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Sunrise at Land’s End

Photo by 2composers (Wolfgang Schubert)

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Don’t judge a house by its facade

Curbed SF reminded me today of a valuable lesson in Richmond District real estate: never judge a house by its facade. Case in point – 410 45th Avenue, currently on the market for $839,000.

While the front driveway and facade speak to, well, let’s just say, a homeowner with an interesting sense of color, the interior does live up to its billing of “stunning remodeled single family house”.

Sarah B.

See more photos of 410 45th Avenue

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Reviews of Richmond District restaurants Yu-Zen and Muguboka

SF Weekly has been churning out the Richmond District restaurant reviews lately. Yay for us!

Yu-Zen | 4036 Balboa at 42nd Ave. | Sushi Bar
“The calm succession of properly made sushi, exquisitely presented sashimi, and lovely cooked izakaya small plates, delivered in a nicely decorated room, rendered us relaxed as well as well-fed — as close to a Zen state as we’ve been in a long time… We were also cheered by the fact that a long, well-served, satisfying, self-indulgent meal (including a small bottle of sake) ended up costing only about $32 a person before tip. Our tip is: Seek satori at Yu-Zen.”
Read the full review.

Muguboka | 401 Balboa at 5th Ave. | Korean B.B.Q.
“Muguboka, a modest restaurant in the Inner Richmond, calls itself a “Korean B.B.Q.,” and it indeed serves staples such as kalbi or galbi (short ribs) and bulgogi (marinated beef). But in addition to galbi (here spelled gal bee) and bulgogi (bul go gee), there are many more dishes to explore, including subtly flavored, spicy stews seasoned with the hot red chile paste known as gochujang, and soups flavored with fermented soybean paste (doenjang; dhan jang at Muguboka)… Muguboka’s modest facade hides a wealth of exciting cooking.” Read the full review.

Unfortunately, the food critic who wrote these two reviews, Meredith Brody, was recently let go from SF Weekly. So this may be the last reviews of Richmond District gems that we see for awhile.

Has anyone eaten at these restaurants? Leave a comment to let us know what you think of them.

Sarah B.

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Crime Advisory for Richmond District businesses

This just hit my inbox from the Richmond District Police Station. If you know any merchants in the area, be sure to pass this onto them.

Sarah B.


During the last three days we have received three reports of burglaries at businesses in the Richmond District. I want the merchants to know about these incidents so that they might take precautions to prevent being victimized. In each case the suspect(s) seemed to be looking for cash or small items of value.

The burglaries all occurred during the evening hours and were perpetrated as follows:

- October 30, 2009 (10:30 PM to 8:00 AM the next day) on the 5000 Block of Geary: Entry was made by removing vent windows above the glass front door of a commercial establishment.

- October 30, 2009 (11:30 PM to 9:30 AM the next day) on the 5400 Block of Geary: Entry was made by smashing the front window of a commercial establishment.

- October 31, 2009 (6:30 PM to November 2, 2009 at 9:50 AM) on the 1500 Block of Clement Street. Entry was made by removing a sliding metal gate from its track and then prying out a pane of glass from the front door.

If you notice any suspicious activity, especially on Geary Boulevard or Clement Street, please call 911 immediately.

Captain Richard Corriea
Commanding Officer Richmond Station

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Richmond musician Rick Homan plays the Bazaar Cafe, Nov. 6

Local musician and music teacher Rick Homan (and friends) will play a set at the Bazaar Cafe on Friday night from 7-9pm. Admission is free and the cafe has tasty food and drink.

He’ll be playing one of his newer songs about the health care crisis, “I Can’t Afford to Go on Living,” live for the first time. And his wife, Ann Homan, will give the first public performance of another song by Rick, “Lost in Space.”

Rick’s compositions include jazzy love songs, topical satire and the occasional meditation on what it all means. Rick’s song-writing influences include Fats Waller, Tom Lehrer, Woody Guthrie and Randy Newman. Check out more of his work at RickHomanMusic.com.

Sharing the bill Friday evening will be Tom Stafford at the piano offering original songs, along with his back-up singers, The Alley Cats.

Below is Rick performing his latest tune, “Old Dude”, which is about, well, getting old. The Bazaar Cafe is located at 5927 California Street, between 21st & 22nd Avenues.

Sarah B.

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Like to run in skirts or chase them? This race is for you!

There’s a unique 5k race coming to Golden Gate Park on November 15. It’s called the SkirtChaser 5k and it’s sponsored by women’s athletic apparel company, Skirt Sports.

If you’re a skirt-wearer, your entry into the race buys you to one of the unique running skirts that the apparel company makes. All the women kick off the race and 3 minutes after they cross the start line, the men are allowed to start. They’re the skirt chasers, get it?

The first person to cross the finish line wins $500, and there’s even a prize for the first couple to cross together: “your man has to catch you after the start and you gotta cross hand in hand!”. Registration for the race ranges from $35 to $85 depending on the package you prefer; some include clothing, others don’t. And don’t worry guys, the men’s race packages don’t include skirts, but rather other nifty Coolmax apparel.

