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Local links: U-Lee coming, shipwrecks, music @ the Neck, Parking Day & more

The Frank H. Buck tanker ship that wrecked near Lands End in 1937. Courtesy of NOAA

Here are some local links to get you through hump day…

  • Maritime researchers are using underwater vehicles, cameras and sonar to identify shipwrecks off the west coast of San Francisco and around the Farallones. They’ve already found remains from an 1863 and a 1910 shipwreck. “These and other shipwreck investigations mark the first mission of a two-year project to locate, identify and better understand some of the estimated 300 wrecks in Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and the adjacent Golden Gate National Recreation Area.” Their photo archives have some great shots of wrecks off just off of Lands End.
  • Scootch over, Shanghai Dumpling King… U-Lee Chinese restaurant is departing Nob Hill after decades of serving its infamous, giant potstickers no thanks to a rent hike. But we get to benefit – owner Kenneth Lee is at work on a new location at 36th and Balboa, which he plans to open in early 2015.
  • Like live music? Then you might want to keep an eye on the schedule at Clement Street’s Neck of the Woods (formerly Rockit Room). The Bay Bridged did a nice writeup on the new owner and his passion for booking bands. “At Neck of the Woods, there really is something for everyone: Monday night salsa lessons, Tuesday night open mic comedy, Wednesday open mic nights, Thursday night shows upstairs, Friday and Saturday nights there are shows upstairs and downstairs.” Not to mention that the club has been safer and a better neighbor since the ownership change.
  • Up the street at 540 Club (540 Clement) you’ll find a new photography exhibition from John Agoncillo featuring some photos from the Richmond District (like this gem of someone sleeping it off on an abandoned sofa…). Photos will be up until the end of September.
  • Been wondering why that Highway 1 NB exit to Doyle Drive isn’t open yet, even though it appears completely done and is one of the quickest ways to get to the Marina / 101 South on Lombard from the Richmond District? Mercury News asked and was told “the ramp will open when major construction is completed late next year. This ramp must remain closed until then for safety purposes. Currently, both directions of traffic are temporarily on the future southbound roadway, and there is not enough space for traffic to merge safely from the Highway 1/Park Presidio ramp onto south 101/Doyle Drive… The connection between the Marina and Richmond district will open when the hook ramp connecting north 101 to south Highway 1 is done. This depends on the completion of the new northbound High Viaduct by early 2016.” So now you know. We didn’t say it would be a pleasant answer ;)
  • The National AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park has been the target of a persistent vandal recently. SFWeekly interviewed John D. Cunningham, Executive Director of the grove to get more details. When asked what it would cost to repair the damage, Cunningham said, “At the present time, the low end is $100,000-$125,000, and the high end, which would be having to do a full replacement of the Circle of Friends, would be $1 million.”
  • A new law was passed that prohibits overnight parking for large vehicles along Fulton Street and other corridors in the city. CBS5 found that some of those oversized vehicles found a clear patch in Potrero Hill and the neighbors there are none too pleased.
  • A very detailed, hand-drawn map of San Francisco was just released from artist Jenni Sparks. We can’t see the Richmond District portion is great detail, but she certainly got the important landmarks in there like Green Apple Books. :)
  • Before there were parklets there was Parking Day which takes place this Friday. People take over a parking spot for a day and transform it into a public, outdoor space. The map on the website doesn’t seem to be working, so hard to say if there will be any in the Richmond District. But if you see someone lounging in a meter space on Friday, you now know why. Or, you can always get creative and participate in Parking Day. The website has a license and manual you can download (note you still have to pay your meter during Parking Day).
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Hundreds come out for 2nd annual Jog in the Fog 5k fun run

A sprint to the finish. Jerry Flanagan (L) nosed over first for the win in 24:21

It was a photo finish at Sunday’s Richmond District Jog in the Fog 5k as top finishers Jerry Flanagan and Jamie Tran sprinted to the finish line in the USS SF Memorial Parking lot at Lands End, with Flanagan just nosing over the line first with a time of 24:21.

Over 400 people came out for the race’s second running, including families, tourists from Mexico and Brazil, some first time 5k’ers and plenty of running veterans.

Shortly after Flanagan crossed, the top boy, Andrew Blelloch crossed in an impressive 25:42 (if anyone knows how to get in touch with Andrew, please contact us – we have prizes for him!).

