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Attack and robbery on 9th Avenue

[This came in from the Friends of Mountain Lake Park. For the sake of privacy, I have withheld the victim's name. - Sarah B.]

December 30, 2009

We are writing to advise you of an attack on one of our neighbors last night (Tuesday December 29, 2009) at dinner time. A man pulled his car into his garage on 9th Avenue (btwn Lake and California) and was attacked by a suspect who hit him with something and then used his fists to take the man’s wallet and his watch. Thankfully there was no gun or knife.

The suspect fled towards Clement Street and was not caught. The police responded quickly and we will provide you more details (including a description of the suspect) as we get it. But we want to get this warning out right away. The man was treated for injuries at the hospital last night. He has numerous stitches and bruises in his face, his finger was broken and his wrist is injured from where the suspect took his watch. I’m sure he will appreciate everyone’s thoughts for a speedy recovery.

In the meantime – BE VIGILANT. Stay alert to who is nearby as you are coming and going from your home or your car.

  • If you park in your garage, close the door immediately behind you when you come in.
  • If you park on the street, try not to linger at your car as you get in or out, especially at night.
  • Do not leave anything visible in your car that may entice someone to want to break in to your car.
  • If you see someone lingering near your home or your neighbor’s home that you don’t think belongs there, call the police (911 or 553-0123).
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  • Dec-28-2009

    Ship the kids to the slopes with the YMCA

    As a kid, I used to take ski trips with a recreation group. My parents would drop me off at the meeting point, go about their weekend business, and pick me back up when the bus returned, sometimes in the wee hours of the night if the weather was bad.

    It was a win-win – they didn’t have to make the eight hour roundtrip schlep, and I made some new friends along the way.

    The tradition is alive and well with the Richmond District YMCA, who has been leading safe and affordable trips to Tahoe for over 10 years. They’re organizing ski and snowboard trips for young students in early 2010:

    High School trip:
    Thursday, January 28 – Sunday, January 31 | Cost: $275

    Middle School trip:
    Friday, February 19 – Sunday, February 21 | Cost: $250

    The cost of the trip includes equipment, transportation, lift tickets, food, lodging, and instruction. What a bargain!

    For more information or to sign-up, contact Crissie Ponciano at the Richmond District YMCA at 666-9622.

    Sarah B.

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    Balboa business lends a hand to job seekers

    Most of the time when you’re in a laundromat, waiting on your washer or dryer, you’re probably wishing you could be doing something more productive.

    Enter Amybelle’s Wash & Dry (3220 Balboa) who is stepping up to try and make a difference during our employment-challenged times.

    Owners Elmer and Amy Capule are inviting neighbors who need career advice or resume help to stop by the laundromat to get free help from Amy, who is a seasoned human resources professional.

    “We will be hosting individual resume critiques and helping with interviewing skills. We believe this will be beneficial to the Richmond community especially during these challenging times,” says owner Elmer Capule.

    Free help is available every Saturday from 10am to 12noon, beginning January 2. So if you’re in the job market or are thinking about getting back into it, stop by Amybelle’s Wash & Dry at 3220 Balboa for a helping hand.

    For more information or to schedule a private session, contact Amy Capule at 341-7097 or by email.

    Sarah B.

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    The how-to’s of Christmas tree disposal

    Here are some details on how to dispose of your Christmas tree this year:

    - Trees can be put out for collection, free of charge, from January 4-8 and January 11-15.

    - Please place clean unflocked trees next to your garbage cans on your regularly scheduled collection day (don’t leave them on the street corner!).

    - Be sure to remove all tinsel, decorations, plastic bags, stands, and lights.

    - If your tree is over 6 feet, please cut it in half.

    - If your usual collection day is Friday, there will be no service on the 25th or the 1st; pickup will be on Saturday December 26 and January 2.

    Sarah B.

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    Christmas at the Conservatory (video)

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    Police Blotter – December 18, 2009

    [Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of December 18, 2009. To be added to the station's mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org or visit their website.]

    During the past week Richmond Station Officers arrested five individuals in connection with three different robberies. One of the robberies involved suspects shooting a gun at the victim and the other two were “strong-arm” robberies.

    When officers are responding to the scene of a crime the police dispatcher often provides them with some description of the suspects and any vehicles that may be involved. The first police units to arrive at the scene of a crime quickly interview the victim(s) and then broadcast any additional information and the suspects’ direction of escape to near-by officers.

    In each of these robbery cases our officers performed superbly and while searching the immediate areas located and arrested the felons who were leaving the area. The officers recovered stolen property, firearms and other evidence connecting the suspects to the robberies. Within moments of the commission of each crime our Station’s investigators responded to the scene and commenced a follow-up investigation.

    The robbers apprehended in these cases face serious and provable charges because of the coordinated and professional efforts of the officers, supervisors and investigators assigned to Richmond Station. I will update you on the status of these robbery cases in our next newsletter.

