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Basketball Invitational at Star of the Sea School, Jan. 30

On Saturday, January 30, Star of the Sea continues their centennial celebrations with a Basketball Invitational featuring some of the oldest Catholic elementary schools in the city.

The all-day event will feature exhibition basketball games, free throw shoot-a-thons, raffles, prizes, food, and limited edition T-shirts available for purchase.

Participating schools include Mission Dolores (founded 1852), Saint Peter (1878), Saint Anthony/Immaculate Conception (1894), Saint Charles (1894), and Saint James (1906).

The Invitational will take place from 9am to 9pm at the Star of the Sea Gym, 345 8th Avenue. Admission for students K-8 is $1, and general admission is $2, with all proceeds going to the Star of the Sea Centennial science lab. For more information call 415-221-3399.

Sarah B.

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Today’s schizophrenic weather

Check out the time lapse video from the ob-kc.com surf cam at Ocean Beach today. This is just a clip from 3 to 4pm.

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry. Batten down the hatches – another one is on the way!

Sarah B.

Music: “Rinse the Raindrops” by Paul McCartney | Driving Rain

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Photo by Troy McClure SF

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Hey drivers, JFK Drive is closed today

RichmondSFBlog reader Chris sent in a note to me today about the JFK Drive closure in Golden Gate Park. Normally, the area is only closed off to cars on Sundays, but due to the MLK holiday, it was also closed off with barricades this morning.

During his morning jog, Chris noticed the barricades and realized it was due to the holiday. He was looking forward to a car-free run (in the rain?) but said, “I was not long jogging on JFK when I encountered on-coming vehicle traffic! I followed the car back to where I could see it come upon the barrier blocking its egress from the supposed car-free zone, and watched the driver get out, move the barrier, and drive through.”

Chris said he tried to call 311 but they hung up on him. Chris saw several pedestrians in the road, walking, who like him assumed that JFK Drive was closed to traffic.

Chris also called the police and after awhile, they did show up and immediately put the barrier back in place. The cops said that most people don’t think of MLK Day as a holiday that would result in a car-free Golden Gate Park.

So then, why San Francisco, do you leave up the barricades and not enforce the closure? If you don’t have the police to enforce the closure, just leave JFK Drive open to cars. Then pedestrians will know to stay safe on the sidewalks.

And to those drivers out there jumping the barricades I say, really? Really? Wouldn’t it be a clear signal to you that the road is closed when a barrier is strung across it?

Sarah B.

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“Shanty Tramp” at the 4-Star, Jan. 21

Continuing their series of classic B-movies, Thrillville presents Shanty Tramp at the 4-Star Theater on Thursday night.

The scintillating synopsis of this 1967 gem: On a hot night in Dixie, the local shanty tramp heads out for adventure and leaves disaster in her wake. The lust she excites in the local men leads to fights, murders, lynch mobs, ruined reputations, and broken homes.

Listen to the provocative radio commercial that ran to promote the film:

In addition to this steamy film, enjoy entertainment from Hubba Hubba Revue, “San Francisco’s biggest, wildest, most elaborate burlesque & variety show”.

The show begins at 8pm at the 4-Star Theater on Clement Street. Tickets are $10.

Sarah B.

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Man Sentenced For Molesting 5 Girls at Rossi Pool

A 37-year-old San Francisco man was sentenced Friday to 14 years in state prison for molesting five girls at a Rossi Public Swimming Pool in 2007, according to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Leroy Korney Vo was convicted last October on five counts of committing a lewd act upon a child under 14 years old, one misdemeanor count of battery, and five misdemeanor counts of annoying or molesting a child under 18 years old.

Vo’s victims included two, 18 year old girls and three, 11 year old girls. Vo touched the girls inappropriately while they were swimming and in one case, exposed himself in the pool. One of the lifeguards witnessed Vo touching a girl.

Read the full story at cbs5.com

Sarah B.

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Early morning Doyle Drive ramp closures, Jan. 19 & 23

To prepare for the upcoming Presidio Parkway construction project, the southbound Doyle Drive/Hwy 101 to southbound Hwy 1/Park Presidio Boulevard will be closed for brief periods on:

Tuesday, January 19: Midnight to 5am
Saturday, January 23: 4am – 10am

This is the ramp that you would use when returning from Marin. As an alternative, you can exit immediately after the GG Bridge toll plaza and wind through the Presidio to get back to the Richmond via 15th or 25th Avenue. Advisory and detour information.

Sarah B.

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Botanical Garden’s Gondwana Circle design winner

Last year, the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park held a design competition, calling for entries for a new installation to replace the center fountain. The mission: design a solution that effectively communicates the historical significance of Gondwana in relation to the evolution and current horticultural communities of the Southern Hemisphere.

Gondwana is the name the 200 million year old supercontinent that eventually broke apart to include most of the landmasses in today’s southern hemisphere, including Antarctica, South America, Africa, Madagascar, Australia-New Guinea, and New Zealand.

The competition received 89 entries and late last year, they named the winners: Michael Overby and Emma Fuller. Their design, pictured below, is a “Gondwana Stonehenge” of sorts, with tall pillars that represent the six different land masses that once made up the supercontinent.

The designers had several objectives to meet, including making the space educational, beautiful and a nice respite within the garden that visitors could enjoy. Each pillar in the cirle will be imprinted with the land mass in its modern configuration and flowering plants specific to each will be set into the shelves of the pillars. There will also be stone benches placed throughout.

Overby and Fuller were interviewed for the SF Botanical Garden podcast which you can listen to below. In the interview, they said they hope that people will see this project as something that is a small contribution to the already beautiful gardens.

While the design has been decided upon, the Botanical Garden still needs to raise funds to construct the new Gondwana Circle. According to their contest submission, Overby and Fuller estimate that costs could run between $149,000 to $200,000.

Let’s hope that gets raised soon – this will be a great addition to the garden.

Sarah B.

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