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Zooming along the Great Highway

Photo by pbo31.

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The ruins of Sutro Baths (video)

Check out this lovely, short film made by Barton Bishoff that explores the ruins of Sutro Baths, which burned down in 1966 (video). On his blog, Barton sums up nicely what it’s like to visit this once grand landmark:

A stroll on the ruins is fascinating and it’s easy to imagine what must have taken place over several decades: sounds of music from the 8,000 seat concert hall, people screaming and laughing in 7 tanks of different temperatures, a luxurious palace with staircases, 500 rooms, palm trees, and the feeling that this is how kings play.

The film’s music is Maurice Ravel’s String Quartet in F Major, Allegro moderato – Très doux.

Sarah B.

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High marks for Hakka Restaurant

Earlier this year, Hakka Restaurant replaced the Taishan Cafe out on Cabrillo. Yesterday the Examiner reviewed Hakka, which serves Chinese food that is similar to Cantonese style, “though simpler, humbler and even more focused on the freshness of ingredients”.

The name Hakka comes from the Chinese people that settled in the southern, mountainous areas of Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong provinces.

Reviewer Patricia Unterman had good things to say about Hakka’s deep-fried pumpkin strips, a favorite on the menu.

“Platters of deep-fried pumpkin strips coated with salted egg ($6.95) appeared on every table. [Chef Li Jin Hiu] told me that it is a dish from his village. We’re lucky it traveled here. Small tender slices of kabocha squash get a crisp, salty, gritty crust that whispers of anchovy — it’s the salted egg.”

Unterman also praised the Salt-baked chicken, another specialty of the house. She says “the meat is moist, chewy and essentially chickeny” and “the breast pieces of this chicken had exceptional character. The skin, though golden brown, isn’t crisp but adds unctuousness, the way butter does on bread.”

She called Hakka’s sautéed Chinese broccoli with rice wine “one of the best vegetable dishes in town, period” and closed by saying, “The freshness of the food matches the freshly painted dining room where a spirit of generosity pervades. Deep in the Richmond district, the homey, friendly Hakka Restaurant distinguishes itself with heartfelt cooking.”

Read the full review at sfexaminer.com

Hakka Restaurant is located at 4401-A Cabrillo Street at 45th Avenue (876-6898) and are open 11am-9:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 11am-10pm Friday through Sunday.

Have you eaten at Hakka? Tell us what you thought of your meal in the comments.

Sarah B.

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They will walk like Egyptians

Congratulations to the winners in our Dr. Zahi Hawass lecture ticket giveaway. They all correctly provided Dr. Hawass’ birthday (May 28, 1947) and were drawn randomly from all the correct entries.

Edward P.
Joe J.
Cameron S.
Nicholas E.
Brandie P.

They’ll each receive two tickets to Dr. Hawass’ lecture, “Mysteries of Tutankhamun Revealed” at the War Memorial Opera House on Monday, March 8 at 7:30pm.

If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, tickets are still available at Ticketmaster ($15).

Dr. Hawass will present the findings of the recently announced CT scan and DNA study, “Ancestry and Pathology of King Tut’s Family,” published in the recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. A book signing will follow the lecture.

Sarah B.

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Calling all writers: Learn how to get your book published

Do you call yourself a writer and keep your masterpiece manuscript hidden in the closet, hoping one day to be discovered? Or have you thought about writing a book but aren’t sure how to get it published?

Then head over to the Bazaar Cafe on March 10 for “How To Get A Book Published”, the latest in their “How To” workshop series. Whether you’re writing a novel, a memoir or another type of nonfiction, literary agent Ted Weinstein will explain how to navigate the rapidly changing publishing world and find success with your words.

Weinstein represents a wide range of authors, including NPR’s “Math Guy” Keith Devlin, NY Times bestseller Leander Kahney, the 826 Valencia writing centers, Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal, cartoonist and Internet sensation Jessica Hagy, and many more. More info about Weinstein and his clients is at twliterary.com.

The workshop is on Wednesday, March 10 at 7pm at the Bazaar Cafe, 5927 California Street near 21st Avenue. They’ve got great food and drink so sit back, enjoy a meal and absorb all you can about the world of publishing.

Sarah B.

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Looking north (photo)

A great shot of the neighborhood with the de Young’s tower in the foreground. Taken by Anomalous A.

Sarah B.

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Presidio Middle School presents “Aladdin”, March 12

Grab your magic carpet and fly over to Presidio Middle School (450 30th Avenue) next Friday night for their production of “Aladdin”, the story of a little boy and his magic lamp.

The play starts at 7pm and runs for one night only on Friday, March 12. Admission is $5 for adults, $3.50 for seniors and children.

Free parking is available in the schoolyard; enter on 29th Avenue between Clement and Geary.

Sarah B.

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More on “Morph”, new Japanese-Thai fusion bistro

SFWeekly got more details on the new bistro that is opening up at 5344 Geary near 18th Avenue (former home of Watami).

The owner, who likes to be called “T” (to spare us butchering his complicated Thai name), is in the final stages of transforming the restaurant into a 49-seat, clubby Thai fusion bistro, serving wine, beer and maybe soju cocktails.

“The concept is ‘morph,’ which means changing,” T says. That means the shortish menu of 10 to 15 items should mutate with the seasons and with customers’ tastes (monthly, more or less). “We want to see how people in the neighborhood are responding,” T says. Think green curry served with salmon, deep-fried rice-paper salmon rolls with wasabi dip, sweet-spicy chicken.

The restaurant is not short on sleek design elements, probably resulting from T’s background in architecture and web design. T is new to the restaurant biz but it sounds like he’s ready to roll with the culinary punches.

Look for Morph to open in the next week or so. In the meantime, you can keep up with Morph and see more photos on their Facebook page. They can also be reached at 742-5093.

UPDATE from EaterSF (3/4/10): According to owner, T.Tan, one of the major holdups is, ironically, the Rosenthal and Steelite plates he is waiting for from Germany and England, respectively: “I’m meticulous about presentation and plating. Everything should look the same when I open as it does when people come back a month or two after opening.”

Sarah B.

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