Top woman finisher Liz Hubertz was close on his heels, crossing past the finish columns supplied by Sparky’s Balloons at 27:32. Top girl Vanessa Miller finished with a time of 28:38, and all finishers received a trophy from All American Bowling & Trophy on Cabrillo, a gift card from Green Apple Books, and for the adults, a gift bag from Senspa. All young finishers also received finisher wristbands from the Richmond District YMCA.

Top man Jerry Flanagan (24:21) and top woman Liz Hubertz (27:32) with their race booty

Top girl Vanessa Miller (28:38) and top boy Andrew Blelloch (25:42)

The weather was perfect this year, with high clouds and overcast allowing racers to enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge along the Land’s End portion of the course. A group of dolphins even played in the water below as racers rounded the corner to the finish in the USS SF Memorial Parking lot at Land’s End, completing the 3.4 mile course – after tackling a final set of stairs.

Waiting at the finish were beverages from Purity Organic, and tasty granola samples from race sponsor Angelina’s Deli & Cafe. Proceeds from Sunday’s race benefited the Richmond District Neighborhood Center, a non-profit that provides free and low-cost resources, support, and activities to children, teens, adults and seniors in the neighborhood.

We want to thank everyone who came out to support the race and the RDNC this year, and give special thanks to our sponsors and partners who make it all possible. And to our enthusiastic volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you!

If you participated in Jog in the Fog, we’ll let you know when finish line photos are available online (for free download).

Way to go foggy joggers – we’ll see you in 2015!

Sarah B.

Racers queue up at the start line in Mountain Lake Park

T-shirt pick up at the finish area

Enjoying the views from the finish area at Land’s End

A Jog in the Fog volunteer with a special bundle

Sponsor Angelina’s Cafe & Deli sampling their granola at the finish line

A spirited finisher! (this is an animated gif)

Our most pregnant finisher – 9 months and due next week!

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Police Blotter – September 12, 2014

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of September 12, 2014. To be added to the station's mailing list, email sfpdrichmondstation@sfgov.org.]

On 09/10/2014, between 4:54 pm and 5:53 pm, Richmond Station officers did an outstanding job responding to four injury collisions and two non-injury collisions within this hour. All the officers in the district conducted themselves in a professional and timely manner, handling everything that was thrown at them.

In the middle of this the officers completed a DUI investigation which resulted in the arrest of an individual who was responsible for three collisions on Fulton Street alone. There was a total of four collisions on Fulton Street during this time.

Our next community meeting will be on Tuesday 09-16-2014 at 6:00PM in the Community Room at Richmond Station: 461 6th Ave.

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On 09/08/2014, at 10:36 pm, Officers on patrol on Geary St. observed a black Mercedes proceed through a solid red light making no apparent effort to stop. The officers initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver. The driver produced a Washington drivers license which when checked came back as cancelled and the driver was cited for the violation. There was a passenger in the vehicle that turned out to have a DUI warrant for his arrest. While booking the passenger at the county jail it was discovered that the passenger was in possession of fraudulent government documents. The investigation continues…

On 09/08/2014, at 12:20 am, Officers on patrol in the area of Park Presidio observed a vehicle traveling 20mph over the posted speed limit. The officers initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver. The driver was never issued a license and was cited for multiple violations.

On 09/08/2014, at 5:01 pm, Officers responded to 17th and Geary regarding a possible carjacking. A female stated that whole driving her vehicle she picked up her son who was standing on a street corner. The female said her son appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance and was very agitated. She said her son grabbed the wheel and it took all her strength to avoid hitting other vehicles in the roadway. When she managed to stop the vehicle her son pushed her from the car and drove away. The son was later located in another county by another agency. He remains in custody…

On 09/06/2014, at 11:02 pm, Officers on patrol in the area of Geary and 2nd Ave. observed a vehicle with mechanical violations. They stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver who it was later determined was driving on a suspended / revoked license. The driver was cited for the violations.

On 09/06/2014, between 7:00 am and 8:20 am, Officers responded multiple times to the 500 block of Point Lobos regarding multiple reports of an aggressive male in the area causing damage to vehicles. Each time the officers searched the area the male had disappeared. On the final call the officers were able to locate the male thanks to a 911 caller. The male was identified and a warrants check revealed that he was currently wanted for two outstanding warrants. The male was booked at the jail on the warrants and multiple other violations.

