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Video: Three teens rescued after falling from cliffs near China Beach

Around 12noon today, three teenagers fell from an area of cliff near China Beach. One of the teens, a girl, was injured during the fall, which landed them in an area inaccessible by walking trails.

Both the SFFD and Coast Guard assisted in the rescue effort, providing a boat, jet skis and a helicopter to reach the teens and evacuate them.

“There is a third, more critical victim that will be taken off the beach by Coast Guard helicopter. We use c-spine precautions and evaluate their mental status. One of the patient’s mental status is altered,” SFFD Battalion Chief Bryan Rubenstein told CBS.

The three teens were taken to the Coast Guard station at Fort Baker for treatment.

Just yesterday, a woman had to be rescued from a bluff at Ocean Beach after a leg injury prevented her from leaving the area safely.

Sarah B.

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Uncovered: Old Vess Cola advertisement

Photo by Derek

Reader Derek stopped by the Internet Archive to drop off some old t-shirts this week and noticed that at the site of November’s fire, and old advertisement for Vess Cola has been uncovered.

Vess Cola, originally made by Vess Soda which was founded in 1916, is still in existence (manufactured by Cott). They make a variety of flavors including orange, cream, cherry cola, black cherry, pineapple, peach, piña colada, strawberry, grape, blue raspberry and kiwi-strawberry. Their slogan is “The Billion Bubble Beverage”.

The “Good?…it’s Perfect!” ad is on the side of the building adjacent to the Archive’s annex building near Clement and Funston, which has a restaurant, Taishan Cafe, on the ground floor and apartments above. The entire building has been closed off until repairs are made from the fire.

Sarah B.

Photo by Derek

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Explore Lincoln Park’s cemetery past by night, April 1

Remains found under the Legion of Honor in 1997. Photo by Richard Barnes

As you may have read in the past here on the blog, the Richmond District was once home to several cemeteries, including one out where Lincoln Park is today.

The last cemeteries were cleared and decommissioned in the 1940s, but even as recently as 1997, remains were still being unearthed beneath the Legion of Honor.

On Tuesday, April 1, Obscura Society SF is hosting a special tour called Flashlight Exploration of Old Lincoln Park Cemetery.

Led by historian, author and former National Parks Ranger John Martini, the guided walk will visit a former Chinese funerary temple set in a grove of cypress trees, a towering iron monument to sailors who died far from home, and the site of a macabre mass grave discovered in the not-very-distant past.

The tour runs from 7-9pm and costs $20 per person. Tickets can be purchased online. Flashlights are required!

And if cemetery trivia and history are your thing, check out the recent history minute below from the Western Neighborhoods Project. You may be surprised to learn what happened to the headstones from our old cemeteries.

Sarah B.

P.S. – Despite the date of this event, it’s not a hoax! ;)

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Police testing possibly poisonous meatballs found near Ocean Beach

You may have already heard about the 21 poisonous meatballs that were found in the bushes and shrubs of the Twin Peaks neighborhood over the weekend.

The intent of the meatballs, which were laced with strychnine, was to harms animals and pets who ingested them. Hundreds of the meatballs first appeared in July 2013, and killed a small dachshund.

This afternoon, SFAppeal reported that the police are also testing suspicious meatballs found near 855 La Playa between Fulton and Cabrillo around 5:45pm on Sunday afternoon.

Police are warning pet owners to be especially alert when out walking their dogs, and recommending that cats not be allowed outdoors. They are treating the meatballs found near Twin Peaks and the ones found in the Richmond District as one case.

The last time this occurred in the Richmond District was in July 2011, when someone left rat poison out in Sutro Heights Park, killing a hawk and causing one woman’s dog to foam at the mouth after ingesting it.

San Francisco police are asking the public for assistance in the case. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the SFPD’s anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444.

Sarah B.

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Family of woman hit on 10th Ave & California is “thankful she’s alive”

Photo by @jdonnellydc

On Thursday, February 6, an elderly woman named Carmen Silva was hit by a driver at the intersection of 10th Avenue and California Streets.

On Sunday night, Carmen’s son Emiliano Lee found the above photo that we posted on Facebook and left a comment with an update on his mother’s condition, and explained what happened that day:

“She had just gotten off the 1 California (we live on 11th) and was crossing the street, in the crosswalk, with the green light. A woman driving a prius turned and drove right into her. Happened so fast my mom didn’t see her until she was being hit… She hit the hood and windshield then was thrown into the street.”

