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Police Blotter – March 13, 2015

SFPD Richmond District Police Station
Weekly Update 03-13-2015
From Captain Simon Silverman

Tuesday 03-17-2015 @ 7:00 PM
Richmond Station Community Room
461 6th Ave.

Here are some of the 745 incidents handled by officers in the Richmond Police District this past week:

Cornwall & 5th Ave
03-06-2015 9:37 PM
A resident called 911 to report a person breaking into a car. Arriving officers saw the suspect get out of a car clutching a reusable shopping bag. As the officers approached him, he dropped the shopping bag and said, “I knew I shouldn’t have gone into that car. I just needed a bag.” Officers contacted the owner of the car who confirmed the theft of the reusable bag (and the property inside of it).
Captain’s Note: In light of this suspect’s disregard for California’s theft laws, I’m surprised by his respect for San Francisco’s bag ordinance.

Clement & 2nd Ave
03-07-2015 1:30 AM
Officers responded to a report of two people spray painting graffiti on a building using blue paint. They detained two suspects, one of whom had wet matching blue paint on his hands (this is known in the police vernacular as a “clue”). The suspects admitted to having vandalized the building and they had more spray paint as well as permanent marking pens with them. One suspect was out on bail from a recent vandalism arrest.
Captain’s Note: The expression, “caught red handed” originated in the 1400s and most likely referred to catching a murderer or poacher with blood still on his hands. In our case, the suspect was caught blue handed, but the concept endures.

Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park
03-07-2015 4:38 AM
SFPD Officers and Park Rangers patrolling the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park found that a suspect had been camping unlawfully in the closed garden, had set a small campfire and was in violation of a court order to stay away from the garden. The stay away order was issued after the suspect previously caused damage to the garden.

Geary & 31st Ave
03-07-2105 12:00 PM
A resident received a call from a person claiming to be from the IRS. The suspect told the victim that if he did not pay back taxes immediately he would be arrested. The suspect ordered the victim to go to the store and buy “Reloadit” money cards for payment, which the victim did. The victim then gave the card information to the suspect over the phone and the suspect emptied the cards of value stealing almost $6000.
Captain’s Note: Sadly, we keep seeing this scam. Here is a link to the IRS web page on tax scams: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alerts

Nancy Pelosi Drive & Bowling Green
03-07-2015 5:21 PM
Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person peering into cars. They found the suspect, but as soon as he saw the officers he took off running. He was caught after a short foot pursuit, and then gave the officers a fake name and date of birth. Once they determined his true identity, they learned that he had several warrants for his arrest.

Geary & 20th Ave
03-08-2015 4:45
The victim was sitting in her car at a traffic light when the suspect ran up and deliberately shoved his shoulder into her door causing a large dent. Officers arrived and arrested him for vandalism and for several misdemeanor warrants.

Divisadero & Bush
03-09-2015 8:30 AM
The victim left her purse in her car for just a few minutes while she went into Starbucks. She returned to see a stranger holding her purse and standing next to the broken window of her car. She confronted the suspect and grabbed her purse back. The suspect fled on foot in the company of a second suspect who was likely acting as a lookout.
Suspect #1 (purse stealer): Black male, 20-25 years old, 6’1” 180lbs, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and gray pants
Suspect #2 (lookout): Unknown race male, 5’10”, no further details
Captain’s Note: When a suspect sees you pull up and run into Starbucks, he knows he has about 5 minutes to break into your car (he only needs about 30 seconds). No matter how quickly you intend to return, it is never a good idea to leave valuable items in your car.

Geary & Collins
03-10-2015 4:23 PM
Officers conducted a traffic stop for vehicle code violations and discovered that a passenger in the car was a convicted sex offender who had failed to register at his current address as required by law. (The suspect does not live near Geary & Collins, but happened to be driving in that area when stopped).

Geary & 10th Ave
03-10-2015 6:00 PM
Officers were aware that a suspect had warrants for his arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, grand theft from a person, and battery. They tracked him down at his place of work and arrested him.

