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Golden Gate Park: The toast of TV

Our very own Golden Gate Park has been in the tv spotlight recently, popping up as a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, and showing up in a future episode of The Mindy Project. Star Mindy Kaling posted photos of her with cast and crew at the Golden Gate Bridge, on the carousel in Golden Gate Park (below) and other city landmarks.

Medium fast times at Merry Go Round High #themindyproject #sanfrancisco

A photo posted by Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) on

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Photo: Just a wee bit of fabric and sewing sundries

It’s not a new business, but shop Wee Scotty is new to the Richmond District. Located on Clement near 7th Avenue, the shop has “taught numerous children to sew, helped countless brides look their best on their wedding day, and designed clothing and prototyped for many local and national brands.”

Welcome Wee Scotty!

Sarah B.

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Daguerreotypes of SF by Binh Danh: What is new is old again

By Binh Danh

San Francisco artist Binh Danh specializes in daguerreotypes, and his latest show, “This Then, Is San Francisco,” is now open at the Haines Gallery (49 Geary).

The daguerreotype process was one of the earliest forms of photography and was in wide use only from the early 1840s to the late 1850s. The process involves printing the image captured in the camera onto a silver plate, and images appear in reverse because they are viewed from the side of the metal that faced the camera lens.

In addition to some nice pieces of the Cliff House and Sutro Baths, the 47-piece exhibition also features shots of downtown, the Legion of Honor, the Transamerica building, the de Young Museum, City Hall and the Mission. View the gallery here

Binh Danh is also known for his invention of the chlorophyll printing process, in which photographic images appear embedded in leaves through the action of photosynthesis (more on that in the video below).

The Haines Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 10:30AM – 5:30PM, and Saturday 10:30AM – 5:00PM. Danh’s daguerreotypes will be on display until December 20.

Sarah B.

By Binh Danh

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European Foods demolished to make way for new condos & retail

A rendering of the new development coming to 3038 Clement

Always-on-top-of-it development blog Socketsite posted an update yesterday on the condominium project at 3038 Clement Street near 32nd Avenue.

As they reported back in November 2012, the property that the market sat on was being considered for a six-unit condominium development.

Fast forward two years and the market is no more. Bulldozers put the final touches on the demolition, and permits have been pulled to make way for the building which includes three two-bedroom units and three three-bedroom units.

The building will be 40 feet tall and includes parking for ten bikes and six cars over a smaller ground-floor retail space. No word yet on what will occupy the retail space.

The permit issued for the project puts the construction costs at $2,500,449. The new address for the condos will be 3032-3038 Clement Street.

Remarkably, the gas/service station on the corner next to the new condo development continues to stand, and has not yielded to what we imagine are regular “Will you sell?” inquiries from developers.

Sarah B.

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New devices on Geary stoplights: No, you’re not being watched

Photo by Rob R.

A couple of readers have written in to ask about the new devices that have been attached to Geary stoplights from Arguello to Park Presidio.

They’re not stoplight cameras, or cameras of any kind. They’ve been put in place to make the Muni buses on Geary run more efficiently.

“It is a Proxim Radio, which is one component of Transit Signal Priority that is currently being installed along Geary to give signal priority to Muni to reduce travel time and to make it more reliable,” said Paul Rose, spokesman for the SFMTA.

The GPS devices are designed to keep lights green when a Muni bus is approaching. The system also has the ability to make red lights shorter based on the presence of a bus.

The system was installed on Mission Street earlier this year to speed up the 14-Mission, 14L-Mission Limited and 49-Mission-Van Ness lines.

Jeff Flynn, service planning manager for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, told the Examiner that the system is “cutting four to five minutes, or 10 percent, off the travel route times from beginning to end” along Mission.

The SFMTA wants to get the system installed on Geary Boulevard in advance of the $240 million Bus Rapid Transit project that is slated to debut in 2018.

The SFMTA didn’t tell us when this signal priority system will go into effect on Geary, whose 38 and 38L lines carry 55,000 people per day, but it could take some time due to aging lights and signal boxes.

“It’s an aging infrastructure that we’re replacing and upgrading and that can be constraining,” Flynn told the Examiner. “But from what we’re experiencing so far, that isn’t causing as many problems.”

