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Stop the presses: Giorgio’s Pizzeria now delivers

While walking to Giorgio’s tonight I stopped cold in the crosswalk when I spotted a truck out front with a Giorgio’s logo and “FREE DELIVERY” printed on the side. Say what?

Turns out that after 38 years in business, the family pizzeria is finally giving into customer demand, offering free delivery every night from 5pm until 9pm. They announced the new delivery service back in mid-June.

There’s a minimum order of $20 and the delivery territory runs from Divisadero out to Ocean Beach, north of Golden Gate Park (yes, that includes the ENTIRE Richmond District!).

You can check out the full Giorgio’s menu on their website; call 668-1266 for delivery.


Sarah B.

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Police Blotter – September 10, 2010

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of September 10, 2010. To be added to the station’s mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

On September 11, 2010 shortly after 2:00 AM Mrs. Helen Bautista Calma was a passenger in a vehicle at the intersection of 40th Avenue and Cabrillo, less than a block from her home. Her vehicle was struck by another car heading west bound on Cabrillo Street that had failed to stop at the stop sign. Mrs. Calma suffered serious injuries in the collision and passed away at San Francisco General Hospital later that day. The driver of the other vehicle was arrested for driving with a suspended license, suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and manslaughter.

I met with Mrs. Calma’s daughter and can tell you that the grief occasioned by such a sudden and senseless loss of a mother so close to home is more than my words can describe. Mrs. Calma’s funeral mass will be at 11:00 AM on September 16, 2010 at St. Thomas the Apostle Church.

Please drive carefully and safely. If you have consumed alcoholic beverages please don’t operate a motor vehicle. During the past week in the District there were 19 traffic accidents 6 involving injuries and one fatality. There were 8 citations issued for driving without a license or driving on a suspended license.

Our next Police Community Forum is scheduled for September 21, 2010 at 7:00 PM at Richmond Station. The meeting will include a presentation by the promoters of the upcoming Hardly-Strictly-Bluegrass Festival and a synopsis of the Outside Lands Festival.

On 09/03/10 at 7:54pm, an officer was in the rear parking lot of Richmond Station, an area clearly marked for police personnel only. He heard the sounds of a skateboard and saw the suspect in the parking lot attempting to climb over a fence to a neighboring property. The officer approached the suspect and advised him he was trespassing and asked to see his identification. The suspect became argumentative with the officer and when the officer attempted to pat him down for weapons, the suspect began to struggle with the officer. The officer, with the assistance of other officers on scene was able to detain the suspect. The 19 year old was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest.

On 09/04/10 at 4:25pm plainclothes officers were in the area of Golden Gate Park conducting an auto burglary abatement operation. One of the officers observed a suspect walking east along the curb line along JFK Drive, near the Academy of Sciences. The officer watched as the suspect continually looked into parked cars, and noted that the suspect was wearing a large scarf around his face to conceal his face. After watching this behavior for several blocks, the officer attempted to make contact with the male, who was holding onto a skateboard. The officer identified himself to the male and told him to stop. The male looked at the officer and walked away from him. When the officer again told him to stop and walked closer to the suspect, the suspect raised the skateboard with both hands as if to swing a bat and told the officer in so many words not to “mess” with him or he would “mess” the officer up. The officer ordered the suspect to drop the skateboard to the ground but the suspect walked away again. The officer called for assistance and while waiting for back-up to arrive, the suspect again approached the officer, walking in a fast pace. Fearing that the suspect was going to strike him with the skateboard, the officer attempted to detain him and the suspect resisted the officer. Other officers arrived on scene and the 28 year old male was charged with attempted assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

On 09/05/10 at 2:00pm, plainclothes officers were again in Golden Gate Park conducting an auto burglary abatement operation and observed a suspect looking into the window of a vehicle parked on MLK Drive near Stow Lake Drive. They saw the suspect attempt to pry open the window of the vehicle 5 different times. Due to the amount of pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the suspect had to back away from the car on several different occasions, but would return to the window and attempt to pry it again. Finally after being unsuccessful the suspect walked out of the park and was detained by officers at a home on the 700 block of Cabrillo. The officers determined the suspect was on parole for a previous auto burglary. A search of the suspect revealed a credit card with the name of a woman whose car had been broken into the day before. The suspect was also in possession of narcotics. The 34 year old male was charged with attempted auto burglary, possession of stolen property and narcotics as well as a parole violation.

