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Police Blotter – September 26, 2014

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of September 26, 2014. To be added to the station's mailing list, email sfpdrichmondstation@sfgov.org.]

We are continuing to get reports in the Richmond and Citywide about a scam involving people pretending to be IRS Agents. In this scam, the victim receives a call from a person who says he is an IRS agent calling because the victim he owes money to the IRS. The caller threatens that if the victim doesn’t pay immediately, the IRS will send the police to arrest the victim.

The fake IRS agent usually has a great deal of information about the victim including their address. They will demand that the victim purchase money cards(usually Green Dot brand), and tell the victim to call them back with the numbers from the cards. At this point, they will cash out the cards remotely and the victim’s money is gone forever. The fake IRS agent can be quite persistent and aggressive on the phone. The number they are calling from may appear to be a legitimate IRS number on caller ID, but that is because they are using software to hide their actual number. If the victim calls back, they make even get a voice mail system that seems to be for an IRS office. It is also fake. Many of the suspects have heavy foreign accents.

This is always a scam. The IRS does not demand immediate payment over the phone using cash cards. The SFPD does not arrest people for the IRS. If you get a call like this, just hang up and ignore the caller if they call back. They may be angry or persuasive, but the fact is they are almost certainly far, far away and will quickly move on to the next victim if you don’t cooperate. We have never heard of a case where the suspect actually showed up and confronted the victim.

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On 09/16/2014, at 12:14 pm, Officers responded to the area of Mountain Lake Park regarding a report of a male who may have attempted suicide. The male in this instance was said to have slashed his wrist and was sitting at a stairwell bleeding badly. Multiple Richmond and U.S. Park Police units responded to the call along with San Francisco Fire Department medical personnel. The officers saturated the area but were initially unable to find the male. All personnel involved in this incident started a systematic search of the area, eventually locating the male at 8th Ave and Lake Street. Medical aid was rendered immediately and the male was then transported to San Francisco General Hospital for further medical treatment and evaluation. During this incident it was discovered that the male was in the system as missing from a mental health facility.

On 09/18/2014, at 6:25 pm, Officers on patrol in the area of the “Chess Tables” observed a male lying on the ground and appeared to be pale and sweating profusely. The officer contacted the male to offer medical attention which was declined. The officer discovered that the male had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The male was booked into jail without further incident.

On 09/19/2014, at 1:02 am, Officers responded to a report of a male breaking into vehicles in the area of the 200 block of 18th Ave. The caller in this instance was able to provide an accurate description of the suspect she saw breaking into a vehicle in the area. The witness immediately called the police who responded and saturated the area. They were able to positively identify the suspect and later booked him for auto burglary.

On 09/19/2014, at 1:10 pm, Officers responded to a report of a possible explosive device on a Muni coach at the corner of 6th Ave and Balboa St. The muni driver followed the Muni protocols which are in place regarding a call of this nature. The officers contacted the initial caller who directed them to a person who had claimed to be carrying a device. The officers were able to see into the open bag and were immediately able to determine that was no merit to explosives in the bag. The officers spoke to the male who claimed to have the explosives. He said prior to getting on the bus an unknown female had stepped on his bag and he told her not to. The unknown female asked what was in his bag to which he replied “I have a bomb.” When asked why he would make a statement like this the male said because it was a stupid question. The was no merit to this incident and there were no injuries. The male was cited for the violation.

On 09/19/2014, at 6:45 pm, Officers on patrol in the area of Geary and 25th Ave. saw a vehicle with no license plates. The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver. It was discovered during their investigation that the driver was suspended from driving. The driver was cited for the above violations at the scene.

On 09/21/2014 at 11:33 am, Officers on patrol in the area of Geary and 17th Ave. saw a vehicle run a red-light at the intersection. The officers contacted the driver regarding the violation and during the contact discovered that the male was driving on a suspended license. The male was cited for multiple violations at the scene.

On 09/22/2014, at 6:57 am, Officers responded to the 200 block of 14th Ave. regarding a public decency complaint. The caller in this instance was reporting that two adults were naked and in a dumpster having intimate relations, while also smoking in a dumpster full of flammables. As the officers were making contact the male turned and the officers saw narcotics paraphernalia in the males possession. As the officers continued their investigation they were able to recover a large quantity of methamphetamine along with other items. The male was booked on multiple violations and a probation violation.

On 09/22/2014, at 3:57 pm, officers responded to a reported assault at a business premise on Clement St. On arrival at the scene the officers contacted the victim who stated she was struck on the head and had her hair pulled by a family member who goes to the business for free food. The suspect in this incident was known to enter the kitchen and cook food for himself without asking for permission on prior occasions. The business owner told the suspect that he was welcome to sit and eat but that he was not to enter the kitchen and should have the regular chef cook for him. On this occasion the suspect became enraged and assaulted the business owner, afterwards fleeing the scene. An ambulance arrived on the scene and the victim declined any medical aid. The investigation continues….

On 09/22/2014, at 4:56 pm, Officers on traffic enforcement patrol in the area of Jackson St and Arguello observed a silver dodge commit a vehicle code violation. The officers stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver who told them “I don’t have a driver’s license.” The officers cited the driver for multiple violations.

On 09/24/2014, at 5:05 pm, Officers responded to the area of 11th and Geary regarding a report of a male brandishing a knife. When officers arrived at the location they were unable to see anyone in the area and so got out on foot to continue their search. The officers discovered a male lying on the ground passed out due to an unknown reason. The officers did discover a knife which they removed from the male prior to waking him up. The male was discovered to have multiple warrants for his arrest and was subsequently booked at the county jail.


