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City plans to remove 20 residential parking spaces for car share companies

Parking is going to get even tougher for residents in the outer Richmond if the SFMTA gets approval tomorrow to convert 20 residential parking spaces into car share zones.

The Friday, July 11 the Sustainable Streets Division of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will hold a public hearing in which 10 different proposals will be considered to change street parking spaces into ones reserved for car share companies.

The detailed list of where these proposed changes is below, which includes spaces on 27th, 28th, 33rd, 34th, and 42nd Avenues, as well as Anza, Balboa and Cabrillo Streets. In total, it calls for 20 parking spaces to be changed to parking that is restricted to car share company vehicles only.

The 20 spaces being proposed in the outer Richmond District are just a small piece of the 900 total spaces that the SFMTA wants to convert across the city for a 2 year test program for car sharing.

Three car sharing companies – Zipcar, Bay Area nonprofit City CarShare and San Francisco’s Getaround – will be the recipients of the spaces. According to the Chronicle, the SFMTA approved the program after a smaller two-year test, involving a dozen street spaces, was deemed a success.

According to the agreement with the car sharing companies, at least 30 percent of the spaces have to be in the outer two-thirds of the city, and the price charged to the companies for spaces becomes less expensive in neighborhoods distant from downtown, as a way to encourage them to spread their vehicle fleet around the city. The monthly fee ranges from $50 per space per month in the outer third of the city to $150 in closer-in neighborhoods to $225 in the downtown area. [SFGate]

Some residents will be less than thrilled with this development, given how hard it can be for Richmond District residents to park in their own neighborhood. Reader Aram G. wrote us and said “this is yet another assault on Long term residents of San Francisco and needs to be stopped!!”

Still others, who don’t own cars, will find the ease of access to car sharing a welcome convenience.

“We appreciate that it’s a pretty big leap of faith,” Andy Thornley, project leader for the MTA told Pando this week. “And its important to remember that this is an experiment and not a forever thing, necessarily.”

Tomorrow’s SFMTA hearing takes place at City Hall (1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place) at 10am in Room 416 (Hearing Room 4) (view full meeting agenda). The public is welcome to attend and make comments.

Sarah B.

A. 27th Avenue, east side, from 24 feet to 64 feet north of Geary Boulevard (40-foot zone removes Post IDs #127-4660, #127-04640, for 2 car share parking permits–Z004 & Z095)
B. 28th Avenue, east side, from Clement Street to 38 feet northerly (38-foot zone, for 2 car share parking permits–Z001 & Z094)
C. 33rd Avenue, west side, from 16 feet to 52 feet south of Balboa Street (36-foot zone, for 2 car share parking permits–Z003 & Z093)
D. 34th Avenue, west side, from 16 feet to 52 feet north of Geary Boulevard (36-foot zone, for 2 car share parking permits–Z092 & Z002)
E. 42nd Avenue, east side, from 16 feet to 52 feet south of Geary Boulevard (36-foot zone, for 2 car share parking permits–Z005 & Z090)
F. 42nd Avenue, east side, from Balboa Street to 35 feet northerly (35-foot zone, for 2 car share parking permits–Z006 & Z091)
G. Anza Street, north side, from 9 feet to 29 feet east of 44th Avenue (20-foot zone, for 1 car share parking permit space–G038)
H. Balboa Street, south side, from 3 feet to 37 feet west of 20th Avenue (34-foot zone, for 2 car share parking permits–Z030 & Z096)
I. Balboa Street, south side, from 28 feet to 71 feet west of 6th Avenue (43-foot zone removes Post IDs #321-05050, #321-05070, for 2 car share parking permits–Z031 & Z098)
J. Cabrillo Street, south side, from 20 feet east of 37th Avenue (20-foot zone, for 1 car share parking permit space–G040)

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Photo: Old “Connie’s Market” sign uncovered at 5211 Geary

Photo by Ed P.

Two readers emailed us about the “Connie’s Market” sign that was uncovered at 5211 Geary near 16th Avenue. The wash and dry there has been closed for awhile and it appears renovations are underway.

According to the SF Department of Building inspection, the property is undergoing a change in use from a laundromat to an office with some bathroom remodeling thrown in.

Reader Ed P. says he recalls that Connie’s was the only market on Geary in the 1970’s between 15th and 18th Avenues.

We couldn’t find much else on ol’ Connie’s. If you have some memories, leave a comment to let us know.

Sarah B.

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Sunday Streets comes to Arguello Boulevard – this weekend!

This Sunday is the second annual Richmond District Sunday Streets. From 11am until 4pm on Sunday, Arguello Boulevard from Fulton to Lake Street will be closed to car traffic. This is your chance to roam the streets with total abandon!

Along the Sunday Streets route, you’ll find tons of fun vendors and activities. Last year’s inaugural Sunday Streets was full of interesting stuff including a sighting of llamas, several live bands along the route, dance demonstrations and games for kids. It’s a great chance to come out and meet your neighbors and enjoy the streets without worrying about cars.

