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Rains cause muddy flooding at 15th Ave. Presidio gate

Local blog The Daily Kernel has a post about the recent flooding from some landfills in the Presidio. The neighbors living on 15th Avenue next to the Presidio gate have been getting their fair share of runoff from the recent rains. The landfills are part of the redevelopment project of the Veterans Hospital as it gets turned into housing.

While at the PAR meeting last week, President Ray Holland said there has been some finger pointing over the issue, as the property within the gate is under the purview of the Presidio Trust, while the street outside the gate falls under city jurisdiction. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out soon.

In one of the photos below you can see the standing water that is up against a house that borders the Presidio. Click here for more photos.

Sarah B.

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1903 film of the Cliff House & Ocean Beach

More fun from the Library of Congress Digital Collections. This time we travel back to September 23, 1903 and peek in on the scene at Ocean Beach. So many people!

You’ll love the outfits and won’t recognize a lot of the buildings. Full details of what you’re looking at is listed below. Enjoy!

Sarah B.

The following is a scene-by-scene description of the film, concentrating on background buildings:

[Frame: 0103] At left is the Lurline Pier (1894-1967), which protected the intake pipe for the downtown Lurline Baths (Larkin and Bush streets, 1894-1936). In the background at right is the first Beach Chalet (1900, moved in 1925), a small resort opposite the west end of Golden Gate Park (hidden behind the beach ridge and not yet grown tall). The adjacent tower is part of the closer pier.

[0244] At left center is the Dutch Windmill (1902), sails turning, marking the northwest corner of Golden Gate Park. Together with a later mill (1906) at the southwest corner, it pumped fresh water from an artesian well into the park lakes. The Dutch Windmill was restored in the 1980s, but its sails now turn by electrical power. At right center is a road house (no longer standing) called Cycler’s Rest for the bicyclers who rode to the beach.

[0493] The tank, roof, and chimney are all part of the Olympic Salt Water Company pumping station which pumped ocean water from the Lurline Pier to the downtown baths. On the beach in the foreground is a concession with a banner reading “Ice Cream 10 c.”

[0620] A group of American flags fly over the roller coaster, hidden behind the beach ridge.

[0900] The Ocean Beach Pavilion (1894), evolved from a concert/dance hall into Topsy’s Rest, a restaurant and night club. It was then absorbed into Playland to become Skateland, and later the Slotcar Raceway.

[1055] Seal Rock House (1858) seen here was the pioneer resort and hotel in the area. It survived into the “teens.” Note the dense beach crowd in the foreground.

[1104] The long shed adjacent to Seal Rock House was a wind-sheltered stable for the horses of hotel guests.

[1536] Adolph Sutro’s fantastic Cliff House combined architectural elements of the French chateau and the German castle.

[2215] A cut is made here as the camera is trained on children playing in the water. Seal Rocks are visible just offshore from the Cliff House, at left. Sutro gave the rocks names. Arch and Hermit Rocks are out of the frame; the visible rocks are (left to right) Cone, Repose, and the more distant North Seal.

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Beam me up, Scotty…from Sea Cliff

Check out this scene from last year’s Star Trek film. Looks like the Starfleet Academy is located in Sea Cliff and Baker Beach! Nice to know we have a bright future. ;)

Thanks to Janna for sending this in.

Sarah B.

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Calling all poets: represent the Richmond!

RichmondSFBlog reader Janna alerted me to a city-wide contest called Poets 11. So named because the contest calls for poems from every neighborhood and features readings at branch libraries in each of the City’s 11 districts.

Now in its third year, Poets 11 celebrates San Francisco’s rich literary life and thriving poetry community. It’s organized by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library and their Poet-in-Residence Jack Hirschman, together with the San Francisco Public Library.

Local poets are encouraged to submit up to three poems. Poetry is chosen by Hirschman and selected poets are announced at each of the branch events. All types of poetry are accepted. Writings which reflect San Francisco’s diversity of language and culture and those written in languages other than English are highly encouraged.

Need some inspiration or instruction? Check out the Richmond Library’s “Everyone is a Poet” program this Wednesday night from 6-7:30pm. The workshop offers fun and easy ways to create poetry and to nurture the poet within. Llimited to 25 participants; to register, call 355-5600.

Here’s your chance to represent the Richmond! If you’re a poet and you know it (or don’t), get all the info you need at the Poets 11 website.

Sarah B.

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Ocean Beach Town Hall Meeting, Jan. 25

This Monday night, there will be an urgent Town Hall Meeting to discuss Ocean Beach erosion. The meeting will be held in the Park Chalet restaurant on Monday night at 7pm.

Frank Filice, DPW Project Manager in charge of the City’s response to and management of the current erosion situation south of Sloat Blvd., will provide information about the City’s emergency declaration, short term strategy and process for engaging the public in the development of a long term solution.

Everyone who has an interest in the preservation and future of Ocean Beach is encouraged to attend. The emergency declaration will go before the Board of Supervisors for ratification the following day, Tuesday the 26th. For questions or more information, please email Lara Truppelli at Lara@beachchalet.com.

Thanks to Donna for sending this in.

Sarah B.

Dirt underneath a parking lot at the south end of the Great Highway is eroding away.
Photo: Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

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Panda Country Kitchen named in Top 100 Chinese restaurants

Via SF Citizen comes the news that one of our neigborhood restaurants was named to the national Top 100 Chinese Restaurants list.

The list was compiled by Chinese Restaurant News, and I’m not sure what the criteria was (e.g. did the restaurant have to be an advertiser?). Another SF restaurant, Ana Mandara (891 Beach), made the top 10.

Reviews on Yelp are mixed for Panda Country Kitchen, but average out to 4 of 5 stars.

Any RichmondSFBlog readers eaten there? Give us your review in the comments!

Sarah B.

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Slip n’ slide at Sutro Baths (video)

Came across these fun clips of Sutro Baths from the Library of Congress Edison films catalog. Filmed August 22, 1897. Looks like fun!

Sarah B.

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Get in the swing with dance classes at the YMCA

Want to try something new this year? Sign up for a dance class at the Richmond District YMCA!

Both the East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop classes will be taught on Friday nights by Catrine Ljunggren, world renowned Lindy Hop Revivalist and master dance instructor.

Each class meets every Friday night for 12 weeks, beginning February 5. The cost is $79 for YMCA facility members, $89 for program members, and $109 for community members.

For more information or to sign up, stop by the front desk at the Richmond District YMCA, 360 18th Avenue (666-9622).

East Coast Swing, Friday nights
February 5 – April 30, 2010, 7-8pm

Lindy Hop, Friday nights
February 5 – April 30, 2010, 8-9pm

Sarah B.

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