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Boswick the Clown, Bubble Lady at the Richmond Library

On Thursday, June 17 at 2pm, bring your kids by the Richmond Branch library to enjoy the magic, juggling and comedic antics of Boswick the Clown, a former Ringling Brothers circus clown.

And on Monday, June 21 at 2pm, the Bubble Lady will be at the Library for some bubblicious adventures in Bubble Land. Tons of bubble fun for everyone!

Both events are free and take place at the Senator Milton Marks/Richmond Branch Library, 351 Ninth Avenue. For more information, call 355-5600.

Sarah B.

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Enjoy some of the city’s best food at a “100 Best Things” party, June 26

On June 26th, Richmond District resident Scott Weitze will host another “Best of Eating and Drinking in SF Dinner Party”. The objective of Scott’s dinner parties is to get together with friends and try the foods listed on 7×7 Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Things to Eat and Drink in San Francisco.

The party will include the following delicacies from the list:

Korean Tacos – Namu
Tuna Tostada – Tacolicious
Fried Green Beans – COCO500
Crab and Delicate Noodles – The Slanted Door
Porchetta Sandwich – RoliRoti
Roast Chicken and Bread Salad – Zuni
Popovers with Strawberry Butter – The Rotunda
Secret Breakfast – Humphrey Slocombe

The June 26th party will take place at Scott’s large apartment at Geary and 17th Avenue, and like every 100 Best Things party, it’s always open to new friends. So if you’re into food or just want to meet some new people, come on by.

The cost per person is $26.50 and Scott assures me that “everyone has been very well fed at our events”. He also asks guests to bring an inexpensive bottle of wine or beer that they enjoy to share with the group ($12 or less).

To attend, RSVP on the event’s Facebook page and then purchase a ticket through Eventbrite. RSVPs and tickets must be purchased no later than Thursday, June 24th at 6pm. You’ll get the exact address for the party, near 17th & Geary, after signing up.

Proceeds from the event are being donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through sponsorship of a “Best of 100 Things Party” friend, Chris Li, who has committed to racing in the Team in Training Triathlon.

Good food, good people, and a good cause. I can drink to that. ;)

Sarah B.

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West Clay Park… and beyond

Photo by Keoki Seu

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Police Blotter – June 11, 2010

[Reprinted from The Richmond Police Station Newsletter of June 11, 2010. To be added to the station's mailing list, email sfpd.richmond.station@sfgov.org.]

When you park your car please be sure that there is no property left in the passenger compartment. I have made this suggestion many times before because we know that an auto burglar will pass on breaking into a vehicle if there isn’t any property visible. Burglars are not interested in a time consuming search of a vehicle on a chance they will discover some item of value. They will keep looking into cars and pick one that contains some potential reward.

In an auto break-in case that is described below the burglar that was arrested said, “I’m sorry, I am not usually like this, I saw an opportunity.” His opportunity, for which he damaged a vehicle and committed a felony, consisted of just a few small items of chattel that the vehicle’s owner left visible in his car. This pattern is played several times a day in the district and we can stop it by simply removing the “opportunity”.

During the past week, there were 25 traffic accidents, 10 involving injuries. There were 5 citations issued for driving without a license or driving on a suspended license. There were 2 arrests for driving under the influence.

Please join us at our next Police Community Relations Forum at Richmond Station (461 6th Avenue) on June 15, 2010 at 1:00 PM.

On 06/08/10 at 2:25am officers were called to an auto break-in in progress on the 1400 block of Balboa Street. The victim reported that he was looking out his front window and saw the suspect in the front passenger seat of his (victim’s) car. When officers arrived on scene the suspect was still in the vehicle and was startled by the officer’s presence. The 27 year old suspect said, “I’m sorry, I am not usually like this, I saw an opportunity.” The male was charged with the auto burglary and possession of burglar tools.

