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Park Presidio access to Golden Gate Bridge closed overnight, Friday

Another short term closure alert from the Presidio Parkway project… On Friday, July 9 and Saturday, July 10 from 12midnight to 5am (5 hours), the ramp from northbound Hwy 1/Park Presidio Boulevard to northbound Hwy 101/Doyle Drive will be closed. The closure begins at Lake Street.

This means if you want to get on the bridge from the Richmond District during the closure, you should pick an alternate route such as winding through the Presidio via the gates at Arguello, 15th Avenue or 25th Avenue. Map of the Presidio

These overnight closures are necessary to place the temporary support structures (falsework) over northbound Hwy 1 in order to construct the new southbound high viaduct bridge.

Read the full advisory (pdf)

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Park Presidio/Golden Gate Bridge approach closed Fri. night to Sat. morning

If you’re planning to head north across the Golden Gate Bridge late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, be advised that the Park Presidio/Highway 1 northbound approach will be closed from Friday, June 18 at 10pm until 11am the next morning, Saturday, June 19. The closure will begin at Lake Street.

The closure is due to the ongoing Presidio Parkway construction. The overnight closure is necessary to temporarily shift northbound traffic to the former southbound lanes of the Ruckman Bridge to allow work to begin on the permanent replacement bridge (see photo diagram below).

If you do need to head north on Highway 101 during the closure, you’ll need to approach the bridge through the Arguello, 15th Avenue or 25th Avenue Presidio gates. After navigating through the Presidio to the bridge, you can get on at the toll plaza on-ramp. View official detour routes

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12 hour closure of Southbound Doyle Drive, May 21

From Friday night at 10pm until Saturday morning at 10am (12 hours), the southbound ramp from Hwy 101/Doyle Drive to Hwy 1/Park Presidio Boulevard will be closed. This construction is part of the Presidio Parkway project.

The closure is needed to transfer traffic to the new temporary bridge on Highway 1, north of the MacArthur Tunnel.

If you’re returning to the Richmond District from Marin after 10pm on Friday night, be sure to take the exit immediately after the Golden Gate Bridge toll booths. You can then wind your way through the Presidio and exit at the Arguello gate, 15th or 25th Avenues to reach the Richmond District.

The new roadway will have a slightly different configuration (think S-curve on the Bay Bridge) so please use caution when driving southbound on Doyle after the change.

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Richmond District police crack down on talking drivers

The Examiner reports today that our local fuzz has been cracking down on chatty motorists.

Richmond officers also have given out hundreds of tickets this year to chatty motorists, more than anywhere else in The City, according to police station Capt. Richard Corriea. Already in 2010, Richmond police have given out 282 tickets for talking while driving, compared to 1,388 citywide.

Most of the focus has been on the major thoroughfares in the district such as Park Presidio Boulevard and Fulton Avenue. The stretch on Fulton between 10th and 25th Avenues is considered one of the most dangerous.

Bicyclists are not exempt either. Captain Correia said they will warn or cite bicyclists who don’t follow traffic laws.

So be careful driving around the neighborhood while talking on your cell phone. Do yourself and your fellow drivers a favor and invest in a headset or better yet, pull over to make that call or send that incredibly important text message.

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Bay to Breakers this Sunday

Photo by AGrinberg

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the craziest running race of the year, The Bay to Breakers, hits the Richmond District on Sunday. The last half of the race will wind its way through Golden Gate Park’s JFK Drive to the finish line on the Great Highway at Ocean Beach (see course map).

If you’re planning to cross the park via car on Sunday, keep in mind that the only thoroughfare that will be open all day is 19th Avenue / Park Presidio.

Routes in the park that will be closed:

John F. Kennedy Dr. | Closed between Stanyan & Transverse: 5am – 6pm
John F. Kennedy Dr. | Closed between Transverse & Great Highway: 5am – 3pm
Great Highway | Closed between Fulton & Sloat: 12am – 3pm
Lincoln Way | Closed between Great Highway & 32nd Avenue: 5am – 3pm
Martin Luther King Dr. | Closed between Great Highway & Transverse: 5am – 3pm
see course map

If you’re a fan of the wild floats that enter the race, note that official entries will be starting at Civic Center this year and ending near the Conservatory of Flowers. So if you want to watch them, be sure to position yourself accordingly.

Another big change this year is the location of the post-race celebration (“Footstock”). Normally it’s held at the Polo Fields but organizers have moved it to MLK Drive where racers usually engage in the post-race, cooldown walk. The two booze booths, Anheuser-Busch Beer Garden and Barefoot Wine Bar, will only be serving from 9:30am – 1pm.

Good luck to all the runners! I look forward to the crazy photos and stories.

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Bike tour of the Presidio Parkway construction, May 15

Curious about how the new Presidio Parkway project is coming along? Want to get your fill of rebar, concrete and construction planning?

Then head to the Presidio on May 15 for a special bike tour of the Presidio Parkway construction area where you can learn the best bike routes during construction and get a sneak peak at the future trail network.

There’s also an afterparty at the Sports Basement near Crissy Field. Free food (pizza from Pizzeria Avellino – yum!) and drinks plus ride participants get 20% off all Sports Basement purchases that day.

The ride lasts from 10am to 12noon and meets at the Sports Basement in the Presidio, 610 Old Mason Street.

And a reminder for you Presidio cyclists and walkers out there: Lincoln Boulevard will be closed in front of the National Cemetery (between McDowell Avenue and Montgomery Street) from mid/late May 2010 until late 2011. More info

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Park Presidio Neighbors’ Town Hall Meeting, April 28

Next Wednesday, the Park Presidio Neighbors group will hold their annual Town Hall meeting at the Hebrew Academy, 645 14th Avenue, 7pm.

This year’s meeting will cover the latest information about the removal of hazardous trees in the Park Presidio greenway, the status of gardeners for the parkland, traffic calming in the avenues and the Park Presidio Boulevard traffic signal upgrade project.

Representatives from San Francisco Recreation and Parks, the Richmond Police Station, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority and Supervisor Eric Mar will be in attendance.

More about Park Presidio Neighbors

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Bye bye Marina – Final Doyle Ramp Closure Takes Effect Feb. 17

Starting Wednesday, February 17 at 8pm, the southbound ramp that connects Park Presidio Boulevard to Doyle Drive will be closed through 2011 (more info). This is the ramp you might take when trying to reach the Marina District from the Richmond.

Unlike the northbound ramp closure, there really is no convenient detour for this route. If you want to get to the Marina from our neighborhood, you’ll need to take surface streets or travel through the Presidio.

So hunker down because we have a long wait until these shortcuts are back in operation. It was nice knowing ya, Marina!

For more information on the Presidio Parkway project, visit their website.

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