“We are all thankful she’s alive as it could have been much worse,” Emiliano added.

Carmen herself jumped into the Facebook thread to talk about her accident:

“I’ve lived on 11th & Geary 24 years so am a vigilant pedestrian, have been nearly hit too many times. I always look 4 ways and keep looking as I cross. I do not ever use my cell phone when walking. I do not jay walk. And however clichéd, I did not see the car until it was about to hit me. My head, neck, ribs and a knee were damaged. Slow but steady recovery, and I do know it might have been so much worse. Thank you to the many helpful and comforting passers-by and EMTs and SF police.”

We’re glad to hear that Carmen is doing well and on her way to recovery. Thank you to the family for the updates!

Sarah B.

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Photo: Beer-battered historic mural inside the Alexandria Theater

Recently, we marked the 10th anniversary of the closing of the Alexandria Theater, and its steady decline to its status as a blighted landmark.

We posted photos of the theater’s deteriorating exterior, but recently received evidence of decay on the interior as well.

A reader sent us this photo which was taken inside the theater. It shows the defacing of one of the historic art deco murals inside the Alexandria.

The mural is peppered with beer bottle caps along with paint and plaster streaks.

Since its closing in 2004, the theater has periodically been broken into and taken over by squatters and partiers.

It’s a shame to see that the owners are letting the historic aspects of the interior deteriorate as well.

Sarah B.

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Power outage Sunday night, disappointing Downton Abbey fans

“Massive power outage right in the middle of the Downton Abbey season finale!”
– posted on Facebook by reader Cheryl S.

Around 10:15pm on Sunday night, right in the middle of the Downton Abbey season 4 finale, we received our first report of a power outage in the outer Richmond District.

Reports via twitter came from 15th Avenue, 18th Avenue, 22nd Avenue – all the way up to 30th Avenue.

At 10:31pm, PG&E tweeted “Richmond SF outage, affecting 6700 customers. Crew on-scene, working to determine cause. Will update with ETOR when available.”

We’ve received no other news from PG&E on the cause of the outage, and the estimate we’ve seen is that power should be restored between midnight and 1am. At 11:35pm, PGE4ME tweeted:

For continuing updates, follow PGE4ME on Twitter or call their hotline at 800-743-5002.

Were you in the dark? Leave a comment to let us know where you are and for how long you were living by candlelight on Sunday night.

Sarah B.

UPDATE Monday 12:22am: We received our first report of power being restored from Supervisor Eric Mar:

UPDATE Monday 12:43am: PG&E reporting that 1,300+ customers are still out:

UPDATE Monday morning: One reader said that as of 6am, they were still without power. And at 8:20am, power was reported to be out again at 14th and California.

UPDATE Monday 8:58am: PG&E reports that two customers remain on generator power, but the rest are with power again. They attributed the cause of the outage to a “failed underground cable & failed overhead connector”:

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Police Blotter – February 20, 2014

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of February 20, 2014. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

Each week in our newsletter, we describe some of the noteworthy crimes in the Richmond District. Lots of homes and businesses have video recording systems and many people carry smart phones with cameras, so there is a chance that one of our readers has captured video of one of these crimes. If you see that there has been an incident near you and you have a video system, please take a moment to check if you have any footage that might help us. If you do, please call the station at 415-666-8000.

Our next Community meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 6pm. It will be in the Community Room, here at Richmond Station, 461 6th Ave.

On 02/13/14 at 8:30am, a city gardener and his crew were doing clean-up in the area of the Lily Pond near MLK Drive. The gardener came across a bike that was leaning up against a tent. The gardener asked the occupants of a tent if they knew who the bike belonged to. A female voice said, “Someone else.” Another occupant of the tent, a male exited with a knife in his hand a pointed it at the gardener. The suspect told him that he was going to cut him and the victim backed away. Another male told the suspect to put away the knife and the suspect did. A Golden Gate Park Ranger came upon the scene and could hear the suspect yelling obscenities. As 911 had been called, when the suspect heard the sirens he began to walk away with the ranger following. Officers arrived and detained the suspect. The 21 year old male was charged with aggravated assault and threats.

On 02/13/14 at 10:18pm, officers stopped a male who ran a red light on a bicycle at Euclid and Spruce St. They recognized him from previous contacts and determined that he was in possession of methamphetamine. He was also in possession of credit cards and identification belonging to others. One of whom had been a victim of an auto burglary on 02/01/14. The 44 year old male was charged with possession of stolen property and narcotic violations.

