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New website for Ocean Beach lovers (ob-kc.com)

Whether you’re into surfing, walking, running or biking out at Ocean Beach, you’ll be interested in a new local website, Ocean Beach – Kelly’s Cove.

Started by west side resident Hugh Bosely, the site offers visitors a real-time, snapshot view of what’s happening at Ocean Beach.

It’s particularly useful for those who surf the waves at Ocean Beach or like to walk, run or bike by the water. The site contains the current weather conditions, tide tables, radar, wind conditions and more.

But seeing is believing when it comes to weather and surfing conditions, so the site’s “Surf Cam” is one of its greatest features. During daylight hours, the front page refreshes a high resolution image every 60 seconds from its camera mounted above the Great Highway near Balboa.

Or jump to the time lapse page and see a full hour’s worth of images in about a minute. Time lapse movies are compiled at the top of every hour, and at the end of the day, a daily composite is made available. Check out the one below from January 6.

Hugh says he started the website because as an avid windsurfer, he was never able to find wind conditions for Kelly’s Cove despite it being one of the most popular places along Ocean Beach to surf. He originally hosted a surf cam on Weather Underground where it received thousands of visitors a month, but decided to move it to its own website so he could publish high resolution images of Ocean Beach’s conditions.

Hugh also owns Full Sphere Studios near Twin Peaks, which provides support services to Bay Area architecture and engineering firms. With the Ocean Beach – Kelly’s Cove website, Hugh also wants to help promote local businesses and foster a sense of community around the beach. To that end, ob-kc.com offers free banner space to Outer Richmond businesses. And be sure to click on the “Flava” tab for a guide to nearby restaurants.

The site is also taking nominations for Edge-of-the-Western-World Ambassadors, or as Hugh describes them, “waterwomen and watermen who have integrated Ocean Beach into their lifestyle including surfers of all kinds, beach walkers / runners, the traction set, fishermen, sun-worshipers, dog clubs and others”. One of his first ambassadors is Sally who gathers up trash three times a week along the beach.

The site will also celebrate the efforts of the SFFD and the Beach Patrol who not only rescue stranded surfers, but also work to raise awareness about elusive rip tides. Watch for the site to also promote beach clean-ups and other pro-beach, pro-conservation efforts.

Hugh says the website has been well-received so far. “I’ve got a lot of positive feedback from the kite and windsurf community, the landlocked near and far including a woman in Tennessee who enjoys watching the ships come and go and Pacific sunsets in real time.”

The next time you’re thinking about a trip to Ocean Beach, check Ocean Beach – Kelly’s Cove to see what’s going on. You can also follow Ocean Beach – Kelly’s Cove on Twitter or Facebook.

Sarah B.

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Overnight Doyle Drive ramp closure on Sunday

In addition to the longterm ramp closure beginning on January 10, constructions crews will also close the Southbound Doyle Drive/Hwy 101 to Southbound Park Presidio/ Hwy 1 ramp from 11pm on January 10 until 5am on January 11. This is the ramp you would take when coming from from Marin to reach the Richmond District.

It’s just a one night closure so crews can re-stripe the off-ramp to add an additional exit lane (increasing from one to two lanes).

Sarah B.

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Dramatic dusk over the Legion

Photo by Wolfgang Schubert

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Free Vintage Paper Fair in GGP this weekend

In our current digital age, the art of paper is quickly fading. This Saturday and Sunday you can get back to (beautiful) basics at the Vintage Paper Fair in Golden Gate Park.

At the fair you’ll find vintage postcards, photos, trade cards, stereoviews, photography, labels, brochures, transportation, sports memorabilia, prints and many other types of vintage collectible paper.

You’re also likely to see lots of local history. Vintage postcards like the ones I found below of our own neighborhood are sure to be on display from exhibitors.

If you already own something you think is of value, bring it to the show for a free appraisal from fair organizer Hal Lutsky.

The event is held Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 10-4 at the County Fair Building near 9th Avenue and Lincoln in Golden Gate Park. Admission is free both days.

Sarah B.

