up with some Grey whales (and frolicking dolphins too).

My bud and I paddle boarded from Fort Point, San Francisco to Ocean Beach. We had the pleasure to have some beautiful video of Grey whales playing in Kelly’s cove. Watch til the end where there is a whale encounter :)

The viewing gets good right around the 2:15 mark and an amazing up-close-and-personal breech at the 3:20 mark.

Sarah B.

The paddleboarders spoke with KTVU about their encounter:

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Video: Tightrope walkers at Lands End

SF Citizen turned us onto this cool video of some highline walkers who set up at Lands End – “right underneath the noses of one of the most popular parks in the city”. Epic indeed…

Sarah B.

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Video: Bird’s eye view of surfing at Ocean Beach

Looks like someone rigged up a camera on a small craft of some sort, and managed to grab some nice video of the Ocean Beach surf (and some surfers). The music, well that could use some work, but we’re digging the visuals :)

Sarah B.

And another one:

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