On 02/15/14 at 11:45pm, officers were called to a fight at 20th and Lake St. When they arrived they observed all parties on the corner, with one male bleeding from the head. They spoke to the victim who lives on the 100 block of 20th Ave. He told the officers that he was in his home and heard loud banging from his front door. When he went to check he could see that the glass on the front door was shattered and the suspect was making his way into the home. The victim grabbed a coat rack and began to strike the suspect who continued to push his way in. The victim, a 68 year old male, continued to strike the male and was able to push the suspect out of his home and down the front steps. The victim then fell down the stairs causing injuries. The victim grabbed the suspect by the collar and was able to get him to the ground. A neighbor came out and stood by with the suspect as the victim called 911. The officers attempted to speak with the suspect, however he was extremely intoxicated, incoherent and slurring his words. The victim was treated at the scene for his injuries. The 21 year old suspect was charged with vandalism and transported to a local hospital.

On 02/17/14 at 9:50pm, on the 200 block of El Camino Del Mar, the victim had just parked her car and was getting the groceries from the trunk. The suspect came up to her right side and pushed her to the ground while trying to take her bag. As the bag was slung across her body the victim pulled it off herself and handed it to the suspect who then fled with another male. A nearby witness heard the victim screaming and saw the suspects flee to a silver SUV. US Park Police were in the area and found the SUV inside the Presidio on Wedemeyer St. Two of the occupants had fled the vehicle with the driver taken into custody in the car. An extensive search was done and the two males were located. The two males, both 21 and the female driver, 19yrs, were charged with robbery and conspiracy.

On 02/18/14 at 1:42am, officers were patrolling the area of 24th and Fulton when they observed the suspect walking along the south side of Fulton. The suspect had a flashlight and a knife in a sheath on his hip. Officers stopped to talk to the male and detained him. The suspect was in possession of shaved keys and had several warrants. The suspect also had a stay away order from the area of Golden Gate Park. The 40yr old male, who was on probation, was charged with possession of burglary tools, probation violation and the warrants.

On 02/14/14 at 8:30pm the victim left his home on the 500 block of 3rd Ave. He observed 3 Hispanic males standing in the easement/alleyway on one side of his house. He asked what they were doing and did they need any help. One said, “Keep it moving, we’re having a conversation.” The victim told them they needed to leave and they started yelling at him. One of the suspects then took what appeared to be a shotgun from his pants. He told the victim that they could settle this right now. One of the other suspects took the gun away from the other and said that there were people around and they needed to go. The suspects fled west on Anza. They were described as being 18-20yrs, one wearing a red baseball cap and a gray t-shirt, the suspect with the gun was wearing a black North Face jacket and black pants. The third was wearing all dark clothing.

On 02/16/14 at 2:20am officers responded to a report of a stabbing at 3rd and Geary. The officers located two male victims but due to their injuries were unable at that time to tell the officers what happened. A witness was only able to say that he saw an Asian male punch one of the victim’s in the face several times. The group of Asian males then ran north on 3rd Ave and possibly got into a black BMW.

Between 02/17/14, 4pm and 02/18/14, 7:15am on the 300 block of Spruce St, a suspect tried to make entry into a home under construction by prying doors and windows but was unsuccessful.

Between 02/17/14, 8:15pm and 02/18/14, 6:45am on the unit block of Lupine, two different garages were entered by an unknown suspect. It appeared that by pushing on both front gates, the gate opened and then entry was made into the garage. In each an unlocked vehicle was parked inside and entered by the suspect. There was no loss in either.

On 02/18/14 at 12am, a resident of a home on the 700 block of 17th Ave happened to look out his window. He observed a white minivan stop in front of a neighbor’s home and the passenger exited the vehicle. The male went to the front door of a home under construction and forced open the front door. The minivan left but kept driving around the block. The officers arrived on scene but the suspect had fled out a back door. The neighbor could only say that the suspect was a male wearing a dark sweatshirt.

On 02/19/14 at 2:38am, the victim was walking on Euclid towards Palm Ave. The first suspect walked past her while the second crossed the street to come over to her side. She was then grabbed from behind and forced to the ground. The suspects rummaged through her pockets and took her phone, identification and cash. The suspects fled west towards Arguello. The suspects were males, one wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.

On 02/19/14, between 9am and 12:35pm on the 2700 block of Clement St a suspect entered an apartment via the fire escape and then through an unlocked window. The suspect took cash.

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