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Easter brunch, egg hunt and the Easter Bunny at Beach Chalet

If you’re looking for a spot for Easter Brunch this Sunday, check out the Beach Chalet restaurant.

Brunch will be served at 10am followed by an Easter egg hunt. Plus a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny at 11am. Price is listed as $30 and under per person.

Make your Easter Brunch reservations here

Sarah B.

Photo by stevendepolo

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Public meeting on the Alexandria development, April 14

Mark your calendars for the first public meeting about the proposed development at the old Alexandria Theater property at Geary and 18th Avenue. The meeting is being organized by Supervisor Eric Mar and his staff, who report:

We have been told by the Planning Department that they are almost ready to issue the Mitigated Negative Declaration on the site. This project would still need clearance from the Department of Building Inspection and approval of the Planning Commission and possibly the Board of Supervisors if the Mitigated Negative Declaration is appealed.

A Mitigated Negative Declaration from the Planning Department signals that there are only small changes necessary to overcome any environmental impacts of the proposed development. Usually this signifies that the project is OK under California Environmental Qualities Act (CEQA) provided minor changes are made to the project to mitigate relatively small environmental issues. (Special thanks to Jean B. for this explanation)

To hear more about the Alexandria development and the Planning Department’s report, please attend the meeting on April 14 at 6pm at the YMCA, 360 18th Avenue near Geary.

Sarah B.

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Can we be friends?

Photo of his dog Scout by kevinwmurray.

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Former Chapeau location becoming “Belle Epoque”

It looks like the former Chapeau space at 1406 Clement near 15th Avenue is readying to re-open as Belle Epoque. The rumor is that Chapeau’s owner, Philippe Gardelle, will re-open the space as a small wine bar. They applied for a liquor license this week.

Grub Street SF reports that “via Zagat’s reports from last fall, we know that Gardelle will be serving an international list of wines along with French small plates, with just five tables and a few seats at the bar.”

As you may recall, Gardelle moved Chapeau to 126 Clement last year, where it quickly regained its 3 out of 4 stars from the Chronicle.

Sarah B.

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A history of Golden Gate Park

Local architect Glenn Robert Lym is back with a new installment of his “HERE” series. In this episode, he presents a really interesting history of Golden Gate Park.

You’ll learn about the early architects of the park, how the park evolved from a playground for the wealthy to the park it is today, see great, vintage photos of the park’s Mid Winter Exposition in 1894, and learn how the de Young and Academy of Sciences found their homes in the concourse.

Sarah B.

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Sit/lie protesters in the Richmond

The Board of Supervisors will soon be voting on a proposed “Sit / Lie” ordinance that would make it illegal to sit or lie on any sidewalk in San Francisco. On Saturday morning, a group of about 40 people gathered outside the Toy Boat Cafe at 5th Avenue and Clement in protest.

The Richmond District protest was just one of nearly 100 anti-sit/lie events on Saturday (video), where people spread out on their local sidewalks to prove to officials that citizens who sit or lie on sidewalks are not a hazard to the community or its safety.

Nate Miller, the organizer for the Richmond District event, tells me “Jessie from Toy Boat seemed to enjoy the extra business and so did many people who passed by and asked, “Are we going to be allowed to do this now?”

Ironically, the protesters were seated right where the new parklet will be installed in April. So rest assured you’ll be able enjoy that same corner from a comfy chair in the new parklet. 😉

You can read more about the anti sit/lie law movement at standagainstsitlie.org; here is the flyer they handed out to people who passed by the protest.

Special thanks to Nate Miller from standagainstsitlie.org for the photos. And yes, that is the infamous Frank Chu you see in the first couple of photos. Bonus points if you can crack the code on his sign.

Sarah B.

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Police Blotter – March 25, 2010

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of March 25, 2010. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

The Station has received over twenty reports of bicycle thefts in the last hirty days, many of which were stolen from the apartment building garages. Burglars choose garages because it affords them some privacy for the time they need to cut the object that the bicycle is secured to or cut through a bicycle lock. You should keep your bicycle inside your house or apartment if possible, and or if not, remove the seat and front wheel and keep those parts inside. Burglars have a tough time escaping on seat-less one wheel bicycle! Some of the bikes taken were worth over one thousand dollars. Please visit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s website at www.sfbike.org for more information about theft prevention.

Please attend the next Community/Police Forum on April 20, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. at the Richmond Recreation Center, which is located at 251 18th Avenue. Our guest speaker will be a representative from the Department of Emergency Management. The speaker will be able to answer your questions about police and fire dispatching and emergency preparedness.

On 03/19/10 at 12:47pm the victim and a friend were walking in the area of McAllister and Stanyan Streets. The suspect, who had been loitering near by, began to follow the two. Suddenly the suspect grabbed the victim’s laptop computer which she had tucked under her arm. He ran away with the victim in pursuit yelling for help. During the pursuit, which lasted several blocks, several people came to the victim’s aid and joined the pursuit; the suspect was finally stopped at 2nd Avenue and Balboa and held until police arrived. A 17 year old male was charged with robbery.