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Man’s best friend

I profiled Richmond District resident and musician David Greco a few weeks back. He sent out a couple of funny tweets tonight that made me giggle (thanks Dave!).

It started out with a nice man and dog pic (“me and my puppy just enjoying a peaceful evening”). Then Dave got a little surprise…

Sarah B.

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Finding your way in Golden Gate Park

A recent Examiner article about new direction signs in Golden Gate Park got me thinking about my own ability (or inability) to find my way around the park.

I have one advantage in that I go to a bootcamp several days a week that meets and works out right in the park. Even so, I am delighted every now and then by a new discovery. I remember jogging by the fly fishing casting ponds and seeing the steam rise off them in the early morning. It was one of those “Where am I?” moments.

But even with a lifetime of living in the city and my almost daily navigation through the park, I still get mixed up when trying to find things. This summer, some friends came in from San Mateo to attend the Alice 97.3 concert. We had in our heads that the show was at Speedway Meadow so we parked near 25th and Fulton and walked in. Too bad we didn’t capture our follies on video, it was a humorous sight.

“Shouldn’t we be hearing the music by now? I think it’s through those trees…”. iPhones were consulted for directions but that didn’t help much. Eventually we were near Stow Lake so I ran up and looked at the map there. We asked people walking by – they said they saw a concert over near Stanyan. Stanyan? Maybe it’s Sharon Meadow instead? But where exactly is that? Back to the iPhone, then back to 25th to get the car and move it. Like I said earlier, a comedy of errors.

The good news is we made it just in time to catch Train performing, which was who we really wanted to see anyway. But I was a little shocked that I, a SF native, neighbor to the park, and host to my peninsula guests, couldn’t find my way around. And god forbid someone ask me for directions to something in the park. I think JFK Drive is the only street I know and even that knowledge is a little shaky. I’m all about the hand signals and pointing when giving GGP directions.

Anyone else have trouble finding things in the park? Let’s hope these new signs and maps help. Poor tourists – if I have trouble, I can only imagine how someone totally new to the park feels.

Shouldn’t they hand out maps of the park at all the major attractions – the Academy, the de Young, the Conservatory, Stow Lake, Beach Chalet? They make those great ones that are the size of a credit card and fold out into detailed maps. Even I would pay for that. :)

Sarah “lost in GGP” B.

P.S. – All of the above can also be applied to the Presidio. Don’t even get me started on that maze…

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Recycle your e-waste this Saturday

With the holidays behind us, you may need more room for the new electronics you received. Or maybe you have a New Year’s resolution to finally clean out your closets or garage. Here’s your chance to get started!

This Saturday, January 9, sfcleancity.com will host a free electronic recycling drop-off at Ocean Beach. Drop off free of charge any of the following items:

– TVs and monitors
– Computers and laptops
– Scanners and printers
– Cell phones
– Fax machines
– Ethernet cables
– Telephones and telephone systems
– VCRs, DVD players
– All networking equipment (e.g. routers)

Note that no appliances or microwaves will be accepted.

Drop off your e-waste between 9am and 2pm on Saturday at the Ocean Beach parking lot across from the Beach Chalet restaurant near Fulton. You must have a valid California driver’s license or ID card.

A drop-off will also be held the same day and time at the West Sunset Playground Parking Lot (parking lot on Quintara between 40th and 41st).

Sarah B.

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Surfer rescued off the rocks near the Cliff House

Me thinks someone’s “I will start surfing!” New Year’s resolution may have gone awry…

According to our friends over at SFAppeal, the SF Fire Department had to rescue a surfer who was stranded on the rocks near the Cliff House restaurant around 11:30 this morning.

“One of the surfers was pulled out a bit and the surfer made it to the rocks and was awaiting assistance,” fire spokeswoman Lt. Mindy Talmadge said.

A Coast Guard helicopter and small boat were called to the scene. Eventually the surfer (and board?) was airlifted to the shore around 12:15pm.

Watch video of the rescue and an interview with the surfer, Tim Terry, at KTVU.com.

Glad the surfer is ok! Let’s hope the sea lions and birds were hospitable during his visit. ;)

Sarah B.

Photos by Gary Jung, SFGate.com

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