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Video: Bird’s eye view of surfing at Ocean Beach

Looks like someone rigged up a camera on a small craft of some sort, and managed to grab some nice video of the Ocean Beach surf (and some surfers). The music, well that could use some work, but we’re digging the visuals :)

Sarah B.

And another one:

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Neighborhood photos on exhibit at Richmond Library, Wednesday night

Photojournalist Frederic Larson recently held a series of photography workshops at the Richmond District branch library, inviting amateurs to come sharpen their skills while creating a visual snapshot of life in the neighborhood.

The results will be on display this Wednesday night at the library as Through Our Eyes: Visual Stories of the Richmond Neighborhood.

At the event, Larson will present some of the stories and a video documenting the students’ “neighborhood shoot” on a Saturday in November.

The free event runs from 6:30pm until 8:30pm in the Richmond District branch Library’s meeting room, 351 9th Avenue. Refreshments will be provided.

Sarah B.

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76 station with 7-11 re-opens Wednesday

It’s been 16 months since the 76 station on Geary and Funston closed for a remodel. It will finally re-open this Wednesday, completely remodeled and housing a new 7-11 convenience store.

The remodeled service station has raised the bar for gas station style, sporting slate stones in its facade, a wall fountain, fresh landscaping, and environmentally friendly LED lighting inside and out.

The owners also footed the bill to paint the side of the adjoining building on Geary, which was peeling and cracking.

The station features the latest in gas pump technology, with lighter weight nozzles and ADA compliant controls. The owners also added diesel fuel to the menu.

When we stopped by on Monday afternoon, they were putting the finishing touches on the 7-11 store that is on the property. The franchise’s inclusion is what slowed down the timeline for the station to re-open. 7-11 came to the project late, and then had to go through city channels to get permits and approval to open.

The 7-11 will offer all the usual accoutrements of the franchise, including slurpees and hot dogs. The location just a couple blocks down on 15th & Geary will remain open.

The construction and design at the 76 station were handled by a husband and wife team from Southern California. Luis Herrera of Channel Development has experience with many service station remodels, and his wife, designer Erika Winters, put the final design touches on the corner station.

She also designed the marble tiled his and her restrooms inside the 7-11, and added accents where she could within the 7-11 franchise guidelines.

Herrera and Winters stayed in the Marina District during the remodel, and Herrera says he loved being in the city by the bay. He sounded reluctant to leave it to return to this SoCal homebase. He decided to leave his motorcycle behind with the Piston & Chain motorcycle club that he joined while living here.

“It gives me a good reason to come back for a visit,” Herrera said.

The 76 station officially reopens on Wednesday morning, December 16.

Sarah B.

UPDATE: This article had previously mentioned a promotion for free fill-ups to the first 100 customers, which was confirmed in person to us on Monday by Luis Herrera. This morning we were contacted by John Quintanilla who informed us that was false information. “There must have been a miss understanding. No free gas upon re opening.” Sorry to everyone for the confusion. – Sarah B.

The convenience store on the gas station lot is a 7-11

The wall fountain on the front of the 7-11

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Hoax story about “Argon” student suspension puts real school on edge

The National Report, a website that claims it is “a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways” (and features photos of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz in their masthead), published a story last week claiming a 9 year old student was suspended from a San Francisco elementary school after wishing their teacher a “Merry Christmas”.

The school mentioned in the article was “Argon Elementary School” in San Francisco, eerily close to our own Argonne Elementary School here in the Richmond District.

No national media picked up the story but it did pick up some steam on smaller internet sites and blogs, who missed the fact that it was all a hoax. Readers left over 100 comments of outrage on the story, angry at the school for taking punitive action against the harmless act of a 9 year old.

“Good grief. Every time I read a story like this I am amazed that parents continue to stupidly send their kids to these schools where liberal leftists can indoctrinate them with all their perverted, godless, communist philosophies,” one commenter wrote.

At the bottom of the article it even offers a fake Gmail account for the “Atheist” teach in the article who suspended the student, encouraging angry readers to send him a “Merry Christmas” e-mail. The photo used in the story is actually of one in Maryland.

