Our mysterious “pole gardener” gets TV, international coverage

Earlier this week we told you about the mini gardens that are popping up on parking meters and poles along the early blocks of Clement Street. Most readers left comments of praise for the beautification efforts, some reviews were more mixed.

A mysterious commenter known only as “pole gardener” left a comment on the story to let us know he was behind them, writing ““I’m glad you like the gardens, I’m the person putting them up. I would invite all of you to maintain/adopt them as you see fit.”

KTVU news ran a piece on the story which you can watch here. They spoke to some store owners and residents to get their reactions on the mini gardens.

And today, the Daily Mail Online in the UK ran a story on the pole gardens, writing “a Good Samaritan with a green thumb is showing the city of San Francisco some love.”

KTVU reached out to city officials who say they have no plans to tear down the tiny treasures so love ’em or not, they’ll be around for awhile. Let’s see if our mysterious pole gardener keeps on growing!

Sarah B.


  1. Yay!! Who could not love a little greenery amidst all that cement blight? Keep it up pole gardener.

  2. How wonderful! Beauty prevails. In this case, greenery prevails!

  3. Thank you, Pole Gardener!!! They are beautiful. Definitely puts a smile on my face every time I pass one.

  4. Congrats, Pole Gardener; and I am glad that the city will allow them to remain. I wouldn’t be surprised if you might have created an enterprise for these in other urban environments. Again, kudos to you.

  5. Yayyy! Glad to hear they’ll be allowed to stay and that Pole Gardener has gotten some kudos for his work.

  6. it is good that some people have a green thumb, your grandfather taught you well. Green is beautiful on the East Coast especially in RI.

  7. *high five* pole gardener! Way to help our ‘concrete jungle’ be less of one!

  8. The Richmond especially is so grey (concrete + clouds). Some blocks have so few trees. Green is good. Go Gardener!

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