Geary & 26th Ave
03-11-2015 10:47 AM
A driver in a van was turning from southbound 26th Ave to eastbound Geary when he struck a pedestrian who was crossing Geary from south to north in the east crosswalk. The pedestrian later died of his injuries.
Captain’s Note: I am deeply saddened by this tragedy. Officers from Richmond Station have repeatedly conducted enforcement operations at this intersection ticketing drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians. Usually, one of the people they cite will complain to me that these operations are a waste of police resources. QED, they are not. The enforcement will continue at this intersection.

A further note on legal action taken against drivers who cause collisions:
Following a fatal collision, the SFPD presents the completed investigation to the District Attorney’s Office and the DA’s Office determines what charges they wish to prosecute.

Following a non-fatal injury collision, the SFPD issues a citation to the party determined to be most at fault.

Geary & Blake
03-12-2015 1:11 AM
Officers saw a car run a red light and detained the driver. Based on her behavior during the traffic stop, the officers suspected that she was under the influence of alcohol. Their suspicions were not diminished by her unsatisfactory performance on a series of field sobriety tests. Preliminary alcohol screening showed that her blood alcohol level was approximately 0.15 % or nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08%.

Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive (Golden Gate Park)
03-12-2015 1:38 PM
People in the park saw a suspect smash the window of a car and steal suitcases full of property. Several citizens grabbed the suspect and held him down while others called 911. Officers arrived quickly and arrested the suspect. All of the stolen property was recovered. The suspect was already on probation for theft.

Geary & 4th Ave
03-13-2015 2:05 AM
Officers saw a person driving without wearing a seat belt. They detained him and found that he smelled strongly of marijuana and alcohol. Field sobriety tests confirmed that he was under the influence.
Captain’s Note: The suspect in this case had a medical marijuana card. Driving while under the influence of medically recommended marijuana, prescribed medications or over the counter drugs is still a crime. The danger is in the impairment caused by whatever substance the driver may have taken.

Call 911 for emergencies
Call 415-553-0123 for non-emergency police service

Richmond Station
461 6th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94118
E-mail: SFPDRichmondStation@sfgov.org
Follow us on Twitter: @SFPDRichmond

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Local links: Downtown donuts, museum tech, pedestrian hit, Spock tribute & more

Comedian and actor Adam Corolla was at the Balboa on Tuesday night for a screening of his new film, “Road Hard”. Photo by Laura Dudnick

It’s Thursday, people! Here are some local links to push you through to the weekend. :)

  • This weekend are neighborhood free days at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Residents in the zip codes 94118 and 94121 can get free admission. Visiting adults are limited to six children for free entry. Proof of residency is required.
  • A pedestrian was struck by a van while crossing Geary at 26th Avenue on Wednesday morning. “The pedestrian was unconscious but breathing after being hit in the crosswalk, Esparza said. He was taken to a hospital with what are considered life-threatening injuries,” according to the San Jose Mercury News. UPDATE: We are sad to report that the victim did not survive; more details here.
  • The de Young and Legion of Honor Museums have been beefing up their tech offerings lately. The de Young has partnered with Guidekick to be included in a new iOS mobile app that allows users to be their own tour guides of the de Young’s collections, building, and surrounding environment. The museum will also soon unveil a new app that provides visitors with a self-guided tour of the sculptures and architecture at the de Young and Legion. And finally, the de Young recently highlighted the use of a “Beam” device, which allows visitors with disabilities to remotely visit the museum using a robot.
  • Bolditalic did a nice feature on the Royal Market & Bakery on Geary, which is packed with Armenian and Russian groceries and baked goods. “Royal Market is one of the best in its class, a standing confirmed by word of mouth that travels from friends and Richmond locals.”
  • Got some good penguin sense? The Academy of Sciences is asking for the public’s help in naming two African penguin chicks that hatched in November. Members of the public can log on to www.calacademy.org/name-a-penguin to cast a vote for one of the names that have been submitted by local museums (Bert, Bufano or Ebb for the male penguin and Nori, Pina or Stella for the female). The winning names will be announced March 25.
  • Neighborhood website ob-kc.com, which is best known for its live webcam overlooking Ocean Beach (much lauded by surfers and sunset fans), is asking for donations to help cover site expenses. Drop in if you’d like to help out.
  • Artist Jay Mercado‘s iconic donut paintings are currently on display at CK Contemporary Gallery in downtown San Francisco (357 Geary). Aside from the 10th & Clement donut shop being 1 block from his California Street studio, Jay has other, more sentimental reasons for painting them. “Convenience of a subject notwithstanding, donuts are iconic. They represent a nostalgic whimsy. As a boy donuts were my reward at the last stop on my SF Chronicle paper route, a donut shop. Back then a hot cinnamon roll was my donut of choice. For me it was the king of donuts.”