On 09/06/2014, at 3:42 pm, Plain Clothes officers working in the area of Golden Gate Park observed a person known to them as a prolific auto burglary suspect. The officers contacted the male who was in possession of a laptop computer which he claimed was his. The officers were able to find contact information on the laptop for the actual owner who did not know he was the victim of an auto burglary. With this information in hand the officers were able to book the offender at county jail for the offence.

On 09/06/2014, at 4:20 pm, Officers responded to a call regarding an aggressive, intoxicated male urinating in the area of 2900 Geary Blvd. On arrival at the scene, the initial caller pointed out the suspect who was in the process of urinating on the wall of a nearby building. The officers contacted the male who appeared to be highly intoxicated and unsteady on his feet. The officers were also able to determine the male had a warrant for his arrest. The male was booked at the county jail.

On 09/06/2014, at 2:17 pm, Officers responded to a call of what was described as a “Mentally Disturbed Individual” by the caller at the 100 block of Commonwealth. The male was said to have run up to a female screaming he was being chased by the “Mexican mafia” because he had “got with the wrong girl.” While en-route the officers where further told the male had entered the 2nd floor and was standing with a kitchen knife in his hand. The female was said to also be in the house trying to locate her husband and her young child who had locked himself in his room. When officers contacted the female in this incident she was able to provide a photograph of the male suspect which she had taken with her phone. While initiating various safety protocols prior to making entry to the building, officers heard the sound of glass being smashed. Shortly the officers saw the male who appeared to be covered in blood and agitated. The officers successfully subdued the male who was taken into custody by the responding officers. Officers then checked on the occupants of the premise who were inside when the knife wielding male made entry. The child and both parents were uninjured and successfully rescued by the responding officers. Officers had the male medically checked due to lacerations on his hands and arms. After being medically cleared at SFGH the male was booked into county jail.

On 09/05/2014, at 9:01 pm, Plain Clothes officers in the area of Bowling Green Drive and Nancy Pelosi Drive observed a male cyclist known to them through previous contacts. The cyclist had multiple outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. The Officers identified themselves and the attempted to stop the cyclist but he started to flee the area. The officers chased the cyclist on foot and entered a wooded area where they saw the male attempting to hide under a bush. The officers grabbed the male, placed him under arrest and handcuffed him. The officers confirmed five outstanding warrants and later booked the male into the county jail without further incident.

On 09/05/2014, at 3:50 pm, Officers responded to the area of Lorraine Court regarding a report of a male involved in “Aggressive Solicitation” selling magazine subscriptions. The original caller wished to remain anonymous and just have officers contact the male. When the officers arrived on the scene they observed the male having an argument which ceased as they approached. The officers advised the male the scope of what he was allowed to do while going door to door. The male was identified, admonished and officers left the area to go back on patrol. About thirty minutes later at 4:25 pm, Officers again responded to the same area regarding a similar report with the same suspect description. Yet again the reporting party did not want officers to do anything regarding this issue. Yet again the officer admonished the male and advised him about the repercussions of aggressive solicitation. The officer went back into service but did note that the male was more agitated than when he had spoken to him earlier. At 5:26 pm, the officer responded to a third call regarding the male and contacted him in the area. On this occasion the male was detained due to his apparent disregard of the warnings he had received earlier in the evening. At this time the officer was approached by a third complainant who stated she was in fear due to the aggressive nature of the suspect. This time the male was cited for municipal code violations.

On 09/05/2014, at 9:00 am, Officers responded to a report of a missing person. The officers spoke to the concerned family member who stated there were medical issues with the missing person. The officers initiated an immediate search in an effort to locate the missing male. Officers from the district spread out and went to the various areas the missing person was known to frequent but were unable to make any contact. The officers created and issued a statewide alert for the missing person and entered his information into the missing persons system. A number of officers were detailed to keep on a continuous search in an effort to locate the missing male due to reported medical issues. Later the same day at 11:30 pm, the missing male was located, alive and well. He had driven to various locations in the city throughout the day. Family members were unable to contact him because his cell phone was left at home.

On 09/04/2014, at 10:12 pm, Officers on regular patrol in the area of the Aids Memorial in Golden Gate Park observed a male acting in a suspicious manner. The male was contacted and a records check showed he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The male was booked at the county jail on the warrant.

On 09/04/2014, at 5:11 pm, Officers in the area of 34th and Fulton St. contacted male regarding park code violations. While conducting their investigation, officers were able to recover a quantity of suspected methamphetamine. The male was booked into jail on narcotics violations.