On 06/08/10 at 3:10pm officers were sent to 30th Avenue & Fulton Street to do a well being check on a female who appeared to be extremely intoxicated. They located her asleep on a bench with a half empty bottle of vodka next to her. Officers attempted to learn her name and where she lived but she wasn’t able to give them a straight answer. The female was then going to be detained for being drunk in pubic and then later released when sober. As the officers attempted to get her to the patrol vehicle she began to kick and scream at the officers. Although she did kick the officers, they were not injured. When the officers got her downtown she assaulted one of them again. The 25 year old female was charged with battery on an officer and being drunk in public.

On 06/09/10 at 9:15pm the victim was walking on Washington Street near Broderick. Two female suspects were walking ahead of the victim. Just as the victim began to pass the suspects, she took out her I-phone to retrieve an incoming text. One of the suspects then grabbed the victim’s I-phone from her hand, which the victim demanded back. The suspect who took the phone ran away but the victim chased her and caught her. The suspect punched the victim and the second suspect grabbed the victim from behind and threw her to the ground. While on the ground the second suspect grabbed for the victim’s purse, but the victim didn’t let go. Eventually the suspects fled with the phone. Officers who had responded to the call were able to track the phone and broadcast the direction of the suspects along with the description of the two females. The suspects were located at Golden Gate and Van Ness and detained. The victim’s property was recovered. The two females, a 19 year old and a 20 year old, were charged with the robbery.

Between 06/03/10 at 6:00pm and 06/04/10 at 7:30am on the Heather Avenue a suspect gained entry into an apartment garage. The suspect took a camera from the trunk of a vehicle parked inside. There were no signs of forced entry.

Between 06/03/10 and 06/05/10 on the 4300 block of Fulton, a suspect gained entry into a garage and took a bike. There were no signs of forced entry.

Between 06/04/10 at 3:30pm and 06/0/10 at 11:00pm on the 2800 block of Jackson Street the suspect gained entry into a residence and took a laptop. There were no signs of forced entry.

Between 06/05/10 at 12:00pm and 06/06/10 at 9:10am on the 3000 block of Clement Street a suspect gained entry into a business by prying open the front door. The loss is still being determined.

On 06/05/10 between 1:15pm and 5:00pm on the 1900 block of Clement Street a suspect entered a common garage of an apartment building and took a bike.

On 06/07/10, at 10:00pm a victim was walking on the Great Highway near Fulton Street. He was approached by 6 males and one of them grabbed at his pockets and asked what he had. When the victim replied that he only had credit cards a second suspect hit him in the head and threw him to the ground. The suspects then took his cell phone and fled into Golden Gate Park . The victim made his way home and called the police two hours later.

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Urban Gardening Youth Conference in GGP, June 19

On Saturday, June 19, high school students are invited to attend the 3rd Annual Breaking Ground: Urban Gardening Youth Conference, sponsored by San Francisco Parks Trust.

The conference is presented by youth, for youth and stresses environmental stewardship, hands-on activities, and increased youth involvement in sustainability issues.

The event includes interactive workshops led by students, information on Green jobs and internships, great food and live entertainment.

The conference is free and will take place at the SF County Fair Building (Hall of Flowers) at 9th Ave and Lincoln Way in Golden Gate Park, 10am to 4pm.

Registration is required. Register in advance here or at the event from 9am – 10am.

Sarah B.

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Long vacant property at Fulton & 5th Avenue under development

The property at 2900 Fulton at 5th Avenue is under development.

After the Alexandria Theater, the dilapidated building at 2900 Fulton and 5th Avenue is an issue that Supervisor Mar hears about most from residents. That’s because since it went vacant in 2002, the run-down building has been a magnet for graffiti and garbage.

This week, many neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief because developers began demolition to make way for a mixed commercial and residential property.

The building’s bottom floor will accommodate a 700 square foot commercial space, while the top three floors will consist of four condominiums. The building will also include garage space for the residents.

Richmond District historian John Freeman first told me about the new construction. Having lived in the neighborhood most of his life, he remembers when a Safeway was located there.

