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$5 Million grant awarded for Land’s End improvements

Planning Association for the Richmond (PAR) reports that the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy has received a new $5 million grant from the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund to support restoration efforts at Land’s End.

The gift from the Goldman Fund will enhance the following projects and anchor work already completed at Land’s End:

  • Visitor center at the Land’s End Trailhead at Merrie Way with informational displays describing the area’s rich cultural and natural history. This facility will allow locals and visitors to enjoy an indoor space that will complement the dramatic outdoor restoration work already completed.
  • Improve the Trailhead and Overlook at the end of Camino del Mar, overlooking the coastal trail on the Pacific.
  • Restore and improve the Eagles Point Trailhead and Overlook that will create an accessible trail from Eagle’s Point at the edge of the Sea Cliff neighborhood.

    Amy Lyons, executive director of the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, said “Lands End has always been special to Mr. Goldman as he used to walk there with his father as a young boy and continued the tradition with his grandchildren.”

    Land’s End attracts over 1 million visitors each year. A recent NPS survey indicates that within a 48-hour period, almost 5,800 people visited the area.

    Sarah B.

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  • Apr-21-2010

    Police Blotter – April 19, 2010

    [Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of April 19, 2010. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

    About two weeks ago there was a grand theft committed on a MUNI bus at 33rd Avenue and Geary Boulevard . A MUNI driver had parked his bus and exited briefly. It was then that three young passengers stole the driver’s Muni Railway jacket, which had been hanging near the driver’s seat. The suspects fled with the coat which contained several items of personal property, including the driver’s hearing aids. The hearing aids were valued at $2500.

    Officer T. Moore, Richmond ’s school car officer, contacted MUNI authorities to obtain video recordings made inside of the bus at the time of the theft. Officer Moore was able to print photos of the suspects from the video data and then he visited nearby schools in an effort to identify the suspects. He was successful in his endeavors and two of the three suspects were arrested and cited for the theft last week.

    Officer Moore was able to reunite the driver with his coat; however, the hearing aids couldn’t be located. I am delighted with Officer Moore’s tenacity and the manner in which embraces his duties. He is well suited to police work and we are lucky to have him working with the youth in our community. I am confident that the juvenile authorities will be seeking restitution for the driver’s loss.

    On April 20, 2010 we received a report that Muni Driver’s coat had been stolen from a bus at 6th Avenue and Geary Boulevard . Officers quickly recovered the coat; however, the thief could not be located.

    On 04/11/10 at approximately 5:30pm a victim and two of his friends were inside the victim’s home on the 6300 block of California Street . Two suspects, one of whom was an acquaintance of the victim, dropped by for a visit. After being in the home for an hour, one of the suspects brandished a handgun and ordered the victim and his friends to the ground. The suspects tied up three victims with zip-ties, robbed the victims and fled the scene. The victims were able to free themselves and called 911. Two of the victims then searched the area for the suspects. The victims located the suspects’ truck on the 2500 block of Lake Street . The victims waited until the suspects returned and confronted them. A fight ensued and, when the victim saw that the suspect was reaching for the gun, he struck him in the face. Some of the victim’s property fell to the ground and was retrieved. At this point the victims left the scene. Several witnesses called 911 to report the fight and officers arrived on scene and located both suspects. Both had been injured, one seriously, both were transported to a local hospital. The victims sustained minor injuries. The suspects, one 36 year old male and one 28 year old male, were charged with robbery and false imprisonment.

    On 04/12/10 at 5:05pm a Public Works Department employee observed a juvenile graffiti a traffic signs on the 300 block of 11th Avenue . The employee contacted the police and kept an eye on the suspect until officers arrived. He pointed out the suspect, a 16 year old male, who admitted to officers that he did in fact “tag” the sign. The perpetrator was charged with vandalism and released to his parent.

    On 04/10/10 between 2:30pm and 4:30pm a suspect took a bike that was locked at the bike rack outside the Academy of Sciences .

    On 04/12 at 2:30pm a suspect walked into a bank on the 2800 block of Geary Boulevard . He approached the teller and handed the teller a note demanding money. The teller complied and the suspect fled the bank. When the manager became aware of what had just occurred he ran out and observed the suspect get into a vehicle and drive off south on Collins Street . The suspect was described as a male 40-50 years of age wearing a black jacket, gray polo shirt and black pants. He was also carrying a briefcase.

    Between 04/17/10 at 9:00pm and 04/18/110 at 6:15pm on the 2000 block of Pierce Street a suspect entered into a garage and took a bike. There were no signs of forced entry.

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    Overnight adventures for kids at the Academy this summer

    SFCitizen’s got the scoop on a new California Academy of Sciences program debuting this summer: sleepovers. Yay!

    Starting this summer, kids can camp out for a night at the California Academy of Sciences—and see the museum in a whole new light. The “Penguins and Pajamas” sleepover program, for children ages 6 and over and their adult chaperones, will launch with three summer events on Friday, June 18, July 16, and August 13. Tickets ($119 or $99 for Academy members) will be available at calacademy.org beginning on May 1.