    During the past week, there were 23 traffic accidents, 4 involving injuries. There were 4 citations issued for driving without a license or driving on a suspended license. There were 4 arrests for driving under the influence.

    On 12/12/09 at 1:17am a taxi cab driver had stopped on the 700 block of Arguello to pick up a fare. As he approached the residence, a vehicle stopped on the street and two male suspect exited and one asked the cab driver for directions. Suddenly one of the suspects pulled a gun out from underneath his shirt and pointed it at the cab driver while demanding money. The cab driver complied and the two males got back in the car and drove off, north on Arguello. The cab driver followed the suspect’s vehicle and one of the suspects fired a gun several times at the cab, missing the cab and driver. The driver had contacted his dispatcher, who in turn called 911. Officers located the suspect’s vehicle on Stanyan and JFK Drive, where they took two into custody. Two handguns were located in the vehicle. The two suspects, a 21 year old, and a 31 year old, both from Concord, were charged with robbery, and attempted murder.

    On 12/12/09 at 5:40pm officers were sent to Geary & Spruce on a call of a male vandalizing a bus shelter. A description was provided and a plainclothes officer located the two suspects as they were walking east on Geary. One of the suspects had a chain with a padlock attached and was swinging it at parking meters, light poles and a bus shelter as they walked along. The suspects were detained and the two an 18 year olds and a 21 year old were charged with felony vandalism.

    On 12/12/09 at 8:15pm officers were on patrol in the area of Presidio and Geary when they saw a male juvenile doing graffiti on the bus shelter across the street from them. The 15 year old was detained by the officers and charged with vandalism.

    On 12/13/09 at 4:00am officers were patrolling the area of 29th Avenue and Fulton when they heard a car alarm sound. Upon checking the vehicle they saw that there was a broken window and a suspect lying on the back seat. The suspect was detained and the owner of the vehicle was contacted. The owner told the officers that when he parked the car at 12:30am all of the windows were intact. He also noted that the glove box had been rummaged through. The suspect, a 40 year old male was charged with auto burglary.

    On 12/15/09 at 3:30pm a victim had just gotten out of school and was walking in the area of 30th Avenue and Clement. He noticed several high school students sitting nearby and continued on his way towards 31st Avenue and Clement. One of them broke from the group and came up from behind the victim and told him to give up his I-pod. When the victim said no, the suspect pushed the victim against the wall and again ordered the victim to give up his I-pod. Again the victim refused and the suspect knocked him to the ground and ripped the I-pod from his hands. Officers found the suspect a short time later 28th and Geary. The suspect still had possession of the victim’s I-pod. A 16 year old male was charged with robbery and possession of stolen property.

    On 12/15/09 at 7:55pm a victim was walking on north on 17th Avenue towards Clement Street. She heard footsteps behind her just before she was pushed from behind. Several suspects were trying to grab her purse from one shoulder and laptop bag from the other. She screamed and was punched in the face. One of the suspects was successful in taking the victim’s laptop and all suspects fled on 17th Avenue. Officers responding to the call saw the suspects at 16th Avenue and California and a foot pursuit ensued. All suspects were detained and the laptop was recovered in one of the suspect’s backpack. Two suspects, a 16 year old and an 18 year old were charged with robbery.

    On 12/13/09 at 3:15am a victim and her friend were getting into the victim’s vehicle on the 800 block of La Playa. As the victim stood by her open drivers side door she was suddenly grabbed from behind in a bear hug by the suspect, who tried to grab her car keys from her hand. The victim screamed and struggled with the suspect over the keys and when a witness ran over and yelled at the suspect to stop, the suspect fled northbound. The suspect was described as a male, 20-25 years of age with shoulder length hair and goatee. He was also wearing yellow pants and a gray jacket.

    On 12/14/09 at 11:50am a female victim was walking south on 17th Avenue towards Anza Street. She was pushed from behind and knocked to the ground by the suspect, who put his hands into her jacket pocket. The suspect was unable to take any property and fled west on Anza. He was described as being 18 to 25 years of age wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and cap.

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    Holiday garbage pickup schedule (Sunset Scavenger)

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    Tree removal project along Park Presidio Boulevard

    The Rec and Park Department sent out a notice on Friday about some tree work that will take place along Park Presidio later this month.

    As you may recall, a giant eucalyptus fell unexpectedly back in July, crushing a couple of parked cars on Funston near Clement Street. After that incident, a plan was put into motion to examine the trees along the boulevard to identify ones that are at risk and require removal.

    The pruning and removal was supposed to begin in September, but on Friday, Jim Wheeler of SF Park and Rec confirmed that the contractor, Empire Tree Experts, will begin work on December 28.

    Initially, two trees north of Lake Street will be removed. Crews will work their way up the boulevard towards Fulton, removing and pruning trees along the way. It’s expected the work will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

    Sarah B.

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