On 09/06/10 at 6:30pm a caller reported that he had just seen a male break into two different cars on MLK Drive near 7th Avenue in Golden Gate Park. Numerous officers responded to the area and the first officer on the scene located the suspect in a wooded area on the south side of Big Rec Field. The officer ordered the male to stop and put his hands in air. The suspect briefly obeyed but then brought his hands down to the waistband of his pants. The officer again told the suspect to keep his hands in the air but the suspect reached into his waist band and threw an item into the bushes. The suspect then ran away from the officer down a steep hill. The suspect fell to the ground and numerous items fell out of his pockets. The suspect was finally cornered in the middle of Big Rec Field and was ordered to the ground. The suspect initially complied but as the officers attempted to place the handcuffs on him, he violently resisted and broke the thumb of one of the officers. He was finally taken into custody. The officers retraced the route and in the wooded area where he threw the first item they discovered a purse and contents which belonged to the owner of one of the vehicles he was seen breaking into. Along the route from where he fell and then ran, the officers recovered items belonging to the owner of the second car he was seen breaking into. The 40 year old male was charged with burglary of vehicles, possession of stolen property, resisting an officer causing serious injury and a probation violation.

On 09/06/10 at 11:30pm officers on patrol in the area of Sutter and Broderick observed a truck fail to stop at the stop sign at the corner. They conducted a traffic stop and were advised by dispatch that the truck had been reported stolen. The driver was a 15 year old female and the other occupants were 18 and 19 years of age. One of the occupants was holding a two year old child. The driver was charged with stolen auto and possession of stolen property.

On 09/09/10 between 10:30am and 9:45pm on the 2000 block of Scott Street a suspect gained entry into an apartment by prying open the front door. The suspect took camera equipment, a camera, a watch and cell phone.

On 09/09/10 between 11:00am and 11:55am on the 600 block of 21st Avenue a suspect gained entry into a residence by prying open the front gate. The suspect then smashed a glass pane next to the front door and entered the residence. The suspect took jewelry and an inventory is in progress to determine the total extent of the loss.

Between 09/09/10 at 8:00pm and 09/10/10 at 10:00am on the 2100 block of Pierce Street a suspect gained entry into a garage of a home and took two bicycles. There were no signs of forced entry.

Between 09/09/10 at 10:00pm and 09/10/10 at 6:00am on the 300 block of 25th Avenue a suspect was able to pry open a stand alone ATM machine and take the money from inside. The amount of money lost has yet to be determined.

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The Academy’s star gator, Claude, celebrates his 15th birthday

Tomorrow, the Academy of Science’s most famous resident, Claude the albino alligator, turns 15. To celebrate, the Academy is offering free admission to all visitors on Wednesday.

Claude is easily the most famous reptile in the Richmond District and gets the full star treatment in his Academy digs. According to the Chronicle, Claude “gets three private training sessions a week, followed by 15 fish pellets. The food is tossed inches from his jaw, so he doesn’t have to search. His favorite rock is heated to varying temperatures, from 78 degrees to 95 degrees.”

The life of a star! Claude is such a primadonna that he even got his gator roommate Bonnie kicked out of the habitat. The Examiner has the scoop on the drama: “Claude got a little stressed out. He would spend almost all of his time on his little heat rock and whenever he would get into the water she would chase him out. We had originally planned to have the two on exhibit, but he’s obviously the bigger attraction, so we opted to send her to St. Augustine Alligator Farm.” Bonnie got the boot after she bit Claude’s right front foot on a Saturday night in early 2009.

Claude even has a starring role in the Academy’s latest TV commercial (the :21 mark).

At 15 years old, Claude is still a teenager. He could live to be 80 years old in his comfy Academy digs. At his latest physical, he and his 76 teeth weighed in at 181 pounds and measured 8 feet 5 inches long.