The “Argon” name of the school in the article caused a ripple of confusion among real Argonne parents and students last week as well. One parent told us that there has been increased security on the school campus since the story spread, and that Argonne’s Principal, Cami Okubo, had to post an explanation on the school website denying that the story had anything to do with their campus or students:

    Dear Argonne School Community,

    I am writing to inform you that a news story was published stating that a fourth grade student from Argon Elementary in San Francisco was suspended for saying “Merry Christmas” to a teacher. The incident did not occur at our school, Argonne Elementary or any school in the San Francisco Unified School District.

    Thank you for continuing to support our school community.

    Warm regards,
    Cami Okubo Principal at Argonne Elementary

The posting from Okubo is the only thing on the Argonne website at the moment – no other content is reachable.

The article on National News Report has since changed the name of the alleged school to “Anon Elementary School”, but it seems the damage has been done. What was meant to be a holiday prank turned into a real school incident, alarming parents and confusing readers. But let’s set the record straight – the story was a hoax and had nothing to do with Argonne Elementary School.

Sarah B.

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Honors: NEN Award winners, top bakeries in the neighborhood

As we head into the end of 2013, all sorts of awards, top lists, and honorable mentions get handed out for a variety of things in the city.

Last week, two neighborhood organizations received an annual Neighborhood Empowerment Network Award from the city organization of the same name. NEN’s mission is to empower “the neighborhoods of San Francisco with the capacity to steward themselves to a resilient condition”.

Friends of Cabrillo Playground received the 2013 award for Outstanding Park Volunteer Group, and the La Playa Neighborhood Watch group for SAFE received the Outstanding Neighborhood Watch Award.

In food news, three bakeries – one of which will open in the neighborhood nest year – received honorable mentions in SFist’s 12 Best Bakeries of San Francisco list.

Finishing up the roundup are Heartbaker on Clement and 15th Avenue, opened earlier this year by longtime baker Sybil Johnson offering tasty baked goods, a lunch and dinner menu plus nightly happy hours.

Boudin Bakery on 10th Avenue near Geary, founded in the neighborhood and famous for their sourdough, was also mentioned. And Marla Bakery, who will be opening a location at 3619 Balboa next year, also made the list.

Congrats to all of our neighborhood winners and thanks to readers Jean B. and Carl L. for the tips.

Sarah B.

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Photo: Street ad synergy

April 7, 2010. Photo by John C. Sun

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Shop local & save at the Clement Street Holiday Stroll tonight, 4-9pm

Photo by Tito Perez

Just because it’s Friday the 13th doesn’t mean you won’t have luck finding the perfect gifts!

Tonight, merchants along the early blocks of Clement Street are hosting a “Holiday Stroll” from 4pm until 9pm, featuring special deals, libations and treats for shoppers.

Here’s a list of what you’ll find on Clement Street stretching from Arguello to 6th Avenue:

Ingenious Organic concept salon (389 Arguello): Buy 1 hair product get one 30% off, Makeup Buy 2 get 1 free, makeup touch ups, 20% off future hair cut appointments, 50% off hair cut with any color service, free deep conditioning with color service. Also Snacks and Drinks.

Covet (391 Arguello): Cupcakes, champagne, & a free jewelry gift with purchase of $30 or more.

Period George (7 Clement Street): Sale on all Christmas and holiday candles, 15% off!

The Mysterious Rack (12 Clement): The Mysterious Rack will be offering 25% off all accessories, jewelry, books, magazines, records, & more! Also featuring vintage by Heidi Spanier. Also libations, and live music by Rick Quisol aka the Dimestore Dandy.

Sparky’s Balloons & Toys (115 Clement): Sparky’s will be offering champagne & chocolate covered strawberries.

STORY SF (202 Clement): Story will be offering free gift wrapping, snacks, & hot apple cider.

Kisha Studio (210 Clement): Kisha Studio is offering 10%, a small gift with purchase over $30, and champagne.

Seedstore (212 Clement): Seedstore will be debuting one of their stylist’s Gene Duven and her boyfriend Michael Mapp’s repurposed vintage clothing line, WRN FRSH. Featuring vintage clothing for men as well, two dj’s and libations.