  • So sad to hear of Leonard Nimoy’s passing recently. In tribute, the Balboa Theater will be screening two of Spock’s best films next Wednesday beginning at 7pm: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

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Q&A with comedian Adam Corolla at Balboa after “Road Hard” screening, Tues

On Tuesday night, comedian and actor Adam Corolla will be at the Balboa Theater for a Q&A after screenings of his new comedy “Road Hard”.

About the film: After his movie and television career has run dry, Bruce Madsen (Adam Carolla) is forced to go back on the road playing one dingy comedy club after another, spending endless nights in budget hotel rooms and always flying coach. Amidst trying to revitalize his career, rekindle his love life and put his daughter through college, Bruce knows one thing for sure – he must get off the road. ROAD HARD is the story of that journey.

Corolla most certainly drew from his own varied career as a comedian, radio host, actor and television host. He raised $1.4 million for the film using FundAnything.com, which also stars Jay Mohr and Howie Mandel.

Corolla will be on hand for an audience Q&A after the 7pm and 9:30pm shows on Tuesday, March 10. Tickets are available online or at the box office.

Sarah B.

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Video: SFPD officer hits, kicks homeless man who slept on bus

On February 11, video was captured of a SFPD officer hitting and kicking a homeless man who was sleeping on a bus after it had reached its final stop in the Richmond District.

The officer, Raymond Chu, tried to wake and roust the homeless man, 36 year old Bernard Warren, from the bus. After a verbal altercation, the video shows Chu shoving Warren and kicking him through the exit. Once off the bus, Chu takes out his baton and hits Warren. After a few more hits, Chu pepper sprays Warren.

According to the Huffington Post:

“Chu has previously said that Warren came at him with clenched fists, according to documents cited by the public defender’s office.

Warren had deep bruises on his legs and burns on his face from the pepper spray, according to his lawyer.

“Force is never a pretty sight and the officer gave orders for Mr. Warren to walk away. The officer’s report is consistent with what we see on the video,” said San Francisco Police Department Sgt. Monica Macdonald in an email to HuffPost. “Mr Warren was asked/told to leave and he returned several times and he continued to threaten to beat the office which is a crime – which you can see and hear in the video.”

“This sort of force was totally unnecessary. It was completely over the top,” said San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, whose office is representing Warren. “If you find anyone sleeping on a bus, it’s reasonable to wake them up and ask [them] to leave. Sure, but is that reason to beat [someone] down?

After the incident, Warren was hospitalized and jailed for two weeks until a judge saw the footage, which was recorded on Feb. 11. He has been charged with threatening an officer, punishable by a year behind bars.

Read the full story at Huffington Post

Sarah B.

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Police Blotter – March 6, 2015

SFPD Richmond District Police Station
Weekly Update 03-06-2015

Captain Simon Silverman

Here are some of the 663 incidents handled by officers in the Richmond Police District this past week:


Geary & 14th Ave
02-26-2015 4:50 PM
The suspect entered the store and pretended to be shopping for a vacuum cleaner. When the merchant went to answer the phone, the suspect ran out with a $600 vacuum.
Suspect: Black male adult, 40-50 years old, 6’0” 200lbs, wearing all blue clothing with his hair pulled back into a ponytail.
Captain’s Note: This sounds like a case for J. Edgar Hoover.