And it’s a good thing Claude is ensconced at the luxurious science museum because albino alligators are very rare in the wild. Why? Because of their star power. Carol Tang, the Director of Academy Programs tells the Chronicle, “There are no white alligators in the wild because they’re too show-offy. They get eaten in the wild.”

So what do you give a rare albino alligator for his birthday? 15 fish-shaped cupcakes made of gator chow, which will be hand decorated with fruit and flowers by kids who share Claude’s birthday. But of course.

The California Academy of Sciences will be open to the public for free all day on Wednesday in honor of Claude’s birthday. The official celebration is at 9:30am. Just be sure to not look the gator directly in the eyes – stars hate that! ;)

Sarah B.

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Next meeting about Lands End visitor center, Sept. 28

The Lands End Lookout will be located on this patch of land adjacent to the parking lot and Point Lobos Avenue.

In late July, the first public meeting about the new Lands End visitor center, tentatively being called the “Lands End Lookout”, was held at the Cliff House.

During that meeting, attendees were asked to brainstorm on some questions to help guide the architects in their designs, such as “What does Lands End mean to you?” and “How do you use Lands End?”. Check out what attendees had to say (PDF)

The next public meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 28 where managing architects from Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis (EHDD) plus NPS and Parks Conservancy staff will present schematic drawings of the visitor center, which have incorporated feedback from the community.

The new visitor facility at Lands End will be located adjacent to Pt. Lobos Avenue above the Sutro Baths. It will contain informational displays describing the area’s rich cultural and natural history and will allow locals and visitors to enjoy an indoor space that will complement the dramatic coastal environment.

If you’re interested in attending the Sept. 28 information meeting at the Cliff House, you need to RSVP by Sept. 21 by writing trailsforever@parksconservancy.org or calling 561-3054.

The Sept. 28 meeting will be held from 6pm until 7:30pm at the Cliff House. For more information on planned improvements for Lands End, visit parksconservancy.org as well as the NPS Park Planning site.

Sarah B.

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Cal Academy of Science’s new TV commercial

I like it. Definitely captures the fun, wonder and discovery of the Academy. What do you think?

Sarah B.

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Anza by night

Taken at Anza and 30th Avenue. Photo by pbo31.

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“Road Trip to Pluto: The Bitter Planet” at the 4-Star, Thursday

On Thursday night the 4-Star will host a special performance for one night only as part of the 2010 San Francisco Fringe Festival. Road Trip to Pluto: The Bitter Planet sounds like a funny, wild and campy ride:

The whole universe knew that Pluto was bitter when he lost his planet status, but he went too far when he kidnapped the beloved, bespectacled host of the popular-amongst-pinkos show, Fresh Air. NPR soon unleashes the awesome power of the Public Radio Space Program and hires a band of losers with orders to bring Terry Gross back: alive, dead or not at all! Cap’n, Psycho and Princess embark upon a journey that will stretch the limits of their own sanity, as well as your expectation of sci-fi parodies, sketch comedy and bad film-making. Look out, Ed Wood! This…is…Bitter Show.

Additional clarification from Mike Spiegelman of the Bitter Show: “…This will be a live show that incorporates filmed bits, audience participation, live interaction with film bits, rapping planets, etc. We’re very thrilled to present it on the 4 Star’s stage.”

The show begins at 8pm. Tickets are available online in advance or at the 4-Star Theater (2200 Clement Street) on show night.

Sarah B.

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Pics & Video from Power to the Peaceful Festival

It was a nice sunny day for Michael Franti’s annual Power to the Peaceful Festival in Golden Gate Park’s Speedway Meadow. And boy was it loud! I was at Baker Beach earlier in the day and I think we could hear the festival all the way over there.

Were you peacing out at the festival?

Sarah B.

Video by K9VidBlog

Photo by Tiffany Silva

Watching Michael Franti and Spearhead perform. Photo by Steve Rhodes

Michael Franti peforms. Photo by Steve Rhodes

American Idol finalist Crystal Bowersox performs. Photo by davidtoshiyuki

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