We are still suffering from vehicle break-ins along Fulton St. and around the Sutro Baths – Point Lobos Areas. We are actively addressing the vehicle break-ins that occur but we also need the assistance of the general public in this endeavor.

We would ask you to follow these general guidelines.

    You should lock doors and windows, even if the car’s in front of your home.
    Remove valuables from your automobile.
    Remove ‘pull-out’ style radio face plates (if equipped).
    Park in well lit areas when possible.
    Park where your car will be easily & frequently viewed (natural surveillance).
    Park in your garage if you have one.
    Use a car alarm, it will alert anyone nearby.
    Never leave your car running or the keys in the ignition when you’re away from it, even for a short time.
    Use anti-theft devices like “The Club” or an alarm system. You may get a discount on your auto insurance.
    You should never leave portable electronic devices such as smart phones and GPS navigation systems in a vehicle.

The San Francisco Police Department remains committed to the reduction and prevention of vehicle thefts and auto burglaries, and to the prosecution of those that steal vehicles. We hope the information provided will help the members of our community.

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Man threatens suicide after DUI stop on Park Presidio Saturday night

Late Saturday night around midnight, northbound traffic on Park Presidio Boulevard between Clement and Geary was diverted due to an incident with a traffic stop.

SFAppeal reports that SFPD pulled over a man on Park Presidio on suspicion of a DUI. The driver then threatened to kill himself and was armed with a knife. He cut himself during the incident.

More police and SWAT team members were called to the scene. Flash grenades were used to subdue the suspect who was then detained and transported to a hospital.

Traffic backed up onto 12th Avenue on Saturday night due to the closure on Park Presidio. The incident concluded around 1am.

Sarah B.

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Photo: The day 100 Ferraris drove by my house

Photo by @anton1s

Around 9:30 this morning, reader Antonis P. tweeted that his “quiet office morning” was disrupted by the beautiful noise of over 100 sports cars driving by under his window on Fulton near 31st Avenue.

But these weren’t just any sports cars – they were Ferraris. As in I have a couple of hundred thousand dollars to spend on a sports car, Ferraris (including an Enzo model worth $2.5million + one Batmobile Lamborghini).

We’re not sure where these Italian racers were headed, but they had a police escort. Vroom vroom!

UPDATE: As usual it took about a nanosecond for someone to tell us what this was for, lol. It was Fog rally 2014, “50 Ferraris embarking on an epic, media intensive journey, the rally raises funds and awareness in the pressing issues of youth advocacy and public health via Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation (FOCF).” They drive from San Francisco down to Santa Barbara.

Ok, so it wasn’t 100 but 50 is still a lot of Italian vroom at one time.

Sarah B.

Photo by David H.

Photo by David H.

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Sunday in GGP: Alice Now & Zen concert featuring Neon Trees, Matt Nathanson

This Sunday, Alice Radio 97.3 is hosting their annual Now & Zen Fest at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park from 12noon until 5pm. This year’s lineup includes Neon Trees (3:30pm), Matt Nathanson (2:10pm), American Authors (1:05pm) and Lindsey Stirling (12:15pm).

The free concert is in its 16th year and also features “zensational” activities like Wheel of Karma giveaways, free pics at the Zen Lenz area and the chance to “Paint, glitter, color in your very own Now and Zen poster in the ARTIZEN area”.

Free bike valet parking is available at the event.

Sarah B.

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Video: Stormy waters lead to multiple rescues at Ocean Beach Wed; two dead

UPDATE 9/26/14: The Chronicle reports that the son also died from the incident.

UPDATE 9/25/14: KTVU reports that the father who was pulled from the waves has been confirmed dead.

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Video: Chef Marcus Samuelsson shows off the Inner Richmond

Travel + Leisure sent Chef Marcus Samuelsson into the inner Richmond for an episode of his “B-Series” show, where he explores the lesser known areas of popular cities like San Francisco. In the video, Samuelsson stops at many of the great spots including the de Young tower, Green Apple Books, Schubert’s Bakery, Good Luck Dim Sum, Seedstore and more.

It’s a great little tour of our micro-hood! Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

Sarah B.

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Video: Seagull vs. Dungeness Crab

Ocean Beach, 9/21/14

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Local Bites: Draught House opens, Taste of Russia fest, Sichuan Home #2

The new Richmond Republic Draught House on Clement. Photo by Ender Markal

Here are a few tidbits on the food scene to whet your appetite. Bon appetit!

  • The new Richmond Republic Draught House, located in the old Haig’s Delicatessen at 642 Clement Street, will have a soft opening this Thursday through Sunday from 5pm until 2am. They will be offering a small food and large beer menu. Reader Jeffrey stopped in during a soft opening last week and told us “Pretty nice place, had 23 beers on tap. Had a good atmosphere.” It’s the second establishment from the owners of Chomp N’ Swig.
  • In other restaurant news, Sichuan Home has opened a second location on the corner of 45th Avenue and Balboa called Sichuan Table. Reader Marc W. tells us “It’s way tasty. Sichuan and dim sum.” Even the real critics love them some Sichuan Home. Back in 2011, Patricia Unterman called their first location “the best Chinese restaurant to open in San Francisco since Hakka Restaurant appeared on the outer edge of the Richmond.”
  • This Sunday, September 28 from 11am until 6pm, check out the Taste of Russia Festival at the Holy Virgin Cathedral (6210 Geary). The annual festival features Russian food (piroshki!), entertainment, tours of the church, icon painting demonstrations, choir performances, gift items and more. Admission is $5.00 per person.
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