    Here’s how the overnight will play out:

    Doors will open at 6:30 pm, when sleepover guests are invited to come in and explore the Academy after it’s closed to the public. Participants can take in the evening songs of the rainforest birds, sing “twinkle twinkle” to a sea star at the Discovery Tidepool, and watch the fish cruise under the moonlight in the Philippine Coral Reef tank. Then, guests can catch a special penguin talk, and become stargazing gurus during an after-hours planetarium show.

    Before bedtime, sleepover guests can grab a snack of cookies and milk and settle in for story time, featuring “Pierre the Penguin,” the true story of the Academy’s famous wetsuit-wearing penguin. When the lights go out, participants can unroll their sleeping bags in African Hall, next to the swaying kelp of the California Coast tank, or even at the Swamp window, face-to-face with Claude, the albino alligator. In the morning, it’s time to rise and shine, then head over to the Academy Café for breakfast before the sleepover event ends at 8:30 am.

    The “Penguins and Pajamas” Academy sleepover package includes overnight parking in the Music Concourse parking garage as well as next-day museum admission, breakfast, snacks, and a special commemorative gift. Dinner is available for purchase at the Academy Café or the Moss Room.

    Can adults go on their own? Sounds fun! :)

    Sarah B.

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    PAR general meeting tomorrow night, April 21

    Tomorrow night, April 21, the Planning Association for the Richmond (PAR) will hold a public, general meeting at the Richmond Recreation Center, 251 18th Avenue, from 7pm – 9pm.

    Topics on the agenda include:

    1) Pilot plan to extend parking meter hours in the Richmond
    2) CleanPowerSF (their proposal for the City to take over electrical power generation from PG&E)
    3) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Geary Boulevard (latest news and proposals for Fillmore, Masonic intersections)
    4) Update on plans for the Alexandria Theater
    5) proposal to mix well water with Hetch Hetchy water for users on the west side of the city.

    Sarah B.

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    Man rescued from cliffs at Land’s End

    The SFAppeal reports that a middle-aged man suffered a compound fracture to his leg and hypothermia while he was stranded on a cliff at Lands End overnight.

    The man, who appeared to be homeless, had been hiking at Land’s End when he slipped and fell on a wet trail Monday night. He landed on a ledge below the Lincoln Park Golf Course.

    A hiker heard him this afternoon and called authorities to the scene, where they were able to reach him by foot and put him in a stretcher. A California Highway Patrol helicopter arrived a little before 2pm to take him to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.

    Sarah B.

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    Alexandria development meeting next Thursday; detailed plans available

    Cassandra Costello from Supervisor Eric Mar’s reports that there will be a follow-up meeting next week regarding the development plans for the Alexandria. The 6pm meeting will be next Thursday, April 29 at the Richmond Recreation Center, 251 18th Avenue.

    Project consultant Drake Gardener as well as members of the Planning Department will be there to go over the plans and take questions about the project.

    Costello also included more detailed plans with the email, including architectural drawings and plans for handling the historic restoration. Download the documents below:

    Alexandria Plans (11 pages, PDF)
    Alexandria Plans – Historical Detail (3 pages, PDF)

    Sarah B.

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    Bouquets to Art ticket winners

    Congratulations to Judy G. and Amanda H. They each won a pair of tickets to the Bouquets to Art exhibition at the de Young this week.

    Here are the Richmond District flower shops and specialty stores that people mentioned with their entries:

    Amazing Flowers & Events, 5522 Geary
    Balboa Green Garden, 3637 Balboa
    Fleurt, 15 Clement Street
    Gazebo, 201 Clement
    House of Flowers, 6040 Geary
    Japonica, 5503 California
    Petals to Please, 5138 Geary
    Pinelli’s Flowerland, 714 Clement Street

    Sarah B.

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    Woman attacked behind Beach Chalet restaurant

    If you wondered why there were a lot of cops and helicopters flying over the west end of Golden Gate Park last night, it’s because police were looking for suspects in an attack.

    The incident occured around 9pm last night. A group of friends and family had been at the restaurant since 4pm and then went their separate ways.

    According to The SFAppeal:

    When a female friend went to check on the woman, she heard some moaning in the bushes behind the chalet. She went and told a male relative of the woman, who went to find her, using his cell phone to light the way, Police spokesman Officer Albie Esparza Esparza said.

    “It was 70 feet back, and it was pitch dark,” Esparza said. The relative found three men near the woman, who was lying on the ground, and a fourth man standing nearby. The relative confronted them, and they ran off, Esparza said.

    The woman was found unconscious and later hospitalized for minor injuries to her head. Police then searched the area and detained two men for questioning, but they were not arrested.

    Esparza says, “It’s not a confirmed sexual assault. We’re still trying to gather that information to make a determination.”

    Sarah B.

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