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Presidio Middle School presents “Aladdin”, March 12

Grab your magic carpet and fly over to Presidio Middle School (450 30th Avenue) next Friday night for their production of “Aladdin”, the story of a little boy and his magic lamp.

The play starts at 7pm and runs for one night only on Friday, March 12. Admission is $5 for adults, $3.50 for seniors and children.

Free parking is available in the schoolyard; enter on 29th Avenue between Clement and Geary.

Sarah B.

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More on “Morph”, new Japanese-Thai fusion bistro

SFWeekly got more details on the new bistro that is opening up at 5344 Geary near 18th Avenue (former home of Watami).

The owner, who likes to be called “T” (to spare us butchering his complicated Thai name), is in the final stages of transforming the restaurant into a 49-seat, clubby Thai fusion bistro, serving wine, beer and maybe soju cocktails.

“The concept is ‘morph,’ which means changing,” T says. That means the shortish menu of 10 to 15 items should mutate with the seasons and with customers’ tastes (monthly, more or less). “We want to see how people in the neighborhood are responding,” T says. Think green curry served with salmon, deep-fried rice-paper salmon rolls with wasabi dip, sweet-spicy chicken.

The restaurant is not short on sleek design elements, probably resulting from T’s background in architecture and web design. T is new to the restaurant biz but it sounds like he’s ready to roll with the culinary punches.

Look for Morph to open in the next week or so. In the meantime, you can keep up with Morph and see more photos on their Facebook page. They can also be reached at 742-5093.

UPDATE from EaterSF (3/4/10): According to owner, T.Tan, one of the major holdups is, ironically, the Rosenthal and Steelite plates he is waiting for from Germany and England, respectively: “I’m meticulous about presentation and plating. Everything should look the same when I open as it does when people come back a month or two after opening.”

Sarah B.

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Comedy Night benefit for the YMCA, March 9

Next Tuesday night, join the Richmond District YMCA for their eighth annual Comedy Night, a show of professional comedy to benefit their Strong Communities Campaign.

The show starts at 8pm at the Rockit Room (406 Clement Street). Stay after and enjoy DJ Wej from until midnight.

Tickets are $20 and are available the night of the show or in advance at the front desk of the Richmond District YMCA, 360 18th Avenue. For more information, contact jleonard@ymcasf.org.

Sarah B.

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A galaxy of fresh soups delivered to your door

Last night I tried out a new Richmond District food business called Soup Galaxy (website). The concept is simple: every week, Soup Galaxy offers a homemade, fresh soup that you can have delivered to your doorstep.

This week’s soup was Spicy Kale Chowder with Andouille Sausage. When I got home last night, I found a nifty cooler pack sitting on my doorstep. Inside were two, 1-quart jars of the fresh soup (labeled with each soup’s full ingredients), surrounded by ice packs. I cut up some bread, threw together a quick salad and voila, dinner was served in about 20 minutes.

The soup was delicious. Rich flavors, lots of fresh and organic vegetables, plus it was homemade. I would have liked a little more andouille sausage in it but that’s the carnivore in me coming out.

Each jar/quart of soup is $10 and that’s enough soup for two people. You can purchase a reusable cooler bag with your order for $3.50 more, or leave your own cooler out for the delivery.

It’s free to sign up and every week, you’ll get an email announcing the next soup. Then if you want to try it, place your order by Thursday night. Order 1 jar or many if you plan on building a dinner party around it.

Soup Galaxy, whose tag line is “feel-good cosmic soup!”, just started their business in February. They currently deliver to portions of the Richmond District, Seacliff, Sunset, and St. Francis Woods neighborhoods (check delivery areas). Orders are dropped off every Monday between 8am and 4pm (you don’t have to be home for delivery; they can leave it on your doorstep).

Next week’s soup is Caldo de Pollo, a Mexican soup prepared in a house made stock with pulled chicken, coarsely chopped vegetables with hints of lime, cayenne, and jalapeno. I’ve already placed my order.

For more information, visit soupgalaxy.com.

Sarah B.