Anza & 4th Ave
02-27-2015 12:30 AM to 9:45 AM
An unknown suspect broke into the victim’s car which was parked in front of her house. Inside the car was the remote garage door opener. After stealing items from the car, the suspect used the garage door opener to steal items from the garage as well.
Captain’s Note: I advise against leaving a remote garage door opener in the car, especially when the car is parked near the house.

California & Pierce
02-27-2015 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
The victim was away from home when an unknown suspect forced open the door and stole property from the home. Both the victim and a house painter working nearby told officers that they had seen a suspicious person in front of the home shortly before the burglary.
Suspect: White male, 20-25 years old, 6’0” 150lbs, wearing a black baseball cap with a green triangle shaped patch on the front, a dark jacket, baggy black jeans, black shoes and a black backpack. His face was described as scruffy.
Captain’s Note: When you see someone or something suspicious, trust your instincts and call the police.

Point Lobos & 45th Ave
02-27-2015 5:15 PM
Officers were called to investigate a theft. They detained the suspect who told them, “If we we’re on 3rd Street I’d cut you!” The suspect repeatedly tried to walk away from the officers. Although, the original victim declined to press charges for theft, the suspect was charged with resisting and obstructing police officers.

Cabrillo & 7th Ave
02-28-2015 12:31 AM
Store employees saw two suspects who had stolen from the business in the past. They escorted the suspects out at which point one of them punched an employee in the face and ran off.
Suspect 1 (assailant): Latino male, 20-30 years old, 5’10” 180lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans
Suspect 2: Latino male, 20-30 years old, 5’9”, wearing dark clothing

La Playa & Cabrillo
02-28-2015 1:36 AM
The victim heard something hitting his garage door. When he stepped outside to investigate, he was struck in the nose by what appeared to be a plastic pellet from a pellet gun fired by an unknown suspect. He was not injured.

Park Presidio & Crossover
02-28-2015 1:48 AM
The suspect was driving northbound on Park Presidio when officers saw him drive off the roadway and into the median. They quickly found that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. A passenger suffered fractured vertebrae in the collision, and the suspect’s 2014 BMW was demolished.
Captain’s Note: Causing injury to another while driving under the influence is a felony. If the drunk driver is the only one injured it’s a misdemeanor (and maybe a little karma).

Post & Steiner
03-01-2015 4:40 PM
Officers on patrol saw a driver who was not wearing his seat belt. They stopped the car to issue him a citation and a records check revealed that he was a felon with previous convictions for carrying a concealed firearm. The suspect was in possession of oleoresin capsicum (also known as pepper spray). Convicted felons are prohibited from possessing chemical agents so the officers arrested him.

Clement & 2nd Ave
03-02-2015 3:00 PM
An unknown suspect driving a stolen car crashed into two parked vehicles and fled on foot. No one was injured.

Geary & Spruce
03-02-2015 8:48 PM
Officers responded to a verbal argument between roommates and discovered that one party had warrants for her arrest from San Luis Obispo for DUI and violation of probation.

Geary and 45th Ave
03-02-2015 9:58 PM
A resident returned home to find that her lock was damaged and a strange man was inside her apartment so she called 911. Officers found the suspect on the street nearby and arrested him.

Fulton & Willard North
03-02-2015 11:25 PM
The victim and the suspect were drinking together when they got into an argument. The suspect hit the victim in the head with a wine bottle causing minor injuries. The suspect drove away and the victim does not know her name.
Suspect: White female, 20-25 years old, 5’8” 150lbs, blonde hair, wearing a white top.
Vehicle: Black Honda Accord

Balboa & 5th Ave
03-03-2015 1:12 AM
An unruly patron was escorted out of a bar. Shortly thereafter he returned with a handgun and fired one shot through the window of the occupied bar. No one was injured. Officers arrived quickly and arrested the suspect for several assault charges and weapons violations.
Captain’s Note: The suspect was charged with a San Francisco Municipal Code that bans high capacity firearms magazines. This week, the US 9th circuit court refused to block a similar law in effect in Sunnyvale.