Sarah B.

Geary Blvd. at 17th Ave.: Visualization of center-lane Bus Rapid
Transit with dual medians. View more

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Police Blotter – November 14, 2014 | Officer receives medal of valor

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of November 14, 2014. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpdrichmondstation@sfgov.org.]

Medal of Valor Ceremony 11/12/2014
The members of Richmond Station are proud to announce that our own Officer Patrick Brady was awarded the SFPD’s Bronze Medal of Valor for Bravery in the Line of Duty at a ceremony earlier this week (28:30 mark). Here is an excerpt from the award citation:

“At 11:10 pm on the night of February 3rd 2013, Officer Patrick Brady was returning to Richmond Station after already having worked a very long shift when he came upon a single family home fully engulfed in flames. As Officer Brady sprang into action, he was met by two frantic women fleeing from the house who told him that a 69 year old man was still inside.

Thick dark smoke was billowing out of the burning house and Officer Brady recognized that the man would not survive unless he was rescued immediately. Even though he had no protective equipment or breathing apparatus, Officer Brady ran headfirst into the blaze to find the man. Once inside, he encountered smoke so dense that he had to feel his away along the walls while calling out the man’s name.

After doing this for a while, he was forced to go back outside for a short period to clear his lungs. Once out of the house, he tried to get the women to tell him exactly where the man might be so that he could focus his efforts. In their hysterical state, they just kept repeating that he was inside the house.

Officer Brady ran back into the inferno and continued to navigate along the walls while shouting for the man. He pressed on through the smoke and flames until he located the man who was semi-conscious, disoriented and unable to walk. Officer Brady took hold of him and pulled him from the burning building to safety, thereby saving his life.

Once the family was safe, Officer Brady and other SFPD members began evacuating the nearby homes as the fire was spreading rapidly putting many more lives at risk. Thanks to the efforts of Officer Brady and his fellow officers, there were no further casualties.

Were it not for Officer Brady’s immediate, selfless response and his resolute courage in the face of grave danger, a citizen of San Francisco would have perished in the fire and many other nearby residents would likely have met a similar, tragic fate.

For his heroic actions on the night of February 3rd 2013, Officer Patrick Brady is hereby awarded the Bronze Medal of Valor.”


We wish to invite you to our next Community Meeting at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. The meeting will be held at the Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Branch Library located at 351 9th Ave.

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November 6, 2014 at 11:30 PM, Officer Faynshteyn and Officer Tyler were on patrol in the area of Geary and 9th Avenue when they observed a vehicle make an illegal left turn. They contacted the driver and conducted a computer check which revealed the driver had a suspended license. The driver was cited for multiple violations.

On November 6, 2014 at 11:50 PM, Officer Yee observed a vehicle driving with no headlights in the area of Presidio Boulevard and Fulton. The officer contacted the driver and conducted a computer query on the driver’s information which revealed the driver had a suspended license. The driver was cited for multiple violations which included driving on a suspended license.

On November 7 at 4:18 AM, Officer Yee responded to 48th and Cabrillo regarding a report of a possibly intoxicated male subject lying in the middle of the street. When he arrived at the location he saw a male passed out in the street lying next to a small pink bicycle. He was able to identify the male via a Jail ID which was in this possession. The male told the officers he had been drinking on the beach and while cycling down the street “something happened.” Due to the fact that the man was unable to stand on his feet a medical response was requested. The male was cited for bicycling under the influence and then transported to General Hospital.

On November 7, 2014, at 4:20 PM, Officer Flannery was on patrol in the area of Stanyan and Geary when he observed a vehicle fail to yield to a pedestrian in an intersection. Officer Flannery conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver. A computer check on the information provided revealed the driver had a suspended license. The driver was cited for multiple violations.