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Watch the Oscars at the Balboa Theater

This Sunday night is the grand dame of the award shows and the Balboa Theater is hosting a live Oscars party where you can watch the evening unfold on the big screen. Cheer on your favorite films, jeer at the dresses and oogle the bling along with your Richmond District neighbors.

After a successful run at the Balboa’s Golden Globes event, Reed Kirk Rahlmann will return as the Master of Ceremonies for the night. He’ll help pass the time during commercials and thanks to the Balboa’s DVR, you won’t miss a minute of the ceremony. Reed has this to tell those who are thinking about attending:

“So bring your opinions and all those people who would be cluttering up your sofa and ruining your coffee table when forgetting to put a coaster under their drinks. And if you bring alcohol, bring enough to share with someone sitting next to you. Or me.”

And if you’re really into movies, come dressed as your favorite nominated film (bad puns and outrageous spoofs encouraged) or performer. They’ll have a costume contest, lots of surprises and plenty of prizes to give away including autographed posters of nominated films.

The party begins at 4:30pm and tickets are $10 (get advance tickets here).

Even if you can’t attend, you could still win a free 2010 VIP Pass for two to the Balboa by entering your picks for all the Oscar categories. Only one entry per person. No purchase is necessary and you do not have to be present to win. Ballots must be mailed with postmark no later than March 5, 2010 or dropped off at the Balboa no later than 4:30pm, March 7, 2010. Download the ballot here

Sarah B.

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Animals sometimes get the best of their Academy keepers

When you visit the Academy, it’s easy to think everything is very buttoned up and orderly when you stare at the different animals in their enclosures. But a recent Wall Street Journal article revealed some of the challenging episodes that a building full of wild specimens can present to those who run the joint.

Last summer, thousands of leafcutter ants inside the Rainforest exhibit figured out how to bore passages inside a feeding tree near their nest, which allowed them to flee their enclosure. A new artificial tree had to be installed and once it’s thoroughly vetted as escape-proof, the ants will be returned to their habitat.

“The ants decided they would like to expand their territory—and proved that they were smarter than the humans who designed their display,” says Stephanie Stone, an academy spokeswoman.

In another part of the building, an apprently shy, 12-inch monitor lizard burrowed into an opening in the artificial rock of his enclosure. Biologists had to employ a tiny remote camera to locate the lizard. Later they installed new rockwork with no openings.

The aquarium curator, Bart Shepherd, says they have been trying unsuccessfully for two months to remove a zebra moray eel so a veterinarian can inspect a growth on its head. So far it continues to elude capture by wedging itself in the rocks of the 300 gallon tank where it lives.

Shepherd told the WSJ, “We want to have all these animals under control because this is a controlled environment. But when you reproduce the natural environment, then they have an advantage.”

Even before the Academy’s makeover and re-opening, the staff met challenges trying to “tame” their wild inhabitants. About 10 years ago, crabs kept mysteriously disappearing from a tank. The bandit was a giant octupus two tanks over, who was using his giant tentacle to sneak out at night and catch crabs.

For more on the ants and other Academy animal hijinks, get the full story at wsj.com.

Sarah B.

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Opening soon: Art Mercado

Many of you may remember artist Jay Mercado from his donut paintings exhibit that I posted about last year.

The building that houses his studio at California and 10th Avenue (4754 California) recently completed a beautiful makeover. Jay spent a lot of the away time from his studio working on sketches at home. But now that it’s done, Jay is getting ready to re-open his Califirnia Street studio as “Art Mercado”:

“I plan on informally reopening in March but will have an official exhibition on April 24th. I will also be offering a trio of workshops for those wishing to explore their creative side a bit further.”

Keep an eye on the windows at 10th and California for new developments. In the meantime, check out Jay’s blog to see his latest work.

Sarah B.

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Greco does Bazaar-Stock 2

Along with nearly 30 other local musicians, the Richmond District’s David Greco played at the Bazaar-Stock 2 music festival on Saturday. Special thanks to Leasha LaBruzzi for taking and sharing the pictures.

From my interview with David last year, I know he is a big Beatles fan. It looks like he channeled a little bit of John Lennon’s classic style for the show. ;)

Did anyone stop by the Bazaar Cafe to hear the music on Saturday?

Sarah B.

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