LaPlaya & Cabrillo
03-03-2015 9:00 AM
A MUNI bus driver called the SFPD because he had reached the end of his route and there were two people on his bus who would not wake up. The people in question were so heavily under the influence of methadone that they needed medical attention. Both subjects were taken to the hospital by paramedics.

Geary & 7th Ave
03-03-2015 10:16 AM
An officer on patrol saw a driver park in a spot reserved for the disabled. The car was displaying a disabled person’s placard registered to one person while the car was registered to another. Upon further investigation, the placard was issued to the driver’s wife, but she was not present. The driver was cited for misuse of the placard.
Captain’s Note: The placard is issued for the use of a particular person. When that person is not present, the placard cannot be used by someone else simply for their own convenience.

Cabrillo & 8th Ave
03-04-2015 5:32 PM
Officers responded to a call that three people were breaking into a car. As the first officer arrived on scene, he saw the suspects, one of whom was holding a backpack stolen from the car. This suspect dropped the backpack and ran from the officer but the officer recovered the backpack and caught the suspect. The other two suspects escaped.

Cabrillo & 20th Ave
03-03-2015 4:33 PM
SFPD received calls from the victim’s employer and from a family member who lives out of town saying that they were concerned since they had not heard from the victim for some time. Officers responded and found that the victim was dead from a probable suicide.

Cornwall & 5th Ave
03-03-2015 9:30 PM to 03-04-2015 7:30 AM
An unknown suspect broke into the victim’s car which was parked in front of her house. Inside the car was the remote garage door opener. After stealing items from the car, the suspect used the garage door opener to steal items from the garage as well.
Captain’s Note: This is the second example this week of why I advise against leaving a remote garage door opener in the car, especially when the car is parked near the house.

Clement & 19th Ave
03-04-2105 10:00 AM
A resident received a call from a person claiming to be from the IRS. The suspect told the victim that if he did not pay $1600 in back taxes immediately he would be arrested and or sued. The suspect tried to get the victim to go to the store and buy money cards for payment, but the victim realized it was a scam and refused to cooperate.
Captain’s Note: The best way to know for certain that it is a scam is that the suspect will demand immediate payment through some sort of untraceable, non-refundable method – usually a money card or wire transfer.

Geary & 16th Ave (Aboard a MUNI bus)
03-04-2105 6:40 PM
The victim was riding a crowded MUNI bus with her backpack on her back. An unknown suspect stole her wallet from inside of the backpack.

Point Lobos & 48th Ave
03-05-2015 12:00 PM
Officers on patrol saw a car with expired registration and detained the driver in order to cite him. A records check revealed that he was on parole for manslaughter. As a condition of his parole, he is required to submit to warrantless search by police. The officers searched him and found that he was in possession of cocaine. They arrested him for this and for violating his parole.

Clay & Walnut
03-06-2015 8:45 AM
A resident saw a stranger in the garage of his multi unit building. He asked her what she was doing and she told him that she was there to visit another tenant. The resident returned to his own apartment. A short while later, he was surprised to find the stranger inside his apartment and he called 911. In the meantime, the suspect returned to the garage and drove straight through the closed garage door onto the street where she hit a passing car.
The suspect and car from this incident match the description from a stolen vehicle incident in the Tenderloin earlier in the morning.
Suspect: Latina female, 30-35 years old, 5’6” 155lbs, wearing a gray jogging outfit, driving a white Toyota sedan.

Tuesday 03-17-2015 @ 7:00 PM
Richmond Station Community Room
461 6th Ave.

Call 911 for emergencies
Call 415-553-0123 for non-emergency police service
Richmond Station
461 6th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94118
E-mail: SFPDRichmondStation@sfgov.org
Follow us on Twitter: @SFPDRichmond

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Customer leaves O’Keeffe’s Bar angry, returns and shoots out a window

O’Keeffe’s Bar on the corner of 5th and Balboa is usually about as quiet as they come for neighborhood bars.

But in the early hours of Tuesday morning, an unruly patron was escorted from the bar. A short time later around 1:12am, he returned with a handgun and fired one shot through a closed window of the occupied bar.

