Police Blotter – June 17, 2016

blotterSFPD Richmond District Police Station
Weekly Update 06-17-2016

Next community meeting:
Tuesday 06-21-2016 6:00 PM
Richmond Station Community Room
461 6th Ave.
San Francisco
Topic: Crime updates and the Homeless

Here are some of the incidents that occurred in the Richmond Police District this week:

06/11/2016 6:08 AM
Geary Blvd. & 45th Ave.
Officers were dispatched to Geary and 45th Ave. regarding a man acting erratically, yelling, screaming and walking in the middle of the street. When Officers arrived they detained the man and ran a records check. The computer check showed the man had a felony warrant for failure to appear in court in San Francisco. The man was arrested, transported and booked into County Jail.

6/11/2016 4:25 PM
10th Ave. & Anza
Officers were aware of an active felony warrant, in the amount of $100,000.00, for a person who resides in the area of 10th and Anza St. Officers located the man and placed him under arrest without incident. The man was transported and booked into County Jail.

06/12/2016 7:00 PM
Great Highway & Lincoln Way
Richmond Station’s plainclothes Officers were patrolling the parking area at Ocean Beach, one of several hot spots where auto burglaries occur in the Richmond District. An Officer noticed a man with the top half of his body inside a vehicle. As the Officers went to investigate further, they saw the man come out of the broken car window holding several bags of luggage in his hands. The Officers also noticed another suspect that was in a getaway vehicle nearby. Officers detained both suspects. There were also several bags of luggage and a purse besides the suspects’ vehicle. As the Officers continued to conduct their investigation, the victims returned to their damaged vehicle and met with the Officers. The victims told the Officers their car window was intact when they left it and they identified the property that was stolen out of the vehicle. Both suspects were arrested and charged with several felonies.

6/13/2016 9:00 PM
Balboa St. & Funston Ave.
A victim walked into Richmond Station to make a robbery report. The victim had been walking on Balboa St. towards Funston Blvd., when he heard a car pull up behind him. One suspect ran up to the victim from behind and immediately punched the victim in the face. Two additional suspects exited the vehicle and started punching and kicking the victim. The victim attempted to fight back but was outnumbered and overwhelmed. The suspects ultimately robbed the victim of all his belongings and they fled in a black SUV southbound on 15th Ave.
Suspect #1: White male adult, 20 years old, 6’0’ and heavy set.
Suspect #2: Latin male adult, 20 years old, 5’8’, heavy set and overweight.
Suspect #3: White male adult, 20 years old, 6’0 and skinny build.

06/14/2016 9:51 AM
Middle Dr. West & Metson Road
Officers were dispatched to an arson related call at Middle Dr. West and Metson Road. A passerby witnessed a man drop a glass container, which was ignited, and then stomp the flames out as it shattered on the ground. Officers located the suspect sitting in a vehicle parked in the area. As Officers spoke with the suspect they could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Officers located several pounds of marijuana, hashish oil and several bags of suspected methamphetamine in the vehicle. The suspect was arrested and booked into County Jail on several felony charges.

06/14/2016 7:17 PM
Nancy Pelosi Dr. & Bowling Green Dr.
Plainclothes Officers were patrolling Golden Gate Park when they observed a man looking into and casing parked cars on Nancy Pelosi Drive. The Officers also observed a red vehicle nearby, that was being driven by a second man, who appeared to be acting as a lookout. The Officers parked behind the red vehicle and walked towards the driver, who immediately began to move his vehicle back and forth in an effort to get out of his parking spot. The suspect vehicle then fled at a high rate of speed, leaving the initial suspect behind. Officers detained the remaining suspect and discovered he had a window punch in his pants pocket. The suspect was cited for the burglary tool and released at the scene.

The Sandlot Program
The Sandlot program is about having Officers go out and interact with kids in their communities in a fun and healthy environment! All children are welcome to attend and play with the Officers.
The next Sandlot date is:
Rochambeau Playground 250 25th Ave.
June 21st, 2016 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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  1. Ann, Prop 47, sold to voters as a way to reduce state prison population and save taxpayers millions at the state level has significantly increased the value of stolen goods to qualify as felonies. Additionally, most narcotics possession (except huge quantities) and shoplifting also are misdemeanors. Only felonies result in arrests, misdemeanors get tickets which are routinely ignored. It’s a shame our District Attorney doesn’t publish a weekly report on county jail releases that do not go to trial due to “lack of evidence” or plea bargains from felony to misdemeanor.

  2. The police are doing what they can within a flawed system. Hopefully, common sense will return some day with passage of new laws that include actual consequences for criminal activity, but I’m not holding my breath. In the mean time I’m hoping that when my car is broken into, the thief is not injured and sues me for damages. After all, criminals, just like the rest of us, should be able to pursue their activities in a safe, supportive environment.

    DATE: 5/17/16

    Suspect was trolling nighborhood website and making disrespectful comments toward SFPD regarding matters she did not understand. Suspect appeared to be under the influence of chronic grouchyness.

  4. @ Dan: *like*
    with points off for spelling, though…

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