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New plans revealed for the Alexandria; possible supper club

Supervisor Eric Mar spoke to SFAppeal about some of the plans that have been brewing for the old theater. He said there are designs to install an expansive restaurant and supper club inside the building.

“My understanding in the latest proposal is that they have plans to maintain some of the art deco features in the exterior and the interior. The 8,000 square foot restaurant [they’re planning] is not to interfere with any of the murals,” Mar told SFAppeal.

The Supervisor also said he’d like to see some of the space used for non-profits, and ensure the inclusion of affordable housing in the residential units that are still planned for the back parking lot. His goal is to have 15% of the units designated as affordable housing.

When asked why it’s taken so long – six years – for the Alexandria project to move forward, Supervisor Mar replied, “I’ll just say we have patience with our city departments. But this is one of our priorities.”

Mar is also planning to investigate securing landmark or structure of merit status for the building, which first opened in 1923 and was built by prominent San Francisco architects the Reid Brothers.

The article also states that the environmental review for the project is nearly complete and that they are moving toward publication of the Mitigated Negative Declaration, which once released, is open to public comment.

Read the full story at SFAppeal

So what do you think of the plan to put a restaurant/supper club in the space?

Sarah B.

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Win tickets to Dr. Zahi Hawass lecture on March 8

Dr. Zahi Hawass has led Presidents and first ladies on tours of the pyramids and he is arguably the most famous archaeologist in the world. He has a impressively lengthy title – Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities – and he even wears the same hat as Indiana Jones!

On Monday, March 8 at 7:30pm, Dr. Hawass will present “Mysteries of Tutankhamun Revealed” at the War Memorial Opera House. He will present the findings of the recently announced CT scan and DNA study, “Ancestry and Pathology of King Tut’s Family,” published in the recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (findings). A book signing will follow the lecture.

I have three five pairs of tickets to give away to the event, courtesy of the de Young. For a chance to win, find the answer to the trivia question below, then send it in using our contact page. We’ll pick three winners from the correct entries.

What is Dr. Hawass’ birthdate (month, day and year)?

Deadline for entries is midnight, Monday March 1. Tickets for Dr. Hawass’ lecture are also available on Ticketmaster.

And you still have about a month to check the treasures of Tut’s tomb here in San Francisco at the de Young — Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs runs through March 28.

Good luck!

Sarah B.

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The feeding of a viper (video)

The California Academy of Sciences shared some video today of their Wagler Pit Viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri) getting her weekly meal of a frozen mouse (they are thawed and warmed just before feeding). More on this beautiful viper:

Wagler’s Pit Vipers live in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. They find their food—mainly small mammals and birds—using heat sensitive pits located between their eyes and nostrils. The receptors in these pits are associated with the visual processing center of the brain which allows them to literally see heat emitted from their prey.

It looks like he even licks his lips and burps at the end, in an oh-so-snakey way. I sure they hope they shot this with a long zoom lens and a 10-ft. mouse pole!

Sarah B.

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Land’s End murder solved after 30 years

Police have finally identified who murdered 23-year-old Mary Bennett at Land’s End in 1979. DNA evidence has linked the crime to David Joseph Carpenter, known as the “Trailside Killer”.

Bennett’s body had been stabbed and was found dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and jogging shoes in a wooded area north of Painted Rock. Her body was partially covered with dirt and branches, and she had been stabbed multiple times in the neck, chest and back, police said.

Carpenter was convicted of fatally shooting four women and a man in Marin County in 1980, and two women in Santa Cruz County in 1981. He is still awaiting execution on death row in San Quentin.

Police had always suspected Carpenter of the killing, but were unable to prove it until now. When police questioned Carpenter at San Quentin, he denied knowing Bennett or murdering her.

This now becomes the earliest documented murder by the “Trailside Killer”.

Sarah B.

[via SFAppeal]

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A Geary geyser

Our local firefighters at work turning off a fire hydrant that was sheared off near Geary and 15th Avenue yesterday. Thanks to beamjack for sharing the photos.

Sarah B.

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New “parklet” planned for 5th and Clement

The Chronicle reports today that the city will be expanding their pedestrian plaza plans after successful experiments with locations like 17th and Market streets in the Castro.

The program is part of a larger effort to convert “pavement to parks” and provide more recreational areas in our tight urban environment. “It’s pennies compared to a brand new park,” said Astrid Haryati, the mayor’s greening director. The Department of Public Works is responsible for setting them up and maintaining them.

Part of the expansion plan includes adding “parklets” in a few neighborhoods, where two or three successive parking spaces are turned into very small parks.

Toy Boat Cafe at 5th Avenue and Clement will be one of the locations for a parklet, which costs just $7,000 to install. Each parklet includes a raised platform to make it level with sidewalks for seating, planters and bicycle parking.

Look for the Toy Boat parklet to premiere later this year. Streetsblog SF has more details on the city’s plans, including conceptual drawings.

Sarah B.

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Underground MUNI…in the Richmond?

Travel back in time to 1967 when plans were in the works for an extensive underground subway that would connect the Richmond with the new BART system once it opened. The image below is a concept showing it running underneath Park Presidio Boulevard at Geary.

Thanks to Eric Fisher for sharing this on his Flickr account and providing this information about the image:

The maps and pictures here are from a report on Coordinated Transit for the San Francisco Bay Area that was concerned with proposing changes to various transit systems to make connections with BART once it opened. Although the full report wasn’t published until 1967, an earlier draft of the plan was the subject of Proposition B of November 8, 1966 which was voted down. The core of the plan seems to have survived at least into the 1972 Rapid Transit Plan (map).

Reminds me of something I would see at Future World at Epcot Center. :)

Sarah B.

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Chinese New Year celebration at Supervisor Mar’s office this Friday

Supervisor Eric Mar is hosting a public reception at his office this Friday night in celebration of the Year of the Tiger. Stop by for light refreshments and to meet and talk with your local representative.

The reception will run from 5:30-7:30pm in his office at City Hall, room 284.

Sarah B.

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