On 03/20/10 at 7:00pm officers responded to the 1000 block of Point Lobos on a call of a male, who had locked himself in a restroom was creating a disturbance. The suspect had entered the establishment via an emergency door and attempted to get into areas not open to the public. He was told several times to leave the premise but refused. The suspect then entered the kitchen area and taunted and challenged the employees saying, “Go ahead and touch me.” The suspect then tried to go into the restroom and an employee stood in front of the door and said he wasn’t allowed in. The suspect then grabbed the employee by the arm, pushed her out of the way, and went into the restroom. When an officer arrived, the suspect had just left and was walking on Point Lobos. When the officer tried to speak to the suspect, he began to swear at the officer while clenching his fists. He refused to follow the officer’s instructions, refused to listen and walked away. While walking he was screaming at the officer. Other officers arrived and the suspect was detained. The 50 year old male was charged with trespassing, battery and delaying a police officer.

On 03/21/10 at 3:30am officers responded to a call of vandalism in progress. A witness had reported that a male was spray painting the side of a truck that was parked on the south side of Fulton at 44th Ave. Plainclothes officers arrived on scene first and the suspect, upon seeing them, ran across Fulton and north on 44th Avenue. The officers pursued the suspect on foot. One officer lost his footing and fell to the ground, injuring his knee. The witness positioned himself in front the suspect in an attempt to block his escape. The suspect dropped the bag he was carrying and ran south bound on 44th Avenue. A second officer in pursuit of the suspect slipped and fell, injuring his hands. Back up officers had arrived and detained the suspect, a 30-year-old male, inside Golden Gate Park. The bag that the suspect had dropped contained 6 spray paint cans. He was charged with vandalism, possession of graffiti tools and evading an
officer resulting in injury. Both officers were transported by ambulance to a local hospital, where they were treated and released.

Between 03/18/10 at 7:00pm and 03/22/10 at 12:00pm on the 2000 block of Post Street, a suspect entered into an apartment and took a laptop, camera and iPod Touch. There were no signs of forced entry.

Between 03/19/10 at 8:00am and 03/23/10 at 12:12am on the 2100 block of Pierce Street, a suspect entered a residence by prying open a side door. The suspect took a bicycle and a checkbook.

Between 03/19/10 6:00pm and 03/22/10 at 8:00am on the 2500 block of Turk Street a suspect gained entered a home and took tools. There were no signs of forced entry.

On 03/20/10 at 1:35am a woman was walking in the area of Sacramento and Cherry Streets. She heard footsteps and saw the suspect walking up behind her. The victim became frightened as she was walking alone. The suspect ran towards her and yelled “Hey!” As the victim got to the corner the suspect forcefully grabbed her purse off of her shoulder and pushed her to the ground. The suspect kicked the victim three times in the shoulder area and took her cell phone from her hand. He ran west on Sacramento Street. A nearby resident heard the victim screaming and looked out the window. The resident heard a car door slam and saw a dark colored Nissan drive westbound on Sacramento Street with it’s headlights off. The suspect was described as a male 22-23 years of age, wearing a long sleeved white shirt, dark colored jeans and black shoes.

Between 03/21/10 at 5:00pm and 03/22/10 at 3:00pm on the 2000 block of Balboa Street a suspect entered a garage and took two bikes, a helmet and a bike trailer.

Between 03/22/10 at 9:00pm and 03/23/10 at 10:00am on the 500 block of Arguello, a suspect entered the common garage of a multi-unit building and took a bike. Entry was made via the alleyway door.

Between 03/22/10 at 11:30pm and 03/23/10 at 9:00am on the 200 block of Ewing Terrace, a suspect pried open the iron gate at the front of a residence and took a bike that was parked between the gate and front door.

On 03/23/10 at 2:40am a victim was walking south on 3rd Avenue approaching Balboa Street. Two suspects approached the victim, and one punched the victim in the shoulder and removed the victim’s wallet from his pants pocket. A second suspect took the victims cell phone and cash from another one of the victim’s pockets and ran to a dark colored sedan that was parked at 3rd Avenue and Anza. The suspects were described as males in their 20’s wearing dark colored clothing.

On 03/23/10 between 12:00pm and 4:30pm on the 2000 block of Divisadero a suspect entered an apartment by prying open a sliding glass door off of a fire escape. The suspect took a bike.

On 03/23/10 at 3:17pm a suspect entered a bank on the 4400 block of Geary. The suspect gave a teller a note demanding cash. The suspect motioned as if he had a gun in his jacket pocket. The teller gave the suspect money and the suspect fled west on Geary, then north on 10th Avenue. The suspect is described as a male 35-40 years of age, wearing baseball cap, black pullover, and jeans with patches on them.

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Conservatory of Flowers cutting back their hours

In their March newsletter, the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park announced that they will cut their hours of operation.

Currently, the Conservatory is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Stating that “the Conservatory is not immune from the market dynamics affecting everyone”, changes include moving their daily opening time to 10am, and closing a half hour earlier at 4:30pm (with last tickets sold at 4pm).

These new hours will take effect this Thursday, April 1.

Sarah B.

Photo by J.G. in S.F.

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