On November 7, 2014, at 7:01 PM, Officers Mitchinson and Cranna responded to the Wells Fargo at 850 La Playa St. regarding a robbery. Bank personnel in this incident were able to provide a description of the suspect. The suspect was armed with a handgun and passed a note to the teller which resulted in the teller handing over an undisclosed amount of cash. Suspect fled in an unknown direction and a search of the surrounding area of had negative results. There were no injuries reported in this incident and the investigation continues…

On November 7, 2014 at 7:51 PM, Officers Wong and Lai were conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Park Presidio and Crossover Drive. The officers were using their department issued speed measuring device and observed a vehicle driving 56 mph in the 25 mph zone. They stopped the vehicle at Funston and Cabrillo and contacted to driver. A computer check revealed that the driver had been suspended since November 24th of last year. They cited the driver for speeding and driving on a suspended license

On November 8, 2014 at 1:06 AM, Officer Yee observed a vehicle speeding, running a red light and having expired registration. The vehicle was traveling at approximately 42 mph on a 25 mph residential street. The officer initiated a traffic stop contacted to driver. The officer determined that the driver was exhibiting signs of intoxication initiated a DUI investigation. Based on the results of the officer’s investigation the driver was booked at County Jail on multiple violations.

On November 8, 2014 at 4:47 PM, Officers Wong and Lai responded to the area of 30th and Geary regarding a report of a possible drunk driver. It was reported that a silver Audi was weaving through lanes of traffic and stopping abruptly. Officers Neill, Dungca and Maher contacted the driver of the above vehicle on Geary between 15th and 16th Ave. A computer check revealed the driver had a suspended license and was on court probation thru June 10, 2015. The officers initiated a DUI investigation and later booked the driver in County Jail for multiple violations, including DUI.

On November 8, 2014 at 10:50 PM, Officer Yee was on patrol in the area of 7th and Lincoln and observed a vehicle with no working brake lights. The officer contacted the driver regarding the violation and a computer check revealed that the driver had a suspended license. The officer cited the driver for multiple violations, including driving on a suspended license.

November 8, 2014 at 11:45 PM, Officer Gordon was on patrol in the area of Geary and Stanyan St. when he observed a vehicle with expired registration. The officer initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver regarding a fix-it ticket. A computer check on the driver’s license revealed it had been expired since September. The driver was cited for expired registration and driving on an expired license.

On November 9, 2014 at 1:37 AM, Officer Yee observed a vehicle traveling 53 mph in a 25 mph zone. The officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver. The officer believed the driver was showing signs of intoxication and was driving under the influence. The officer initiated DUI investigation which resulted in the driver being booked at County jail on multiple violations including DUI.

On November 9, 2014 at 10:18 PM, Officer Stephens observed a vehicle driving on Clement Street with expired registration. The officer stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver who was unable to produce a valid driver’s license. A computer check revealed the driver had never been issued a license in California. The driver was cited for multiple violations.

On November 10, 2014 at 1:57 AM, Officer Yee observed a male on a bicycle riding on the sidewalk in a wobbly and unsafe manner. The officer contacted the cyclist who had to prop himself up next to a telephone pole to prevent falling over. The cyclist told the officer he had ingested alcohol and narcotics earlier that evening. The cyclist verbally identified himself to the officer and during this contact the officer observed that the cyclist was extremely unsteady on his feet. The officer initiated DUI investigation which resulted in the cyclist getting booked at County jail for multiple violations.

We wish to invite you to our next Community Meeting at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. The meeting will be held at the Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Branch Library located at 351 9th Ave.


Traffic Collision Reports
To better serve our citizens and insurance carriers in need of a traffic collision report, we have partnered up with LexisNexis and have implemented an online dissemination program to provide our collision reports securely, online.

– Convenience! Save time, money on parking and no need to stand in line to request a report at our Records counter
– Obtaining a report takes only a few minutes and a nominal convenience fee for this service is added to the cost of the report

Important: Before attempting to obtain a copy of a collision report online, please allow a minimum of 10 days from the date of the collision to allow the report to be reviewed and approved for release.

A nominal convenience fee of $10.00 will be assessed for the ability to retrieve your report online. Citizens who do not wish to pay the convenience fee can still come to our Records Unit counter during business hours to obtain a collision report; please be advised that there may be a long line or wait. Our normal Records Unit hours are 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Records Unit
850 Bryant Street, Room 475
San Francisco, CA 94103
If you would like to obtain your traffic collision report online please click on the below link:
Obtain a Traffic Collision Report in: English or Spanish- Espanol

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Mountain Lake fish population wiped out today with poison; removal underway

Photo: Pete Kiehart / The Chronicle

As part of an ongoing effort to remediate and restore Mountain Lake to its natural beginnings, the Presidio Trust today took a final step to eradicate the non-native fish population from the lake.