On 09/04/2014, at 1:00 pm, Officers responded to the area of 10th and Cabrillo regarding a report of a possible theft. The victim in this incident was contacted and reported that known suspect had assaulted her and stole her money jar. The officers were able to eventually contact the suspect and convinced him to return to the scene via telephone. While conducting their investigation, officers were able to recover the stolen money and arrested the male for robbery with force.

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This weekend: Comedy Day, Tour de Fat bike fest in Golden Gate Park

There are two big events taking place in Golden Gate Park this weekend:

Saturday, September 13 – 10am – 5pm | Lindley Meadow in Golden Gate Park | Free admission
Self-described as a “traveling celebration of all things bicycle, honoring mankind’s greatest invention”, this annual festival features many things bicycle, along with live music and beer. In its 15th year in San Francisco, the festival kicks off with a costumed bicycle parade that winds through Golden Gate Park. That’s when eclectic entertainment takes over from musical acts to yo-yo performers, bike contests and even vaudeville acts. This year will also include some brewing education and feature a “Bicycle Revival” to inspire festival-goers to believe in the power of two-wheeled transportation. See the event schedule

Sunday, September 14 – 12pm – 5:30pm | Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park | Free admission
Get ready to laugh as 40 professional comedians perform at the 34th annual Comedy Day. This was a favorite stop for Robin Williams, so expect some kind of tribute to the late comedian. This year’s performers include Margaret Cho, Scott Capurro, Will Durst, Keith D’Souza, Bob Sarlatte and Tom Ammiano. Comedy is PG-13 related so don’t worry about bringing the kids.

Sarah B.

Tour de Fat 2011. Photo by SF Bicycle Coalition

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1927 tourist map highlights neighborhood landmarks

Click to enlarge

Bold Italic shared this fun cartoon map of San Francisco from 1927, made by artist Harrison Godwin (aka William Harrison Godwin). The map was originally designed for tourists but it’s also fun for locals to see what was called out in 1927.

In it, a group of men are lined up to play the Lincoln Golf Course, and the shipwrecks off of Land’s End are marked (steamships Lyman Stewart in 1922 and Coos Bay in 1927). The map also shows the Mile Rock lighthouse in its full splendor, complete with the caretaker’s residence on top of it.

The Lurline Pier, which used to carry water from the Pacific all the way to downtown saltwater pools, is pictured on the north end of Ocean Beach with divers jumping off it. And a tourist is perched atop Sutro Heights Park taking pictures over the Cliff House. A man waves his arm atop a rollercoaster at Playland.

There are a couple of head-scratchers that some history buffs may be able to shed light on. Around Anza and 33rd Avenue two figures are playing baseball which may be a reference to the area around what is now George Washington High School (the high school didn’t open until 1936). And around California and 29th Avenue, a man, perhaps a sailor, is on rollerskates.

And not far from what is now the Landmark Apartments just inside the 15th Avenue Presidio gate is a Blimp Hangar. Say what? There’s also a Victorian house plopped down at 9th Avenue and Balboa; we’re not sure what that is.

UPDATE: Historian John Freeman provided some more explanation on the Presidio hangar: “There was a short-lived experiment by the Coast Artillery to send spotters up in tethered balloons to communicate with the shore batteries about how accurate their projectiles landed in the water during target practice. The westerly winds and bobbing gondolas that made the spotters sea sick caused the project to be abandoned. The balloons were stored in a hanger at the open lot off Lincoln Blvd., east of the 25th Ave. entrance, later converted to the army motor pool.”

John also had some insight into the “rag man with his horse and wagon tooling through the Richmond”: “I can even remember seeing and hearing him calling out “rags, bottles, sacks” as he traveled up and down the streets. I don’t think the junk man was limited to just this neighborhood, but as a kid, that was my world. I don’t know if you would have known when he’s come by your block, but I can see housewives running out to his wagon with their “recycling” and I receiving a few coins for their saved discard. The garbagemen did separate recyclables on their truck to make coffee money, but the “rag, bottles. sack” man actually paid a small amount when he came by. The practice was greatly curtailed during WWII when everyone was doing recycling “for the war effort”, with metal being the highest priority. The Boy Scouts were the primary labor force and were organized to help people bring out their recycling, pile it in front of homes, and toss it on the truck when it came down the block.”