The race course runs through the heart of Golden Gate Park. Even the 2pm start time is attractive for those of us who like to sleep in on the weekends.

7×7 is giving away a free entry to the race. Head over to their website for details on how to enter by November 9.

So, will you be donning a skirt or chasing one on race day?

Sarah B.

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Bike tour of Richmond architecture this Saturday

Whether you’re a Reid Brothers fan, a Richmond District history hound, or just fancy a nice ride around the neighborhood, you’ll enjoy this non-athletic, non-academic architecture tour sponsored by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

From the turn of the 20th Century through its first few decades, James and Merritt Reid designed an impressive number of San Francisco’s buildings, from theaters to hotels, office towers to townhouses, bandshells to barns. The tour includes a look at nine of the Reids’ Richmond District projects that help round out the collection.

The ride will last about 2 hours, longer if everyone is having fun. ;) To join in, meet up at the Velo Rouge Cafe, 798 Arguello at Cabrillo. Push off is Saturday, November 7 at 1:30pm; be sure to eat a good lunch beforehand. The tour will stop somewhere for a snack too.

The ride is free for SFBC members; a $5 donation from non-members is appreciated. Contact Andy at the SFBC for more information.

Click here to find out more about the Reid Bros., or check out their list of known work in San Francisco.

Sarah B.

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MUNI service changes take effect December 5

In an effort to curb a $129 million budget deficit, MUNI will implement significant transit route and schedule changes affecting over half of Muni’s existing bus routes and one rail line. The service changes include discontinued routes or route segments, modified routes, changes to service hours and more.

Changes to the following Richmond District lines will take effect on Saturday, December 5:

1 California
Segments eliminated/service hours reduced: Segments of the 1 California south of Sacramento Street on Davis, Beale, Howard, Main and Drumm streets will be eliminated. The last bus to Downtown will depart at 12:20 a.m. and the last bus from Downtown will depart at 1 a.m. Nearby Muni Service: Muni’s 30X Marina Express and 41 Union provide nearby service during peak periods. Map

1AX California ‘A’ Express
Express zone modified: The 1AX nonstop express zone will begin at 8th Avenue instead of Park Presidio Boulevard. The 1AX will make additional local stops at 8th, 10th and 12th avenues.

1BX California ‘B’ Express
Express zone modified: The 1BX will begin at 6th Avenue instead of 12th Avenue. Stops previously served at 8th, 10th and 12th avenues will be served by the 1AX.

2 Clement
Segment eliminated: A segment of the 2 Clement will be eliminated between 33rd and 14th avenues. The 2 Clement will now continue to the Ferry Plaza daily including Saturdays and Sundays. Nearby Muni Service: Muni’s 1 California, 38 Geary and 38L Geary Limited provide nearby service between 14th and 33rd avenues. Map

5 Fulton
Frequency increased/evening service extended: Frequency on the 5 Fulton will increase during peak periods. Evening service on the 5 Fulton will be extended from Jones/McAllister streets to the Transbay Terminal. Owl service will begin earlier, at 12:45 a.m. and the Owl terminal will remain at Market and McAllister streets. Map

18 46th Avenue
Segments eliminated/route modified/service hours reduced: The 18 46th Avenue will be rerouted along Cabrillo Street, 45th Avenue, Balboa Street and 33rd Avenue. Segments will be eliminated along Geary Boulevard and Point Lobos Avenue. The last bus will depart Stonestown at midnight and will depart Legion of Honor at 12:20 a.m. Nearby Muni Service: Muni’s 31 Balboa, 38 Geary and 38L Geary Limited provide nearby service. Map

28 19th Avenue, 28L 19th Ave Limited – No changes.

31 Balboa
Frequency and service hours reduced: Frequency on the 31 Balboa will decrease during peak periods to every 12 minutes. The last bus to Downtown will depart at 11:55 p.m. and the last bus from Downtown will depart at 12:40 a.m.

31AX Balboa ‘A’ Express, 31BX Balboa ‘B’ Express – No changes.

33 Stanyan
Service hours reduced: The last bus from 24th Street and Potrero Avenue will depart at 12:30 a.m. and the last bus from the Richmond District will depart at midnight.

38 Geary, 38 Geary Owl
Segments eliminated: Segments of the 38 Geary and 38 Geary Owl will be eliminated along the Ocean Beach branch on Balboa Street, 45th Avenue and Cabrillo Street. The 38 Geary Owl will provide service to 48th and Point Lobos avenues. Nearby Muni Service: Muni’s rerouted 18 46th Avenue provides nearby service to Geary Boulevard, 31 Balboa provides nearby service to Downtown and 5 Fulton Owl provides nearby service to Downtown during the Owl period. Map

38L Geary Limited
Frequency increased/ service hours expanded: The 38L Geary Limited will have more service during peak periods, and service hours will be expanded to operate to Downtown until 7:50 p.m. and from Downtown until 8:55 p.m.

38AX Geary ‘A’ Express, 38BX Geary ‘B’ Express – No changes.

View the complete list of MUNI service changes, scheduled to begin December 5.

Sarah B.

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