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“Young at Art” exhibition and events at the de Young, May 8-16

Saturday kicks off the week-long “Young at Art” program at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. The museum has teamed up with the San Francisco Unified School District for an eight-day celebration of student creativity in visual, literary, media and performing arts.

Formerly known as the San Francisco Youth Arts Festival, “Young at Art” is a jam packed week of events and exhibitions that runs from May 8 – 16. Over 60 student and community groups are scheduled to perform at the de Young including choral groups, orchestras, dance ensembles, theatre groups and jazz bands.

Plus check out the artwork, photos, and videos that have been submitted by San Francisco students. The schedule also features hands-on activities for visitors in the music concourse in front of the de Young museum.

Some highlights from this year’s schedule:

2010 Performance Project, Cultural Connections Through Dance
Saturday, May 8 | 12:30pm – 1:30pm
The SF Ballet Center for Dance Education (CDE) proudly presents 100 student dancers from the San Francisco Unified School District. Teaching artists from the CDE have been working with select groups of students for 16 weeks on a performance composition with genres ranging from Country Western to West African Dance. Attendance is free.

Media Arts Exhibition
Tuesday, May 11 | 10am – 2pm
The exhibition features film and video screenings of student works curated by the Education Department of the San Francisco Film Society led by Joanne Parsont and Keith Zwolfer.

Shadow Puppets
Friday, May 14 | 10:40am – 11am
Students from the Everett Middle School present a shadow puppet performance.

For a full schedule of events, visit the youngatartsf.com events section.

Congratulations to all the students who are participating in this year’s program!

Sarah B.

Some works from the 2009 exhibition:

Elizabeth Englehaupt (Grade 1), Skater Girl. Chinatown YMCA Young Arist Program

Guh Pinto-Cresci (Grade 12), Nothing Can Be Compared to a Mother’s Love.
Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club

Rooftop Elementary School

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Police community meeting with officer from SFPD sex offenders unit, May 18

The Richmond District Police Station will host a community meeting on Tuesday, May 18 from 7pm – 8pm. The meeting wil be held at the Richmond Station, 461 6th Avenue.

I know that many readers and neighbors were concerned and dismayed by the events related to the Mountain Lake Park incident. In light of this, Inspector Jim Serna of the SFPD’s Sexual Offender Unit will attend the meeting.

This is a great opportunity to ask Inspector Serna questions and find out more about this specialized unit, as well as helpful tips and guidance on how to handle safety issues in our neighborhood.

The meeting will also cover other community police and safety programs, including those run by SAFE such as Neighborhood Watch.

For more information about the meeting or these programs, please contact Officer Connolly at the Richmond Police Station, 666-8023 or Irina Chatsova at SAFE, 553-1968.

Sarah B.

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Sunday at Green Apple: Gift Mom with an original poem, instantly.

I love Green Apple Books and their creative events is one of the reasons why.

This Sunday, Green Apple will welcome poet Silvi Alcivar. Profiled recently in the Chronicle, Alcivar has found a new niche in the mega-business that is poetry.

She works events or special occasions, like a wedding or a fashion show, churning out original poems, on the spot, for anyone who asks.

Alcivar is, quite literally, a poet for hire. The Chronicle interviewer asked her to compose a poem. The only direction was that it be about sunflowers for a 4 year old who “planted seeds in this seemingly intractable piece of land and now they’re taller than he is.”

Alcivar loaded a sheet of paper into her old Royal typewriter and soon after, produced this lovely piece (typed on the page in the shape of a sunflower):

What things can grow
from little seeds
flowers with heads
as big as the sun and
taller than you & me. they will keep growing & the birds will come eating
seeds then spilling them back into the earth again, to make more suns grow
for birds like you and me.

Alcivar told the Chronicle, “I do everything with the typewriter. I like the sound. I like the process of loading the paper, of hitting return. I rarely write on a computer. I do blog posts on the typewriter. I think differently using a typewriter.”

Read more about Silvi Alcivar at SFGate.com or visit her website at thepoetrystore.net.

This Sunday, stop by Green Apple Books at 506 Clement between 11am and 1pm and Alcivar will compose an original poem for or about your Mom, or any other topic.