Godwin does a nice job of spotlighting Golden Gate Park, picturing the bison, a pole vaulter at the Polo Fields, a man picking fruit on Stow Lake’s Strawberry Hill, and various figures reclining around the park reading or snoozing.

The map is available as a print up to 50″ in size, and can be cropped to feature your favorite part of the city.

In un-internet fashion, we couldn’t find much online about the artist, Harrison Godwin, other than “Born in New Jersey on March 21, 1899. By 1930 Godwin had settled in Carmel. He died there on Jan. 11, 1984″ (askart.com). Godwin also created similar tourist maps for places like Hollywood, CA.

Sarah B.

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Last day for guaranteed t-shirt registration for Jog in the Fog!

Don’t procrastinate any longer! Your neighborhood Jog in the Fog 5k is this Sunday and if you don’t sign up by today, no t-shirt for you. :( Boooo! No one wants THAT!

Jog in the Fog is a 5k fun run, and both runners and walkers of all ages are welcome. The course begins in Mountain Lake Park, winds down Lake Street, up El Camino and into the Lands End trail, finishing at the USS SF Memorial Parking Lot at Lands End (3.4 miles in total).

Sign up by tomorrow to guarantee you get a 2014 race t-shirt featuring our race logo designed by neighborhood artist Andy George. (Online registration closes on Friday, but you can always come on race day and sign up at the start line (no t-shirt guarantee though!).


Registration is just $35 for adults (13+) and includes a race bib and t-shirt, plus refreshments at the finish line. Kids 12 and under race for free – just bring them to the starting area on race day and we’ll give them a free bib number.

Proceeds from the race benefit the Richmond District Neighborhood Center, a non-profit that provides free and low-cost resources, support, and activities to children, teens, adults and seniors in the neighborhood.

We look forward to seeing you out there!

Sarah B.

Jog in the Fog is sponsored by:

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Photos: Bicyclist, cars and MUNI bus involved in accident at 8th & Balboa

Photo by Shane J.

Around 8:10am this morning, a car hit a bicyclist and then crashed into a 31-Balboa MUNI bus at the corner of 8th Avenue and Balboa. Both the cyclist and car driver were injured.

“Neighbors said they heard a very loud crash and screams. The cyclist on the ground was conscious and asked for someone to call his wife,” reader Shane J. reported.

According to KCBS, both the bicyclist and driver were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

There are conflicting reports about whether anyone was on board the Muni bus at the time of the collision. KCBS reports that there were no passengers but Shane F., another reader told us “People were on the bus. I was at the stop seconds after this happened.”

UPDATE: There were passengers on the bus when it collided with the cars. Reader Marilyn, also involved in the crash, left this comment: “The bus swerved to try to avoid hitting the van & cyclist. I know because it hit my car. And yes, there were people on the bus. They left the scene when the driver opened the back doors.”

KRON-4 reports that “the driver of a Honda vehicle appeared to have a medical emergency of some sort and failed to stop at a stop sign at 8th Avenue and Balboa. The car then hit the bicyclist from behind. Investigators say it appears a Muni bus traveling on the cross street swerved to avoid the Honda and the bicyclist and instead hit four other cars.”

Sarah B.

Photo by Shane J.

Photo by Shane J.

Photo by Shane J.

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Duran Duran concert film directed by David Lynch at the Balboa, Sept. 10

Who’s hungry like the wolf? This Wednesday night, the Balboa Theater will screen Duran Duran: Unstaged, a concert film directed by none other than David Lynch.

The film captures a 2011 concert at Los Angeles’ Mayan Theater and was originally offered by the band as a live YouTube stream. But now, for one night only, Lynch’s cut of the concert will be screened in theaters.

The band had several guests at the concert including guitarist/producer Mark Ronson, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, Beth Ditto from Gossip, and Kelis who reprised her guest spot on “The Man Who Stole a Leopard” track, off Duran Duran’s 2010 album All You Need Is Now.

“Doing live-switching duties while drawing from a well of pre-shot footage, Lynch’s visual contributions will often be recognizable to those who’ve seen his art photos, and sometimes even evoke his movies,” writes the Hollywood Reporter.

“In practice, the collaboration may be the most prosaic thing Lynch has ever done, as much a footnote to his core creative output as that champagne bottle he designed a while back.”

Duran Duran: Unstaged screens this Wednesday night at the Balboa Theater at 7:30pm. Tickets are $12.50 and are available online in advance or at the box office.

Sarah B.

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