Workers from the Presidio Trust and contractor Fish Control Solutions poured 47 gallons of a poison solution into the 4-acre lake this morning. The solution, which contains 5 percent rotenone, suffocates fish (or anything with gills). The solution is not strong enough to harm other animals like birds that could eat the carcasses or humans that come into contact with the solution.

Workers concluded the four hour poisoning process this morning and by 1pm, estimated that they had recovered 200-300 carp that floated to the surface.

Of the several hundred thousand fish that are in Mountain Lake, planners expect about 20% of the dead fish to float to the surface, and the remaining 80% to sink to the bottom of the lake. Most of the surface fish should be removed today, while a trawler will be employed to remove the fish on the bottom. It’s unclear how long that process will take.

Workers poured the poison solution into the lake from rowboats. Photo: Pete Kiehart / The Chronicle

Most of the fish will be composted in the Presidio, but a “couple of boatfuls” will be given to the Academy of Sciences for research. The Academy will conduct genetic tests to determine where the fish came from.

All traces of the poison solution, which decomposes when exposed to sunlight, are expected to disappear from the water within three days. 6 foot cyclone fences were erected by the lake shore prior to the poisoning per EPA guidelines; they will remain in place for 3 weeks.

This extreme step to eradicate the fish population by poisoning was taken after other measures were employed to remove the array of non-native species that made their home in Mountain Lake, but without complete success. Many of these fish found their way into the lake through dumping from local residents.

Prior to the poisoning, the Trust captured and relocated thousands of fish, turtles and other invasives but found it impossible to capture all the fish. Especially since they were only employing a couple of interns to capture the sometimes monstrous fish.

To prevent residents from dumping their aquatic friends into the lake in the future, the Presidio Trust will have a tank alongside the lake – a kind of safe harbor for relinquished aquatic pets. An education campaign is also planned.

About 100 onlookers, including media, came out to Mountain Lake to watch the poisoning process, which was overseen by Park Police. A “Designated First Amendment Area” was marked with a sign, but no protesters came out.

In about 6 months, conservationists will begin reintroducing native species like three-spined sticklebacks, western pond turtles and chorus frogs.

Thanks to cub reporter David H. for help on this story.

Sarah B.

Two poisoned carp that were shown to the media. Photo: Pete Kiehart / The Chronicle

One of the beastly fish that was removed in prior eradication attempts. Photo by Jonathan Young

Some onlookers near the playground. Photo by David H.

Photo: Pete Kiehart / The Chronicle

Photo by David H.

Photo by David H.

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Food news: De Place will be Dragon Beaux, Mescolanza closing, more on Pivot

“De place! De place!” Reader @cassfung tells us that something is happening at the former Big Heart Video Cafe / De Place space at 5700 Geary. As you may remember, it was under construction for over a year, then finally opened as De Place, only to close a few weeks later. According to a sign on the door, “De Place” is going to become “Dragon Beaux”. We couldn’t find any info online about Dragon Beaux other than that their beer and wine liquor license is pending. “Hope the food is better than its name,” @cassfung said.

Cozy Italian restaurant Mescolanza, located on Clement near 23rd Avenue, is closing its doors after 26 years in business. On their website, restaurant owner Ruben Macedo says that the business has to relocate, and that its last day of business will be December 31. Let’s hope they find another home soon in the neighborhood.

More details have emerged about Pivot, the new wine bar opening at 443 Clement Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. According to EaterSF, the venture is spearheaded by veteran sommeliers Michael Ireland (Restaurant at Meadowood, Quince) and John Vuong (Ame, Gary Danko). Expect an “elected group of 30 wines by the glass, from $6 a glass from the keg to rare and pricey finds from the proprietors’ personal collections.” The 47 seat space will also feature a menu focused on “super high-quality snacks and light meals that pair with their wines”. They anticipate opening in Spring 2015.

Sarah B.

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