“Poetry suits me because – the way I do it – it is without form,” Alcivar said. “Writing just pursues me.”

Sarah B.

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First uncrating of Musée d’Orsay treasures at the de Young

Mama made it! Just in time for Mother’s Day, today the de Young hosted a special uncrating of the famous painting, “Whistler’s Mother”.

The painting is on loan from the Musée d’Orsay in Paris who is lending out some of their most famous works while the museum undergoes remodeling. On May 22, the de Young will open Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay, the first of two consecutive exhibitions featuring works from the Paris landmark.

The Birth of Impressionism show presents nearly 100 magnificent works by the famous masters who called France their home during the mid to late 19th century and from whose midst arose one of the most original and recognizable of all artistic styles, Impressionism.

The exhibition begins with paintings by the great academic artist Bouguereau and the arch-Realist Courbet, and includes American expatriate Whistler’s Arrangement in Gray and Black, known to many as “Whistler’s Mother.” Manet, Monet, Renoir, and Sisley are showcased with works dating from the 1860s through 1880s, along with a selection of Degas’ paintings that depict images of the ballet, the racetrack, and life in the Belle Époque.

Tickets are already available for purchase on the exhibition website. If you are a member of the de Young Museum, you can reserve free tickets for the exhibition.

SFCitizen also has some nice pics of “Whistler’s Mother” finally getting some air after her long journey from Paris.

Sarah B.

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Teen movie night at the Library: “New Moon”, May 7

On Friday night, the Richmond District branch library will host a free movie event for teenagers.

In anticipation of this summer’s upcoming installation in the Twilight vampire series (“Eclipse”), the library will screen “New Moon”, the second movie in the series.

Now your teen can lose themselves in the saga of Edward and Bella one more time. The drama begins at 3:30pm on Friday at the Richmond Library, 351 9th Avenue.

For more information, call 355-5600.

Sarah B.

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Penny pinching at New May Wah Market (video)

From the Sushi Taste on a Ramen Budget blog comes a short video of former college student Jeff Bautista talking about why he chooses to shop (and save) at New May Way Market (707-719 Clement Street).

Forget the budgeting advice in the video. Check out Jeff’s adorable dimples…

Sarah B.

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Try your hand at lawn bowling in Golden Gate Park this Saturday

This Saturday the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club will host a public open house in Golden Gate Park as part of “National Lawn Bowls” day. Here’s your chance to try your hand at a historic sport that is “played in a gentlemanly fashion, with positive support and comments for all players,” according to the US Lawn Bowling Association.

The goal of lawn bowling is to get more of your team’s bowls closer to the jack (the small white ball) than your opponents on each “end” played. A typical game is 14 or more ends, with an overall running tally being kept at all times to establish the winner.

At the open house, you can learn the basics of the game from club members that play regularly in Golden Gate Park. Find out why the ball rarely goes straight, what the rink is, how to perfect your backhand and forehand, and learn how to avoid the embarassment of a reverse bias shot.

The open house will be at the lawn bowling center in Golden Gate Park which was built in 1901 near Sharon Meadow. Directions to the green

The open house is free and all ages are welcome. Stop by anytime between 10am and dusk to participate. All you need is a flat pair of shoes (or play in your bare feet).

Game on!

Sarah B.

via FunCheapSF

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SF Youth Commission looking for new members

Are you or do you know a young person interested in making sure that city government hears and is accountable to the voices, issues and perspectives of San Francisco’s young people?

The San Francisco Youth Commission is a group of 17 San Franciscans between the ages of 12 and 23 whose job is to stand up for the needs of all young people in the policy and legislative debates at City Hall. Whether it comes to Muni, schools, juvenile justice or health, the Youth Commission serves as authentic advisors on youth issues to the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor.

The Commission is now accepting applications for new members for their 2010 – 2011 term. The deadline to submit the application is Friday, June 4 at 5pm.

Download the SF Youth Commission application here

The time commitment is two weekend retreats, one in August and one in January, plus youth commission meetings on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month from 5:30pm to 8pm. The commission term runs from August 2010 until June 2011.

It’s great to have Commission members from all parts of the city, so if you know someone age 12-23 here in the Richmond District who might be interested in joining, please let them know about the deadline.

Sarah B.

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