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GGP Hearing led by Supervisor Mar, Dec. 14

On Monday, December 14, Supervisor Eric Mar will hold a hearing about the management of large public and private events in Golden Gate Park, such as Outside Lands and some of the other large scale festivals that we have every year.

The discussion will focus on traffic, transportation, clean-up, parking, noise, safety, outreach and neighborhood notification for the events. If you’d like to share your thoughts with the Land Use Committee and Supervisor Mar, please attend the hearing which will be held at 1pm at City Hall, Room 263.

If you can’t attend the meeting but want to send Supervisor Mar your thoughts on these issues, contact him here.

Sarah B.

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Plus size fashions on Clement Street

The Chronicle ran a piece yesterday on plus size fashions in which they mentioned Clement Street’s Go Figure:

Not the trendy type? For a more artful look, Go Figure, a popular plus-size boutique on Clement Street, delivers with lots of classic looks from European and Scandinavian brands. The boutique carries lots of hard-to-find labels in nicer fabrications than the polyester of old.

“I make every effort to get the silks, satins and georgettes,” says owner Carolyn Honig. “My customer spans all ages and is looking for a more arty, unusual look.”

I took a look at Go Figure’s website where their tag line is “Clothes for Women of Generous Proportions”. It turns out the owner, Carolyn Honig, is native to the neighborhood:

In May 2001, Carolyn Honig, a San Francisco native, returned to her childhood neighborhood on Clement Street in San Francisco to open Go Figure. Carolyn’s belief is that clothes enhance and transform the way a woman feels. She should be comfortable and proud of what she is wearing and how she looks. Go Figure caters to women sizes 12 and up.

Go Figure is located at 124 Clement near 3rd Avenue. Check out their website to see what they offer in dressy and casual clothing, activewear, accessories and more.

Sarah B.

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Retail changes along Clement Street

During my walk along Clement Street today I noticed several changes to the storefronts.

Pinelli’s Flowerland at Clement & 9th finally got the shiny facade it deserves. The poor building has been peeling away for awhile now. Curiously the side of the building near the top did not get painted, but the front and shingle repairs along the front are very welcome.

How many houseware and restaurant supply shops does Clement Street need? Apparently, not as many as we thought. You can find three large ones within 100 yards of each other at 7th and Clement: Dynamo Home Supplies, May Shun Trading Co. and the big daddy of them all, Kamei. But it looks like Dynamo is ready to bow out of the race. They have a closing sale sign out front. Real or just a sales ploy? Was it just one of these new pop-up shops that are trendy? Time will tell.

The space that was 7-11 at 10th and Clement is showing news signs of life. The plywood is gone and something is happening inside. No signs of what yet, but hopefully something we can all use. And please, no more housewares!

Framed and Cornered on Clement Street near 12th Avenue has closed their doors. The store is empty and a for lease sign hangs in the window. I never frequented this business, but it looked like it had been around for a very long time. They always had some nice old San Francisco posters in the window.

Sarah B.

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Toy and coat drives in the neighborhood

San Franciso Federal Credit Union locations in the city, including the one at Geary & 8th Avenue, are holding toy and coat drives for the holiday season.

The toy drive for S.F. Firefighters Toy Program runs from now until December 19th. Bring in a new, unwrapped toy to the branch approproate for age infants up to 12 years, and drop it in the marked barrel.

Angelina’s Cafe at California and 22nd Avenue is also hosting a barrel for the S.F. Firefighters Toy Program. Stop by during business hours to make your donation (everyday, 6:30am to 5:00pm).

Your donation of warm coats for the Women’s Community Clinic are also needed. Drop off new or gently used men’s, women’s and children’s coats to the credit union from now until January 15, 2010.

The local branch of the SF Federal Credit Union is located at 4375 Geary Blvd. at 8th Avenue, and is open during the following hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Wednesday: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

The SF Federal Credit Union also has branches at 770 Golden Gate Avenue at Gough Street and 2645 Ocean Avenue at 19th Avenue.

And remember, the Balboa Theater is also holding a food drive this season. More info here

Sarah B.

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Police Blotter – December 4, 2009

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of December 4, 2009. To be added to the station's mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org or visit their website.]

The Police Department is in the process of re-organizing the Bureau of Inspectors. What this means for Richmond Station is that starting this week our staffing increased by one lieutenant and four police investigators. Redeployment of investigative resources to our station puts investigators closer to crime and to the communities we serve. I am delighted to have additional help with investigating crimes and to see that our arrests are aggressively prosecuted. Lieutenant Mark Mahoney will be leading all plain clothes operations and investigations here at the station.

We held our first community advisory board meeting on December 2, 2009.Twenty two Richmond District residents attended the meeting and committed to rolling up their sleeves and working collaboratively to solve our District’s public safety challenges. We are meeting again on January 6, 2009.

During the past week, there were 17 traffic accidents, 5 involving injuries. There were 4 citations issued for driving without a license or driving on a suspended license. There were 3 arrests for driving under the influence.

On 11/28/09 at 12:40am officers responded to a call from a male who wanted to report that he had been kicked out of a bar. They arrived and met the caller, who was intoxicated and upset. He told the officers that he had been “kicked out for no reason” and that he wasn’t drunk and had only “had ten drinks.” The male became more agitated and started swearing at the officers. The individual assaulted one of the officers, and was arrested for threatening an officer, battery on an officer causing injury and for being intoxicated in public.

On 11/28/09 at 11:00pm officers were patrolling on Geary and 8th Avenue when they noticed that the vehicle in front of them had a loud and oversized muffler. The officers ran the license plate of the car and determined that it had been reported stolen. A traffic stop was effected and the driver and passenger were detained. The driver, a 23 year old male, told the officers that he had borrowed the car from a friend and didn’t know it was stolen. The male was charged with stolen auto.