“Safeway must have remodeled the building in the early 1930′s, but they closed and boarded it up during World War II,” John recalls.

In 1946 or 1947, John says that an independent grocer, Lucky Market, opened. They were a small chain that had other stores in the city. The market later became Shop-Rite, an early link in the 7-11 franchise chain. It closed in 1968.

The building was then vacant for a few years, but eventually became a laundromat/dry cleaners from 1972 to 2002 called Fulton FabriCare.

Who will occupy the new retail space on the ground floor remains to be seen, though when John chatted with one of the builders on site, they indicated they were open to a variety of commercial options, be it coffee shop, office space or retail store.

After eight years, it’s nice to finally say goodbye to another eyesore in the neighborhood. Now we just need to make headway on that other market on Clement Street and 32nd Avenue…

Special thanks to John Freeman for providing the information and photos for this article.

Sarah B.

The Fulton streetcar passes in front of the Safeway at 2900 Fulton, 1938. Photo courtesy of John Freeman.

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Magic on wheels: Freestyle Skating Championships, June 12-13

Have you ever pulled on a pair of rollerblades, or inline skates as the kids call them these days? I did once and cruised through Golden Gate Park. How hard could it be, I thought?

If you saw a woman yelling with arms outstretched as she plowed through a downhill intersection, with no hope of stopping – that was me. I appreciate you for not running me over with your car. Needless to say, my skates are gathering dust in the garage…

Thankfully, some real pros will be in the park this weekend for the 4th Annual BattleUS, the premier freestyle skating event in the country. Both men and women will battle it out in a variety of competitions, including:

- Men’s Freestyle Slalom Battle
- Women’s Freestyle Slalom Battle
- Speed Slalom
- Slalom Trick Ladder
- Slides & Jumps
- RollerSoccer Mini-Tournament

The skate-fest runs from 10:30am to 5:30pm on Saturday, and 10am to 4pm on Sunday at Golden Gate Park’s famous ‘Skatin’ Place’ at 6th Avenue and John F Kennedy Drive (full event schedule).

Check out some of the finalists from last year’s battle in the video below. Elvis had nothing on these swiveling hipsters!

Sarah B.

[via FunCheapSF]

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Golden Gate Park Band Festival, June 12-13

The Golden Gate Park Band is celebrating its 128th year of playing under the historic Spreckels Temple of Music band shell in the Concourse. This weekend, they’ll host the 4th Annual “Let’s Do It Again Golden Gate Park Band Festival”.

The Festival showcases the professional Golden Gate Park Band, the US Air Force Band of the Golden West from Travis Air Force Base, and ten Northern California community bands. Each of the guest bands will present a 45 minute performance.

The Festival runs on both Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 5pm each day, with the Golden Gate Park Band playing their regular slot from 1pm to 3pm on Sunday.


Saturday, June 12
11:00 San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, San Francisco
12noon Pleasanton Community Concert Band, Pleasanton
1:00 US Air Force Band of the Golden West, Travis Air Force Base
2:00 Foothill Symphonic Winds, Los Altos Hills
3:00 Oroville Community Concert Band, Oroville
4:00 Daly City AllStars Band, Daly City

Sunday, June 13
11:00 Pittsburg Adult Education Bands, Pittsburg and Vallejo City USD Community Services Symphonic Band, Vallejo
12noon Saratoga Community Band, Saratoga
1:00 Golden Gate Park Band, San Francisco
2:00 Golden Gate Park Band, San Francisco
3:00 AUSA Military Concert Band—The Sounds of Freedom, Clovis
4:00 Saint Helena Community Band, Saint Helena

And like every band shell concert, it’s free to attend. So bring out a lunch and grab a bench to hear some great band music. For more information, contact Patricia Wheeler at 925-443-5526 or ppwheeler@comcast.net.

The Golden Gate Park Band plays a free concert every Sunday at the band shell from 1pm – 3pm, April through September. Visit their website for more information.

Sarah B.

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