Also going on will be the usual Sunday Farmer’s Market on Clement from Arguello to 4th Avenue (9am – 2pm).

You can download the full list of Sunday Streets activities here or watch the video of last year’s event to see what’s in store.

Want to keep your kids or family taskmaster busy during the event? Get them started with Sunday Streets bingo, where participants visit stations along the route and share their activities on social media for a chance to win prizes. Download the bingo board here

And if you want to continue onto some good eating, jump on the free shuttle at Arguello and Lake Street to the Off the Grid Picnic in the Presidio, which also runs from 11am until 4pm.

Note that pets are welcome along the Sunday Streets route but not in the Farmer’s Market area.

The Sunday Streets route will be closed to traffic from 11am until 4pm but also to any parking along the route. Cars that are parked along the Arguello route (both sides of the street) will be towed if not moved prior to 7am on Sunday morning.

If you have questions about the event or need to arrange vehicle access during the event times, contact Liza@livablecity.org or (415) 344-0489 x2.

If you have to drive to Sunday Streets (or want to invite friends from other neighborhoods to come visit!), Roosevelt Middle School will provide parking for $5 per car. They will have their schoolyard available for parking from 8:30am – 3:30pm; enter on Palm Avenue between Euclid and Geary. Note: They open their lot every Sunday for parking during the Farmer’s Market.
Sorry – we’ve been informed that the Roosevelt School lot is under construction and will not be available for parking.

Enjoy your streets this Sunday!

Sarah B.

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Looking back: Distressing street name changes; 1924 Ocean Beach roadhouse

View original image

We love our neighborhood history, so here’s a couple of interesting items for you…

@SF_Historian shared the above photo last week of a very grand 1924 roadhouse that was located on the northeast corner of Balboa near the Great Highway. It was called the Pacific Ocean House Ocean Beach Pavilion (among many other names) and you can see another photo of it here.

The Western Neighborhoods Project has written quite a bit on the roadhouses of the Great Highway and outer Richmond, which were popular destinations for drinking, dining and cavorting. Last year they even discovered some roadhouse architecture buried in the floorboards of a building on La Playa.

If you think NIMBYism is “new” to San Francisco, you’d be wrong (if you’re not familiar with the term it stands for “Not In My BackYard!”). It dates back at least as far as 1909 when there was uproar over proposed street name changes in the Richmond and Sunset Districts.

Chronicle columnist Gary Kamiya covered the controversy in his recent article Spanish street names upset Sunset, Richmond residents, detailing a time when residents feared that some proposed street name changes might “result in their neighborhood being renamed “Spanishtown” or “Dagoville.””

It was a complicated issue which eventually resulted in First Avenue becoming Arguello Boulevard and 49th Avenue becoming La Playa, plus A, B, and C Streets becoming Anza, Balboa and Cabrillo. There were additional street names changes in the Sunset District.

But that was after some severe anti-Spanish sentiments like this quote from a newspaper editorial: “What do we want with Spanish names, anyhow? Why, only the other day they shot a man there for speaking out the truth, and they have been the most cruel, tyrannical race in Europe.” Get the full story at SFGate.com

Sarah B.

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Happy 4th of July! Here’s hoping we don’t have fogworks

We hope everyone has a most excellent long weekend AND that @karlthefog stays away at least until 10pm tomorrow night :)

If you’re looking for ideas on where to watch the fireworks show, which are shot off in sync from the foot of the Municipal Pier and from barges north of Pier 39, check out the guide on CurbedSF.

Here in the hood, we’re fans of walking up and over to Crissy Field to catch the who, or standing at Inspiration Point in the Presidio to see them (though some of them get cut off by the hills). Where do you like to watch from?

The show should start just shortly before 9:30pm. And if we do get fogged in, you can always watch the spectacular video above of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary fireworks show.


Sarah B.

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Video: San Francisco is fogtastic

A little zen for your Wednesday…

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Man found dead in his home; Haz Mat crew called & residents evacuated

Photo by @bonanos

Both CBS News and SFAppeal are reporting this morning that a man was found dead inside his residence at 43rd Avenue and Clement Street near the VA Hospital. Police and fire found him after they responded to the residence for a welfare check just before 9am.

After discovering the body, police declared a hazardous materials situation in the apartment, which triggered an evacuation of other apartments in the building.

A hazmat crew was called to the scene, and the block of 43rd Avenue between Clement and Geary was closed to car traffic.

A little after 11am, reader @bonanos tweeted that residents were being allowed back into the building

Authorities have not indicated why the apartment was declared a hazardous materials situation.

UPDATE 1:59pm: SFWeekly reports that police spokesperson Sgt. Danielle Newman told them that “Emergency personnel located possible hazardous chemicals.”

UPDATE 7-3-14: The deceased man was Sam Young, a local photographer and videographer. The Examiner has more about him in this article. His cause of death is still unknown.

Sarah B.

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Sun halo at Fulton & 41st Avenue

Photo by Larf

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