On 11/30/09 at 6:00pm a delivery service van was traveling west on Jackson Street approaching Divisadero. A vehicle traveling eastbound on Jackson Street struck the van as it passed, causing the side view mirror of the vehicle to fly off. The driver of the passing vehicle stopped behind the van and the retrieved the mirror. The driver of the delivery van asked the other party to exchange information, but the driver refused to provide his information. When all attempts by the delivery van driver to exchange insurance information failed he called for the police. As the van driver walked over to the other parties’ vehicle to give the dispatcher the license plate, the other driver grabbed him from behind and put him in a chokehold. The delivery driver was able to tell the dispatcher what was going on as well as provide the license plate. During the struggle, the suspect grabbed the delivery driver’s insurance papers out of his hand and the fled in his car. The officers later located the driver at his residence and the 25 year old male was charged with hit and run and robbery.

On 12/01/09 at 6:15pm officers responded to a call of a possibly mentally ill woman on the 1000 block of Great Highway. When officers arrived they were told that a woman had been stalking a member of a band that was playing at the restaurant that evening, but that she had departed prior to the officer’s arrival. Officers located her a short time later and she was screaming in unintelligible tones. The officers summoned an ambulance as she appeared to be in an altered mental state. The officers determined that she had narcotics in her possession and after being cleared by medical personnel the woman was charged her with narcotic violations.

Between 11/27/09 at 1200pm and 11/30/09 at 4:00pm a suspect gained entry into a garage on the 600 block of 24th Avenue and took a bike. There were no signs of forced entry.

On 11/28/09 at 2:05am 3 friends had just left a bar on the 5300 block of Geary. They were suddenly approached by 10 males, one of whom was under the impression that the three friends were having an argument. When told that everything was ok, the group of ten attacked one of the victims, punching and kicking him. When one of the victim’s friends jumped in to help, he was assaulted. The manager of the bar came out and saw what was happening and told everyone to stop fighting and leave the area. The suspects complied and the victims called 911. An ambulance was summoned but both victims refused medical treatment.

Between 11/28/09 at 10am and 11/30/09 at 1:30pm on the 2400 block of Post Street, a suspect entered into an apartment by breaking a kitchen window. The suspect took DVD’s and clothing.

On 11/29/09 at 2:10am a victim was walking on the 400 block of 18th Avenue. The victim was approached by four males; one of them asked the victim if he wanted to buy “some weed.” The victim refused and one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and told the victim to give up his money. Fearing for his life, the victim ran away towards Geary, while the suspects fled towards Anza. The suspects were described as males wearing dark clothing. There was no loss.

On 11/29/09 at 2:30pm two men rang the bell to a home of an elderly woman on the 500 block of 20th Avenue. The men told the woman that they would be interested in purchasing her home if it ever came on the market, and in that connection asked for a tour the house. The woman walked them through the entire home, which took about a half hour. When the victim’s son came home later in the day his mother told him what had happened and he discovered his wallet was missing from inside the home.

Between 11/30/09 at 6:30pm and 12/01/09 at 7:30am a suspect gained entry into a business on the 4600 Block of Geary by forcing open a tradesman door,. The suspect was then able to enter the business via an unlocked rear door and accessed an ATM machine inside the business. The suspect took an unknown amount of cash and a laptop.

On 12/01/09 at 1:07am a victim had just arrived at an apartment building on the 400 block of 10th Avenue. The victim saw the four suspects come out from behind a wall and they started attacking him. As the victim tried to flee but one of the suspects grabbed the victims backpack off of his back. The suspects then fled in a light colored mini-van. They were described as males in their late 20’s wearing dark jackets and blue jeans

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Playland at the Beach profiled in Eye on the Bay (video)

During Thanksgiving week, CBS5′s Eye on the Bay featured a short segment on Playland at the Beach, the amusement park that was located in the Richmond District along the Great Highway until it closed in 1972.

Check out the short video below which also features Playland-not-at-the-Beach, a fun center in El Cerrito where a lot of the Playland history and artifacts are on display.

Sarah B.

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Did you spend Thanksgiving on a monster wave?

The surfers out at Mavericks did. Their steel balls astound me every year and I just had to share some of these amazing pics from their high surf shenanigans on Thanksgiving Day. See more pics on the Mavericks website.

Latest rumor is that the annual surf contest will be next Tuesday. Thanks to SFist for the tip.

Sarah B.

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The best ramen and the worst name

Don’t worry, the title doesn’t refer to the same restaurant but to a couple of different foodie items in today’s news.

The UCSF Student newspaper, Synapse, listed what they consider the best ramen spots in the city. As the writer, James Han, points out, why would you pay $10 for a bowl of ramen when you can buy and prepare it yourself for about 99¢? Simply because these places know what ramen is supposed to taste like.

And who doesn’t like ramen? As Han says, “it’s affordable, immensely easy to prepare and tastes “umm so good” especially when the weather gets a bit chilly outside.”

Who was our local winner? Oyaji Restaurant at 3123 Clement near 32nd Avenue. “Oyaji is a place that offers the most authentic taste. This place came with great recommendation from a number of first-generation Japanese-Americans in the City: be sure to make a reservation if you’re going there for a dinner.” Thanks, James for the tip!

SF Weekly ran a funny article today listing out some of the most unappealing restaurant names in the city. Our local winner in this article was Khan Toke Thai House (5937 Geary at 24th Ave.). Say the name slowly – Kan Thoke Thai House. As the article points out, “Yo, it’s cool that you khan toke up in there, but all that smoke surely gets in the way of the food.”

The good news is they get high marks on Yelp, so don’t take the name too seriously. ;)

Sarah B.

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