The Richmond District Police Station reports that no one was injured, and officers arrived quickly and arrested the suspect. He was booked at County Jail on several assault and weapons charges.

One neighbor who lives across the street said that “one officer bravely caught the guy on his own without firing a shot. It was well handled. A minute later 5-8 cars responded too.”

Sarah B.

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Year long water main replacement project slated for Clement Street

Get ready for some traffic disruptions along Clement Street for the next year.

Starting March 23, 2015, a SFPUC contractor will embark on a 300 day project to replace the water main lines below Clement Street from Arguello to 14th Avenue. The blocks of Arguello Boulevard from Geary to Lake will also have its water main pipes replaced.

According to the SFPUC:

    The contractor will most likely begin on Clement and Arguello and work west towards 14th, then work on Arguello. For Clement the pipe is to be installed on the north side of Clement Street although parking will be impacted on both sides of the specific block the contractor is working on.

    For Arguello Boulevard the pipe will be installed on the east side of the street and the contractor will likely work from Geary to Lake.

    The contractor will post no parking signs on the blocks affected, once work begins they will saw cut the street where the new pipe is to be installed; then demolition of the asphalt; installation of pipe, back fill and temporarily paved and the move on to next block. The connections from properties to new pipe will be performed by the water department and will come later in the project. There will need to be a short interruption of water service to make these connections and advanced notice will be given and every effort to accommodate the best time for businesses will be made.

A 30-day notice will be mailed to all business/residents along the project route, and any business/residents that will have their water service interrupted during the project will also be notified.

We asked Roberto Lopez of the SFPUC how this construction will affect the weekly Sunday Farmer’s Market that runs on Clement from 9am to 2pm. His response:

    I’ve been in communication with the Farmer’s Market to discuss this. The contractor is likely to move all equipment/materials off Clement Street on blocks where the Farmer’s market occupies (Arguello to 4th). Any areas where a pipe trench is present and where not enough time to back fill and temporarily paved will be plated over with steel plates.

You all know the drill – old city, old infrastructure that needs replacing. Deep breaths, people!

Sarah B.

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Photos: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi visits Clement Street merchants

Ryan Allen and Salvador Tovar, co-owners of ‘Sparky’s Fun & Joy’ receive a ‘Certificate of Congressional Recognition’ on their 5th anniversary in Inner Richmond neighborhood.

Last Saturday, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi took a merchant stroll along Clement Street to visit local small businesses and talk with their owners.

The Congresswoman’s office said she believes small businesses are the engine of our economy, and this was an opportunity to support and meet small business owners in her Congressional district.

Pelosi was accompanied by Cynthia Huie, head of the Clement Street Merchants Association. The visit included stops at Seedstore, Park Life, Toy Boat, Green Apple Books, and Nourish Cafe.

Sparky’s Fun & Toys received a special ‘Certificate of Congressional Recognition’ from Congresswoman Pelosi in honor of their 5th anniversary in the neighborhood.

Pelosi is a fan of dark chocolate, and we noticed that Toy Boat owner Jesse Fink is offering her up a chocolate ice cream cone in one pic. We also gave her a dark chocolate chip cookie at Nourish. :)

She also stopped in at Blue Danube cafe, 6th Avenue Aquarium & Flowers, Burma Superstar, Wing Lee Bakery, and Schubert’s Bakery.

Sarah B.

Kevin Hunsanger, co-owner of ‘Green Apple Books and Music,’ and Cynthia Huie, President of the Clement Street Merchants Association speak with Leader Pelosi on her visit to the Inner Richmond neighborhood.

Cynthia Huie (middle), President of the Clement Street Merchants Association, and her sister Jennifer welcome Leader Pelosi to their store ‘Seedstore’.

Co-owners David Song and Jaime Alexander (left to right) welcome Leader Pelosi to their store Park Life

Leader Pelosi meets Jesse Fink, owner of Toy Boat Dessert Cafe

The owners of Nourish Cafe with Leader Pelosi

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