Raissa Bump Jewelry & Knitwear / Anzfer Farms (248 Clement): 20% off all knitwear

Toy Boat Cafe (401 Clement): Ice cream cones of sea salt caramel truffle for $1 between 5-6pm.

Foggy Notion (275 6th Ave): Foggy Notion will be showcasing vintage from Heritage Mercantile Vintage (Robyn Miller of HM was just featured in Refinery 29!) and Our House Vintage & Design, also refreshments and a free tote bag with any purchase over $20.

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Police Blotter – December 12, 2013

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of December 12, 2013. To be added to the station's mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

Officers from Richmond Station celebrated the holiday season together last Friday along with their spouses and significant others. It was a wonderful time to reflect on their many accomplishments over the past year. Richmond Station personnel continue to make arrests in some very complex investigations. The leadership by Lt. Deborah Gizdich and her talented Station Investigations Team is making a big impact in our district. Lt. Dean Ries and Lt. Walt Cuddy have developed complex operations orders to apprehend offenders and strategized to with our investigations team to address the issues. Lt. Milanda Moore’s supervision rounds out our team with updates of crime trends.

We will not be having a community meeting in December. We will see you again after the New Year.

On 11/26/13 at 11am, the victim parked his car on the Great Highway near Fulton St. When he returned at 12:15pm, his vehicle was gone. The victim had hidden his cell phone under the driver’s seat and was able to track his vehicle. He contacted 911 and was providing updates as to the location of his car. Officers located the vehicle on the 1900 block of Lombard St with the suspect in it. In the vehicle were numerous pieces of property that had been taken from auto burglaries and stolen vehicles. It was determined that the suspect had driven a stolen vehicle to the Great Highway, left it there and took the victim’s vehicle. This investigation is ongoing and vehicles are still being recovered that are attributed to this suspect.

On 12/07/13 at 8:50pm, the victim was sitting is his vehicle at 45th Ave and Geary. He observed the suspect graffiti an a-frame sign. He then saw the suspect go over to his landlord’s car and bend down out of sight. Believing the suspect was going to vandalize the car, he confronted the suspect. The suspect swore at him and ran down the alley between two houses on the 8000 block of Geary. The victim kept telling the suspect to stop and he eventually trip the male. When the suspect got up, he pulled out a knife and swung it at the victim who was able to get out of the way. The suspect took off again with the victim following and the suspect entered Sutro Park. Officers located the suspect and victim in Sutro Park. The 24year old male was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism.

Between 12/06/13, 9pm and 12/07/13, 7:30am on the 200 block of Parker Ave, a suspect entered a garage by unknown means. The suspect then broke the windows of two vehicles parked inside and took property, including sunglasses, cash and a garage remote.

Between 12/06/13, 9:30pm and 12/07/13, 10am on the 400 block of 25th Ave, a suspect entered an apartment building through the front door which is always left unlocked. The suspect entered the garage and gained access into a vehicle parked inside. The suspect took a GPS. The victim located her keys in the now open trunk of her car. She believes she may have left her keys in her apartment door lock when she got home.

On 12/09/13, between 7:45am and 6:15pm on the 300 block of 26th Ave, a suspect entered an apartment through an unlocked window. The suspect took a laptop and TV.

On 12/10/13 at 3:00am, numerous officers responded to the area of Sutter and Baker on a call of shots fired. One of the callers reported seeing a burgundy vehicle fleeing from the scene. Officers searched the area to look for victims but did not find anyone. One woman reported that one of the rounds fired went through her bedroom window. She felt the glass land on her face and she rolled out of bed onto the floor. She was uninjured.

Between 12/10/13, 5pm and 12/11/13, 7am on the 3500 block of Sacramento, a suspect entered a home under construction and took tools. The rear of the home is unsecured.

On 12/11/13 at 4:45am, on the 700 block of 31st Ave, a tenant in an apartment building heard the garage door open. When he looked outside he saw a white SUV parked in front of the garage. Thinking it was another tenant, he went back to sleep. When he went into the garage later that afternoon, he saw that two of his bikes were missing.

On 12/11/13, between 6:40am and 6pm on the 700 block of 11th Ave, a suspect entered an apartment via a window off a landing. The suspect took two laptops.

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